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In less than 24 hours my MOH and bestest Miami based girlfriends are whisking me away for my bachelorette party weekend where I shall enjoy my last hurrah as a single gal.

I was ordered instructed to bring:

*A bathing suit
*A cover up
*A hot dress
*Hot pumps
*A Toothbrush

I was ordered instructed to leave my inhibitions/moral conscious at home. I suspect that I will be painting the town pink wearing a veil and a variety of phallic, anatomically incorrect accessories, but I thought I'd take a moment to give any fellow brides-to-be who have an upcoming bachelorette party on the horizon a few outfit tips for the big night.


Hot Dress: If you'd wear it to a New Years soirée, it's a go. If you'd wear it to your niece's piano recital, it's a no. In short you're looking for anything that you'd be okay wearing to da club. You only have one night left to hang and be sassy as a single lady, I think something black/white/gold/gunmetal/silver/sparkly/sequiny and short is totally appropo. A few things to keep in mind:

*Length: Make sure it's not too short, folks will be buying you a lot of free shots, and you don't want to end up spread eagle on the street with your Bride To Be thong on display for all to see.

*Price: Don't spend too much. Why? You're getting married, you are blowing enough of your budget on place cards and favors, also, things might get messy. At every bachelorette party that I've been too, there's always one gal who can't hold her liquor. You don't want your pricey Pucci getting puked on. 599 Fashion has tons of affordable club dresses for only $5.99. That's cheaper than a red headed slut, the shot people. I was referring to the shot.

*Comfort: Make sure it's comfy. Your night may involve dancing and will certainly involve walking, so make sure your dress (and hot pumps) don't hurt. Save the bustier and corset for the wedding day/night.

*Jewelry: Don't wear anything that might clash with your male appendage adorned accessories, aka penis necklace.

Elementary, my Dear Watson

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Hi - just discovered your blog and am following (my first!). I am totally with you, girl, esp. on the NIX the see-through-bag issue AND and pockets-below-the-Daisy-Dukes issue (I once saw a girl wearing denim shorts with the visible pockets RHINESTONED and had the stifle the urge to smack her. Just saying.)

Where can I get my hands on the gray sweater tank/vest Lucy Liu wears in "Elementary" Episode 2 "While You Were Sleeping"?? It's perfect weight, neutral color and flattering fit have me DROOLING, and I can't find any purchase info anywhere. Can you please put your considerable talent to work at answering this monumental question for me??

I have attached pic to help validate my completely irrational obsession. Thank you!


Hi Sam!

Thank you for your query. I am always up for a challenge, and once I read your question, the game was afoot. I spent hours studying the evidence, trying to cross reference the texture, color and style to my mental file cabinet of designers. I consulted my fashion journals, I spent hours googling a list of the usual women's wear suspects, I smoked my trusted pipe, yet, alas, I came up empty-handed.

Then I put my super stying sleuthing skills in full speed to find, locate and contact Elementary's resident costume designer. Within a flash, I received a lovely response from the costume coordinator, and thus have solved the case.

The sweater tank/vest that you seek is indeed the Vertical Net Tank from Inhabit.


Good news? It's still available. Better news? it's on sale, $71.40 marked down from $238.

In summation, Sherlock Sanchez always finds her man sweater.

p.s. No fashion obsession is irrational.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Cheap Eau de Vanilla Parfum

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

No perfume? Try a dab of vanilla from the pantry.


Model Crunches

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Sometimes models simply prefer to do their crunches standing up.


Today is the day. The moment of truth. My first wedding dress fitting.

In less than nine hours from now, we shall see if all the blood, sweat, squats and tears have paid off. A tiny size was ordered for me months ago, and today, all I ask is that it fit. If it has to be taken in, no worries. If it doesn't slide on over my hips...Houston, we have a problem.

Today's fitting shall determine whether I will be a happy bride or a bummed out bride.
Whether I shall spend the next 8 weeks eating carbohydrates or sprouts.
Whether I shall continue my current exercise regimen or call in for bridal boot camp reinforcements.

Most of all, tonight's fitting shall determine whether or not my fiancé will get a decent night's sleep tonight, or any night from now until the wedding.

Wish me luck. May the fitting force be with me.



Fit to be Bride

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Hark the herald angels sing!
Glory to the newborn King!


My dress fits, with room to spare.

I can now eat the occasional chicken finger or jalapeño popper sans regret and my fiancé can sleep in heavenly peace without having to endure the nightly sounds of me sobbing into my pillow.

All's well that ends well, except that I totally forgot to try sitting in it and was highly advised to steam it on the wedding day. Seriously? I have to buy a steamer now?!

I still have one final fitting left. Hopefully it'll be a piece of wedding cake.


Jello Shot Stains

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Moist Q-tip dipped in Jello mix = Fruity rad lip stain.


Model spotting at Starbucks

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She liked her men the way she liked her caramel brulée lattes, whipped.


Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Debloating Libation

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar + 5oz H20 = badass de-bloater.


Happy Thanksgiving pilgrims, from Marilyn and me.



Tungsten Tied

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Yes, I have neglected you. Yes, I feel guilty. Yes, I am sorry.

Now that I've apologized and have fully digested my Thanksgiving meal, I fully intend to get back to writing mode, but here's the thing. Your blogging hostess is almost at the one month mark 'til her big day, and she's starting to panic people. The only thing that can calm her down is crossing things off of her Nuptial To Do list, that and writing in the third person.

I got a major to do knocked off my list in the past week, choosing and ordering our wedding bands. Not to worry, this isn't just another random wedding post. I am going to turn my to do triumph into a super cool Christmas gift idea to slip into the stocking of that very special dude in your life. Give him jewelry. Give him a ring.

Warning: Do not do this if you just met the guy on Match.com, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, AshleyMadison, etc. Do not do this if you're casually dating and haven't had the let's be exclusive talk. He will hit the ground running and will never be heard from again.

This stocking stuffer is for the serious couple. Whether you're replacing your hubby's tired old band, giving your college sweetheart a promise ring or getting down on bended knee this Christmas because you're tired of waiting for him to do it, tungsten carbide is my metal of choice.


The truth about tungsten:

- Derives from the Swedish words tung sten, which translates to heavy stone.
- It has a totally cool nickname: wolfram.
- It's hypo allergenic.
- It's like, super strong.
- It's like, super sexy.
- It's like super cheap.

I had my heart set on getting my fiancé an 18k white gold or platinum band, but after a surprisingly honest talk with a surprisingly honest jeweler, it was recommended that we go with a Tungsten Carbide band, made from an affordable alternative metal that is allergy-friendly and more scratch resistant than it's pricier competitors. I had my doubts, but research revealed that tungsten is a mega popular choice amongst today's modern brides and grooms, and once I saw it on my right hand man's left hand, we had to have it.

Ross-Simons has a ton of Tungsten rings to choose from with looks that range from polished, slick and chic to the bold and the beveled, all priced at under $300 clams. Enter code RSCATALOG at checkout to score an extra 25% off, and don't be surprised if he gifts you a glam rock of your own come Valentine's Day.

You're welcome.

Maximize Your Mascara

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

5 eyedrops stirred into mascara = tube that lasts 3x longer.


Model Christmas Wishes

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Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a faster metabolism.


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