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Ever since I learned to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the tender age of five, I have been proud to be an American. I never took my pledge lightly, vowing to honor the great flag that honored our great nation with every fiber of my five year old being... and not just because my kindergarten teacher Miss Kostyra forced us to say it every morning in scattered ADHD inspired unison.

I recognized even at that young age that I was lucky to live in a republic that offered liberty and justice for all, a country that celebrated the birth of our nation every year with fireworks, sparklers, hot dogs and homemade apple pie. A nation that Bruce Springsteen and Neil Diamond wrote motivational songs about. A nation represented by a super cool flag motif, courtesy of that colonial wonder woman with a needle and thread, Betsy Ross.


It isn't quite Independence Day for me unless I'm rocking a starry and striped theme like these Denim American Shorts paired with a red, white and blue top like the American Flag Heart Tank or cropped Watercolor Flag Short Sleeve Top, all from dELiA*s.

If you're looking for even more freedom tees and tanks, Maurice's has a hot-blooded All-American collection of patriotic tops on sale for $9.90 each, while supplies last.

Happy 4th Let'sTalkStyler's, and as Miley Cyrus would say,

Yeah-Eh-Yeah-Eh-Yeah-Eh, it's a party in the USA.

Dear Sammy,

OMG! What does your ring look like!??!!

-Multiple Let'sTalkStyle Readers


Dear Multiple Let'sTalkStyler's who have all been asking me the same question for the past two weeks,

I am back from my 4th of July vacation, and since my new engagement ring seems to be the trending topic in my Ask Sammy inbox, I have decided to address you all in one fell swoop. Here is my ring in all of her sparkling glory. Ain't she grand?

What makes it even better? My fiancé picked it out all.by.himself. In a day and age where more and more future brides-to-be are choosing and/or registering for their own rings, my man took a risk before he took the plunge... and I love him all the more for it. After weeks of studying the 4 c's (cut, color, clarity & carat weight) and trying to decide on the right ring for his Mrs. Right, he trusted his gut and how well he knew his girl, and here we are.


*Allow me to address any dudes that may be reading this. Don't get me wrong guys, I totally get that when it comes to buying engagement rings you probably feel as lost and confused as we girls do when looking under the hoods of our cars or watching an ultimate fighting championship match (he's allowed to hit/choke/kick him there?!) So shopping for a ring together with your woman may seem like your best bet, but here are a few options that won't totally eliminate the element of surprise.

1. Pay attention to her. See what sparklers make her eyes sparkle, whether passing a jewelry shop window display, watching a commercial or reading a magazine. My man remembered the rings I loved/hated during an old season finale of The Bachelorette.

2. Maximize your untapped resources. Get a few hints from her BFF, sister or Mom. They know what she wants.

3. Can't find anything you like? Design your own. Many of the most respected jewelers in the biz make it easy for a dude to create a rockin' rock. Ross-Simons, for instance, can help you design the ring of her dreams in 3 simple steps. They also have plenty of pre-set engagement rings to choose from, including the doppelgänger of my engagement ring pictured above.*

4. If all else fails and you still have absolutely no idea where to start, buy a cheapie cubic zirconia model or even a ring from a cracker jack box, and assure her that after you propose (and she says yes) she can choose her real ring laters.

In summation, if you like it and you wanna put a ring on it, invest a little time and research before you leave it all up to her, because it's the one thing that she is going to wear for the rest of her life. And if it just isn't the ring for her, she might not be the one for you.

Love the Soon to Be Betrothed,


Bag or Beef?

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If I won the lottery, I could totally buy this Vintage Chanel Denim Tote for $5,500... and/or treat my future wedding guests to the braised short rib of beef entrée with the starch and vegetable of their choice.


Model Memory

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She just knew she had forgotten something...

Oh yeah, to eat.


In an effort to save time, money, and my sanity, I work out at home. I don't have to drive to the gym, I don't have to worry about sweating profusely in front of any male gym frequenting playahs, and I don't have to curse myself for spending hundreds of hard-earned dollars on a pricey health club membership when I never have the stamina to go.

In order to perk up my pythons, I recently added pumping iron to my home routine, (Iron = a pair of 3lb vinyl coated dumbbells) and I've realized that swinging a pair of lady-friendly weights during my quickie 20 minute cardio/interval training DVD can be just as (if not more) effective as performing my hour long Reebok challenge cardio workout empty handed. Not to mention that weight training burns more muscle and has a metabolic impact for up to 48 hours after your sweat session is over. Score.

