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So, the thing about shopping for wedding dresses is, it's hard. Really hard, SAT Physics portion hard, especially when you tell the bridal shop consultant that your big day is less than six months away and her eyes immediately dart down to your belly to see if you have the beginnings of a baby bump concealed under your maxi dress, which for the record, I do not.

"Is there something we need to know?", she asks, peering over her pink wire framed glasses while scribbling furiously on the back of the registration forms she just forced me to fill out.***

"Uh, no poofy ballgowns".

Here's the thing. In theory, bridal dress shopping should be fun, but once you actually get your booty in front of a bridal salon's three way mirror, it's a whole 'nother story.

One - It's confusing. From deciding on the fabric to the necklines, the silhouette to the train length, all of a sudden even the calmest, coolest and most collected of brides may find herself overwhelmed, treading water in a sea of charmeuse, tulle and organza. And no matter how many times you plead with the chick, she will always insist on plopping a Princess Di length veil on your head and bringing you the poofy ball gown that you begged her not to bring.


Two - It's pressure. This dress will be photographed, get tagged on Facebook, and talked about more than any other piece of clothing worn in your lifetime. It better be good. After a few lectures from the bridal salon squad, I'm also feeling the pressure to pick something asap because of the time it takes for gown orders to be placed, fittings, alterations, steamings, etc.

They say that when you try "the one", you'll know it, but in my case last weekend, "the one" was more than triple my budget. Which makes me wonder, is there such a thing as "the one"? Is there only "one" perfect soulmate of a dress reserved per bride in the holy union universe? What if I purchased a dress that I thought was "the one", but there was another dress waiting for me at another store that would totally one up "the one"? And I'd never know it, because I had already settled on what I thought was "the one". I guess it's a leap of faith. Just like finding Mr. Right and trusting that he's "the one".

To me "the one" in gown regard would be a lace Vera Wang floor length sheath delivered to my doorstep in a giant gift-wrapped box with a note from Vera saying "Dear Sammy, I designed this dress especially for you. ps Love your blog".

Nevertheless, I'm giving it another go this weekend, so wish me luck. And if by any chance you happen to be reading this Vera, I'm a size 2.

*** Since when do people have to fill out registration forms to try on a dress?

Model Lies

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Cross her legs, hope to die, stick a needle in her eye.


Wedding Gown, Check

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So, it happened.

This past Saturday, without a TLC video crew in sight, I said yes to the dress. In a quaint little bridal boutique in Kendall with my two trusted gal pals in tow, I glided out of the dressing room and stepped onto a wooden block pedestal in a gown that made every other woman in the establishment stop and stare mid mimosa. For the first time in my life, I think I had some minor inkling of how Sofia Vergara must feel. I felt elegant. I felt romantic. I felt stunning. I felt relieved that it was in my price range.

I had another appointment scheduled at the Nicole Miller bridal salon in South Beach the following weekend, but after twenty sighs, a dozen camera phone pics taken at every angle, and a "bling test" test where the salon owners turned off the lights while I sparkled under a spotlight, I knew it was meant to me.


I know you all want details and better yet to see an actual photo, but my ever curious husband-to-be reads this here blog, and he is not allowed to see the dress I said yes to. Not yet.

A rush order was made and I'll have to wait until November for my first fitting. I miss it. I have dreams of walking out into the sunset wearing my dreamy designer dress... but until then, this is my solemn vow -

I Sammy Sanchez, take you to be my wedding gown. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, whether stepped on or torn, stained with Bavarian cream or champagne, to love and to cherish 'til post wedding night do us part.

I do.

I'm not the most spiritual person on Earth, but I do believe in karma. I believe that what goes around comes around and that whether you're innately evil or an angelic do-gooder, you reap what you sow.

