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Wedding Gown, Check

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So, it happened.

This past Saturday, without a TLC video crew in sight, I said yes to the dress. In a quaint little bridal boutique in Kendall with my two trusted gal pals in tow, I glided out of the dressing room and stepped onto a wooden block pedestal in a gown that made every other woman in the establishment stop and stare mid mimosa. For the first time in my life, I think I had some minor inkling of how Sofia Vergara must feel. I felt elegant. I felt romantic. I felt stunning. I felt relieved that it was in my price range.

I had another appointment scheduled at the Nicole Miller bridal salon in South Beach the following weekend, but after twenty sighs, a dozen camera phone pics taken at every angle, and a "bling test" test where the salon owners turned off the lights while I sparkled under a spotlight, I knew it was meant to me.


I know you all want details and better yet to see an actual photo, but my ever curious husband-to-be reads this here blog, and he is not allowed to see the dress I said yes to. Not yet.

A rush order was made and I'll have to wait until November for my first fitting. I miss it. I have dreams of walking out into the sunset wearing my dreamy designer dress... but until then, this is my solemn vow -

I Sammy Sanchez, take you to be my wedding gown. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, whether stepped on or torn, stained with Bavarian cream or champagne, to love and to cherish 'til post wedding night do us part.

I do.

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