I feel the burn more, I sweat more, my man gives me compliments more. It's a workout that works for me... The only caveat? Worrying that one rogue weight will slip out of my clumsy hands and fly into my flat screen Samsung.

But now, I can enjoy working out without the worry thanks to a hot new line of stylish, weighted women's fitness apparel from w8fit.com


These aren't you're everyday cute gym threads. W8Fit's innovative workout tops, bottoms and accessories feature these ingenious, strategically designed interior pockets that will hold your W8Fit weights of choice while getting your fitness groove on.

Just slip your weights into the powermesh back of your tank, the waistband of your bottoms, or into easy-to-wear cuffs that will provide added resistance to help you intensify any activity or exercise, increase your metabolic rate, and improve your overall results by burning more calories in the same amount of time. Whether you're a runner, dancer, aerobiciser, hot yoga lover or pole vaulter, you'll make every workout more effective and more worth your while.

*Added bonus - get fit while performing normal day to day activities like grocery shopping, cleaning, walking, etc. without anyone ever knowing that you're weighted down. The outfits are sleek, slimming and stylish, featuring breathable lightweight fabrics that will keep you comfortable while looking lean, mean and on the fitness scene.

I'm treating myself to a few mix and match ensembles. What are you w8ing for?

And so it begins...

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a stack of invitations inundating my inbox, guaranteeing me access to my favorite fashion event of the year, the one that takes place in my sandbox, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

Tonight, the fashion frenzy begins with the acclaimed Australian swimwear line Lisa Blue kicking off the beach fashion festivities, prepping us for 5 days of endless bikini bottoms, bare midriffs, caftans, tunics, tans, and all that summertime jazz.

No stranger to the scene, Lisa Blue founder Lisa Burke returns for the 3rd time to MB Fashion Week Swim with a collection inspired by the Year of the Dragon. I'm expecting to see some hot, fiery and powerful pieces... eat a horse heart powerful, like the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen [*disregard if you don't watch Game of Thrones].


Who am I looking forward to seeing? Dancing with the Stars star Karina Smirnoff is rumored to be rumba'ing her way down the runway, DWTS host Brooke Burke and hubby/alumni Baywatch babe David Charvet, celeb chef Travis London, Maroon 5's lead guitarist James Valentine, Real Miami Housewife Adriana de Moura, and pageant princess Indiana Sanchez (no relation).

Fashion for a Cause - Lisa Blue is also pledging 25% of their profits to help save the whales and dolphins, which makes me love her new line before the first model even hits the catwalk.

I’ll be tweeting on the scene, so if you aren’t already a LetsTalkStyle follower, follow away.


Good morning LetsTalkStylers!

I am bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and excited to share all of the star-sightings and swimsuits I witnessed last night during the opening night show and party kicking off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, 2013.

As every year, I saw lots of pretty people, lots of famous people, lots of familiar faces and lots of bronzed skin... I also had lots of champagne and mini media noches, but that's beside the point. I saw the beautiful Brooke Burke play with her phone, a yellow maxi dressed Christina Milian chat with her mom, and some dude wearing a sash that labeled him "Mr. South Beach".

Here is a condensed video of the Lisa Blue Call of the Whale/Year of the Dragon show for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Miami New Times.

Although the theme of the evening was far from cohesive, (gypsies and cowgirls, medieval headdresses oh my!) the show was also far from boring, with anti-traditional surprises coming at us from every turn on the catwalk including a flamenco dancing Karina Smirnoff gracing the model line-up and a mini year of the dragon street parade.

Confusing as the dog and pony/whale and dragon show might have been, I still had a whale of a time. With 4+ shows for the price of one, my favorite portion of the evening was the throwback to the 50's pin-up girls, with blue and white nautical striped numbers that were very Katy Perry, cruise-worthy and totally retro chic. Another highlight was designer Lisa Burke rocking the runway during the finale, showing off her push-up bikini, mini pareo and rock hard abs. You go girl.

Stay tuned, the fashion week has just begun...


I always love Day 2 of MB Fashion Week Swim. The vibe is more relaxed, the tents are more crowded, the drinks are more plentiful, and the weekend has just begun.

