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Sealed With a KissTixx

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So, after two months of functioning in full new bride-to-be mode, I'm slowly learning that not all of this wedding planning prep stuff is cumbersome. My favorite tasks on my to-do list thus far have been the ones my beloved beau can help with, i.e. - brainstorming potential honeymoon destinations, registering for cool bridal booty, slow dancing to potential first dance ditties, and last but not least, practicing our "You may now kiss the bride" inspired smooch.

The last to-do is by far my favorite, especially considering I have a secret weapon hidden in my garter, Kisstix lip balm.


As seen on the critically acclaimed reality series Shark Tank, Kisstixx is a beyond innovative, totally mind-blowing lip balm that creates a tasty chemical reaction between you and whomever you happen to be locking lips with.

Each package contains a pair of two SPF 15 balms in 6 complementary flavors: Strawberry & Chocolate, Fire & Ice, Peaches & Cream, Sweet & Sour, Pina Colada & Strawberry Daquiri, Raspberry & Lemonade. I wear one, he wears the other, and when our lips meet the tingly butterfly sensations begin. Seriously, it's like that K-Y Yours + Mine stuff, but for your lips.

Don't just take my word for it, the proof is in the puckering. At $5.99 a pop you can stock up, sample every flavor, then KissTixx and tell all your friends about it.

Kiss. Mix. Enjoy. Reapply. Repeat.

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