I fall into the second category, angelic do-gooder, and was recently rewarded for my loving nature and good will towards man. You may recall a few fashion week season's ago that I had the misfortune of having my Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses swiped while washing my hands in the cabana bathroom at the Raleigh Hotel. Fast forward three seasons and a batch of random acts of kindness later, and I was gifted a pair of sunglasses in return. Not just any old pair of shades, one of the newest arrivals from Maui Jim, the masters of premium polarized sunglasses.

This season marked the debut of Maui Jim's newest fashion-forward frames for women, the Ginger, revealed during the Aqua Di Lara show, and I was presented with a beautiful new pair in all of their gorgeous midsize, chocolate rounded frame glory.

Take a peek:


I've never looked cooler and my peepers have never felt more protected on account of the MauiGradient™ lenses and advanced polarized technology that blocks out 100% of UV rays and 99.9% of glare while making everything look sharper and as vivid as glorious technicolor. Did I mention my Gingers are durable, scratch/saltwater resistant, and optically clear?

So remember, do good things and ye shall be handsomely rewarded. Maybe not with a hot new pair of Maui Jim's, but some other just as cool karmic offering.

*Visit MauiJim.com for more information or follow them on Facebook and Twitter at @OfficialMauiJim.

Model Gown

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I had two ribs removed, and now my wedding dress fits just fine!


The world does not revolve around my wedding. I repeat, the world does not revolve around my wedding. I have been repeating this mantra to myself for the past week now in order to keep myself from spiraling over the edge of matrimonial mania. So instead of obsessing about Badgley Mischka shoes, escort cards and something blue, I'm going to answer a very relevant "Ask Sammy" query which comes to us all the way from Ferndale, Pennsylvania.

Without further bridal ado...

Dear Sammy,

I am shopping for new school year clothes for my pre-teen daughter. I don't want to spend too much money because not only is she growing like a weed but she changes her style constantly. Do you have suggestions for clothes that will last her longer than the fall semester?

Thank you,
Ferndale, Pennsylvania


Dear Margret,

Thanks for writing in and providing me with a nice distraction from my nuptial neurosis. I remember shopping for new clothes in my tween days. My mom allowed me 5 new outfits at the beginning of the school year. Pitiful, I know, yet this is where I first began to hone my mad styling skills, seeking out cool mix and match outfits that I could alter and change as often as my mood.

I sure wish LittleMissMatched was around back in my middle school days. Appealing to the little girl who thinks outside of the fashion box, LittleMissMatched allows girls of all ages to find their own fashion identity with convertible styles that take the fuss out of fashion.


Check out this Floral Bouquet 4 in 1 Dress for instance, a dream of a dress that can be worn in four different styles thanks to the cool reversible print. Your daughter can sport it as a fun mini skirt or a strapless/halter dress sporting bold stripes or a floral pattern if that strikes her fancy. Once the weather turns cold she can add some toasty leggings or LMM's signature over the knee socks underneath and a cardi/denim jacket up top to create endless looks that are fun, fab, funky, and totally all her own.

Adorably versatile for her, super affordable for you, so you can get more Back To School bang for your buck.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Guess who just found her new go-to shoes for Fall? [Hint: Starts with an S, ends with an anchez].

Chinese Laundry just released their newest arrivals for the Autumn season and I am seriously crushing hard on these black multi-colored Last Night Booties, and not just because they pay homage to one of my favorite Strokes' songs.

These beautiful brocade babies are basic black but have a cool smattering of rainbow sprinkles that give them just enough pop to make them interesting, and just enough height to make me tall (5 1/2 inch heels, thank you very much). I'll wear them with my skinny jeans, dress/tight combos, and maybe a new pair of leather pants if I'm feeling Olivia Newton John'ish at the end of Grease'ish.

At $89.95, I'll wear these morning, noon and last night.


Model Rights

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This election she was advocating a woman's right to shoes.


H&M Coming to My Hood!

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Last weekend while casually window shop strolling along the second floor of my favorite mall with my favorite fiancé, I learned that my favorite store is finally coming to my very own South Florida nabe.

