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Out of Season

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Hello again, it's been awhile.

I had a safe trip to Michigan (thanks for asking), where I had the pleasure of enjoying a medley of matrimonial festivities including an amazing bridal shower thrown by my beautiful Sis-in-law and Mother-in-law to be. It was a grand ol' time where I was showered with plenty of presents and panties, but now that I've returned I have been feeling out of sorts. No cause for concern, I have self diagnosed myself with a sad case of SAD, Seasonal affective disorder that is.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ailment, SAD is a form of depression that usually occurs during the brisk autumn and winter months with sufferers longing for sunshine and warm weather. Curiously enough, I seem to be suffering from a rare, reverse case of SAD where I long for the cold climates, leaves a changing, snow a falling. Michigan might have spoiled me, methinks, for now I find myself missing all of the stylish seasonal fashions that all of those cool Northerners get to wear.


I miss wearing a scarf. I miss wearing my still kind of new barely used H&M coat. I miss having unfrizzy, perfect hair. I miss wearing boots that don't make my feet sweat worse than my entire body after my Reebok Challenge workout.

I'm experiencing a slew of the same symptoms other SAD sufferers endure... I can't concentrate, feel sluggish and irritable, have less energy and a loss of interest in work and other activities. The only difference is my South Floridian hot flashes.

The good news is that I will be returning to the D come January, where I will hopefully be rocking a new winter wardrobe + wedding gown. In the meantime, in an effort to stay active I've been moonlighting over at AllYouNeedLists.com where I contributed a Top 5 list of the Top Layering Pieces To Fall for this Fall. Not that I need any of them. {Sigh}.

So, my dear Let'sTalkStylers, if any of you are fortunate enough to be residing in a colder Northern climate, embrace it. Don't take it for granted... and most importantly, wear cute cold weather clothes while you can because there are sweating children in Florida who don't even have a change of seasons.


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