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Blame It on the Rain

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Last weekend thanks to an unwelcome visit from tropical storm/hurricane Isaac, I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday cooped up indoors, going stir crazy in our pad with only a 60 hr full DVR, Jeffrey Eugenides novel, iPad overloaded with 75 fashion mags, the last 3 episodes of True Blood, laundry, a Papa Johns pizza, alcohol, my man and our faithful dog to keep me company.

Normally, I would love staying in and cozying up under a blankie with various books, media and mindless diversions at my disposal, but when a tropical storm forces you to stay inside, the only thing you want to do is go out. I might have ventured out at some point, if only I had the right gear saved for a rainy day.

I do own a super sleek trench coat but I don't like getting it wet, go figure. What I need is something aching to be partly showered on, some boots that aren't only made for walkin', but made for splashin'.


Take this pretty polka-dot patterned Cath Kidston Rain Coat for instance. It comes with a detachable hood that is totally adorbs and a cute little pack and mac bag for toting. I'd pair my rainy day frock star coat with these waterproof lavender hued Zip-Up Rain Boots that will take me well beyond wellies wear alone.

At present time my fashion budget only allows for wedding related purchases, so these items will have to take a rain check.

We got lucky with Isaac coming and passing us by, sending big love and prayers to the folks in New Orleans.


Raincoat, Asos, $37.47
Boots, Urban Outfitters $49

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