You've all heard me gripe time and time again about my lack of proximity to my beloved H&M, the Swedish retailer known for their super affordable, super chic fashions... But the griping ends here. Now, not only is my favorite international fashion emporium opening a flagship store on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (after their highly successful South Beach pop-up shop opening this past May), but they're also following up with a 25,000-square-foot store in Aventura Mall this fall(!) Now I'll have two count 'em two H&M's to choose from, both within a 20 mile radius.

Dreams really do come true.


What does this mean? This means that I no longer have to hightail it 70.14 miles north to the land of Palm Beach to score a skirt for $14.95. This means that during future visits to NYC, Detroit, and any other cool metropolitan city, I no longer have to revolve my itinerary around finding the H&M closest to my hotel/lodgings. I no longer have to watch limited edition H&M designer collaborations and capsule collections come and go. I can now shop H&M with ease whenever my heart desires, and I can finally find my sizes before they're snatched up by customers who were just fortunate enough to live closer than me.

Thanks for listening H&M, I look forward to shopping your new store(s), spending all of my money, and visiting you every weekend for the rest of my life.


Sealed With a KissTixx

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So, after two months of functioning in full new bride-to-be mode, I'm slowly learning that not all of this wedding planning prep stuff is cumbersome. My favorite tasks on my to-do list thus far have been the ones my beloved beau can help with, i.e. - brainstorming potential honeymoon destinations, registering for cool bridal booty, slow dancing to potential first dance ditties, and last but not least, practicing our "You may now kiss the bride" inspired smooch.

The last to-do is by far my favorite, especially considering I have a secret weapon hidden in my garter, Kisstix lip balm.


As seen on the critically acclaimed reality series Shark Tank, Kisstixx is a beyond innovative, totally mind-blowing lip balm that creates a tasty chemical reaction between you and whomever you happen to be locking lips with.

Each package contains a pair of two SPF 15 balms in 6 complementary flavors: Strawberry & Chocolate, Fire & Ice, Peaches & Cream, Sweet & Sour, Pina Colada & Strawberry Daquiri, Raspberry & Lemonade. I wear one, he wears the other, and when our lips meet the tingly butterfly sensations begin. Seriously, it's like that K-Y Yours + Mine stuff, but for your lips.

Don't just take my word for it, the proof is in the puckering. At $5.99 a pop you can stock up, sample every flavor, then KissTixx and tell all your friends about it.

Kiss. Mix. Enjoy. Reapply. Repeat.

Models Who Don't Do Lunch

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Model #1: When's lunchtime?
Model #2: Next Tuesday.


Blame It on the Rain

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Last weekend thanks to an unwelcome visit from tropical storm/hurricane Isaac, I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday cooped up indoors, going stir crazy in our pad with only a 60 hr full DVR, Jeffrey Eugenides novel, iPad overloaded with 75 fashion mags, the last 3 episodes of True Blood, laundry, a Papa Johns pizza, alcohol, my man and our faithful dog to keep me company.

Normally, I would love staying in and cozying up under a blankie with various books, media and mindless diversions at my disposal, but when a tropical storm forces you to stay inside, the only thing you want to do is go out. I might have ventured out at some point, if only I had the right gear saved for a rainy day.

I do own a super sleek trench coat but I don't like getting it wet, go figure. What I need is something aching to be partly showered on, some boots that aren't only made for walkin', but made for splashin'.


Take this pretty polka-dot patterned Cath Kidston Rain Coat for instance. It comes with a detachable hood that is totally adorbs and a cute little pack and mac bag for toting. I'd pair my rainy day frock star coat with these waterproof lavender hued Zip-Up Rain Boots that will take me well beyond wellies wear alone.

At present time my fashion budget only allows for wedding related purchases, so these items will have to take a rain check.

We got lucky with Isaac coming and passing us by, sending big love and prayers to the folks in New Orleans.


Raincoat, Asos, $37.47
Boots, Urban Outfitters $49

I'm Good Enough, I'm Hot Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me.


Samara Sanchez

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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