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The AA+ of BB Creams

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Hi Sammy,

Wanna try a BB cream but confused. What are they and what do they do? Recommendations?


Thanks for the question Leeah. Don't feel bad, a few months ago I was totally with you on the BB whattie confusion train.

In short, BB creams (BB = beauty balm) are mega multi taskers for the face.

You know how most women today spend what seems like hours every morning applying:

a moisturizer and/or SPF, then letting it dry...
a primer, then letting it dry...
a foundation, then letting it dry....
powder... then letting it set.

Well, BB creams will help you skip all those steps so you get the coverage, correction and protection your complexion needs to make your skin texture glow and look toned in one fell swoop. Plus, they're usually cheaper than most foundations. {score} They were all the rage in Asia and finally made their way to the US with a BB bang. Consider them a distant cousin to tinted moisturizers, only a way cooler, more talented and gifted cousin. On top of sunscreen protection, most BBs also offer anti-aging benefits to boot. {double score}


Right now I'm loving the Tinted BB Cream from Too Faced. It makes your face look instantly better and brighter, plus it promises to give you healthier skin in the long term with it's antiaging, multi-mineral complex that promotes cell health and strengthens skin's elasticity. Some folks find BBs to be too sheer, so either wear more to get your desired level of coverage, or wear it under your regular foundation.

Practically every major cosmetic company has launched their own dream BB cream in the past year, so I suggest trying some out for yourself. Don't be afraid to hit Sephora up for some samples, that's what those teeny tiny pots are for. Just ask one of those chicks in black. They should BB more than happy to help you.



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