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In less than 24 hours my MOH and bestest Miami based girlfriends are whisking me away for my bachelorette party weekend where I shall enjoy my last hurrah as a single gal.

I was ordered instructed to bring:

*A bathing suit
*A cover up
*A hot dress
*Hot pumps
*A Toothbrush

I was ordered instructed to leave my inhibitions/moral conscious at home. I suspect that I will be painting the town pink wearing a veil and a variety of phallic, anatomically incorrect accessories, but I thought I'd take a moment to give any fellow brides-to-be who have an upcoming bachelorette party on the horizon a few outfit tips for the big night.


Hot Dress: If you'd wear it to a New Years soirée, it's a go. If you'd wear it to your niece's piano recital, it's a no. In short you're looking for anything that you'd be okay wearing to da club. You only have one night left to hang and be sassy as a single lady, I think something black/white/gold/gunmetal/silver/sparkly/sequiny and short is totally appropo. A few things to keep in mind:

*Length: Make sure it's not too short, folks will be buying you a lot of free shots, and you don't want to end up spread eagle on the street with your Bride To Be thong on display for all to see.

*Price: Don't spend too much. Why? You're getting married, you are blowing enough of your budget on place cards and favors, also, things might get messy. At every bachelorette party that I've been too, there's always one gal who can't hold her liquor. You don't want your pricey Pucci getting puked on. 599 Fashion has tons of affordable club dresses for only $5.99. That's cheaper than a red headed slut, the shot people. I was referring to the shot.

*Comfort: Make sure it's comfy. Your night may involve dancing and will certainly involve walking, so make sure your dress (and hot pumps) don't hurt. Save the bustier and corset for the wedding day/night.

*Jewelry: Don't wear anything that might clash with your male appendage adorned accessories, aka penis necklace.

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