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Elementary, my Dear Watson

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Hi - just discovered your blog and am following (my first!). I am totally with you, girl, esp. on the NIX the see-through-bag issue AND and pockets-below-the-Daisy-Dukes issue (I once saw a girl wearing denim shorts with the visible pockets RHINESTONED and had the stifle the urge to smack her. Just saying.)

Where can I get my hands on the gray sweater tank/vest Lucy Liu wears in "Elementary" Episode 2 "While You Were Sleeping"?? It's perfect weight, neutral color and flattering fit have me DROOLING, and I can't find any purchase info anywhere. Can you please put your considerable talent to work at answering this monumental question for me??

I have attached pic to help validate my completely irrational obsession. Thank you!


Hi Sam!

Thank you for your query. I am always up for a challenge, and once I read your question, the game was afoot. I spent hours studying the evidence, trying to cross reference the texture, color and style to my mental file cabinet of designers. I consulted my fashion journals, I spent hours googling a list of the usual women's wear suspects, I smoked my trusted pipe, yet, alas, I came up empty-handed.

Then I put my super stying sleuthing skills in full speed to find, locate and contact Elementary's resident costume designer. Within a flash, I received a lovely response from the costume coordinator, and thus have solved the case.

The sweater tank/vest that you seek is indeed the Vertical Net Tank from Inhabit.


Good news? It's still available. Better news? it's on sale, $71.40 marked down from $238.

In summation, Sherlock Sanchez always finds her man sweater.

p.s. No fashion obsession is irrational.



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Great work Sammy!!!!

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