Last night I was delighted to take in the Dolores Cortés show where I was dazzled by a collection that had all of the 4 C's - cut, color, clarity and cohesion. Unlike the opening night show that had an ADD design sensibility about it throwing in everything but the kitchen sink, Dolores had one vision and stuck to it with a collection that flowed as effortlessly as her easy, breezy, beautiful caftans.

Every piece was impeccably cut with feminine/figure-flattering one-pieces and separates that accentuated every female model form, combined with on-trend colors and prints including bright neons, youthful pinks and innovative patterns that paired stripes with animal prints, floral, palm and tribal themes that mixed it all up without hot messing it all out.

What didn't I like? If Michael Kors and I have said it once we've said it a thousand times, styling is everything. Although I loved the big gold hoops and bold gold cuffs, I wasn't feeling the sky high pompadours streaked with colored stripes that threw off the whole balance, working against the hot and sexy prints I was digging from the neck down.

Day 3 of MB Fashion Week left me feeling like a total VIB, a very important blogger. Last night I enjoyed the royal treatment with a front row view of the newest collection from the mistress of poolside chic, Caffe Swimwear designer Paula Saavedra.

It's very rare for me to get a good shot during these events, (I even broke my camera a few years ago in an attempt to secure a backstage interview) but last night I completely filled my phone's photo gallery with shot after shot of gorgeous looks without being pushed, shoved and/or stepped on. Have a look see for yourself -


Not too shabby. I might end up giving those Getty Images guys a run for their money.

As for the collection, Caffe Swimwear's 2013 line featured a hot and tropical themed assortment of swimsuits, resortwear and cover-ups in a myriad of color combinations guaranteed to suit any jetsetter. Along with sleek solid colored suiting, Paula paired colorblocked bikini tops with classic black bottoms, and threw in a festive mixture of floral and coral reef patterns and prints accessorized with gold accented straw and crochet bags, slicked back ponytails and minimal jewelry that tied together every look.

I'm a sucker for sexy coverups that I can get away with wearing on the sand as well as the street once the sun goes down, and Caffe Swimwear offered the perfect beachy mini dresses, frocks, caftans and cover-ups that were South Beach chic and cooler than an iced latte.

Here are some other pics, taken by those other guys:

Photo credits: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Model Schwag

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim is over and all I got were these lousy goggles.


I have another fun-filled fashion week under my belt, and for every set of sensational swimsuits I saw on the runway, I also saw a handful of dreadful fashion week faux pas being committed.

In an effort to help future fashion week attendees from committing the same sad acts, I have comprised a short list of the worst of the worst.

7. Getting drunk. That and not taking advantage of the free h20. It's in coolers everywhere. The volunteers hand them to you before you head into the tents. Drink it. Hydrate. It's free.

6. Showing off every schwag bag you've received thus far. I realize you're very proud of all of the free stuff you scored all week, but it is considered poor form to tote around multiple bags that you did not receive that day. Leave them at home or you'll be mistaken for a homeless Fashion Week bag lady and be asked to leave the premises.

5. Wearing a bra with a backless dress. I snapped this pic of a chic wearing a bra with her slit open back (see visual). This is fashion week people, bring your A game. This dress was obviously not designed to have your bra sticking out of the back. If you're going to do it anyway, at least make it a hot pink or neon hued bra that makes it look purposeful.


4. Bringing a newborn baby to a fashion show. I saw it. It happened. It is loud in the tents, people are pushing and trying to steal one another's seats and bags. Your new bundle of joy doesn't deserve to be stuck in this crazy crib.

3. Squatting front row seats. I had a pair of standing room squatters actually give me the stink eye when I asked them to move away from my ASSIGNED seat so I could sit down. This is not musical chairs. Go stand in your designated standing room area and wait for the chicks in the headsets to give you the green light to take empty seats once the show is about to start.

2. Trying to compete with models (you can't).

1. Being rude to anyone. I overheard one of my former favorite designers being snooty and snippy to a fashion week newbie while standing in line to check in for the Mara Hoffman show. I will now take a stand by never wearing his snooty snippy swimsuits again.

If you don't have anything nice to say Mr. Designer, don't say anything at all.

Model forehead

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Models have receding hairlines, just like us!


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