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Cheers, mates.

I'm fresh back from my UK getaway... at least my body is. My internal clock is still on Scotland standard time, my heart is still nestled in our cozy bed and breakfast retreat in the highlands, and my liver is still recovering at the hotel in Glasgow that treated us to complimentary wine, ales and spirits stocked in the mini bar.

As promised, in exchange for leaving you all highland and dry for a week and a half, I spent more than a wee part of my honeymoon scouting all of the Scottish style trends on the street. Here are my top ten overseas fashion findings.

10. Contrary to popular belief, the only folks wearing kilts were hotel doormen or blokes who worked at castles/tourist attractions.

9. 2 major makeup trends spotted. 1- fresh faced and freckly 2- heavily applied and retro, Amy Winehouse style. One or the other, no in between.


8. Scots and shorts. The most chic Scottish lasses bared the cold with black tights paired with denim cutoffs.

7. In the UK, your umbrella can make as big of a style impact as your bag.

6. Wellies look way cool with pretty skirts and dresses.

5. Headwear: Cute hats not only keep your head warm but also help control crazy flyaways thanks to those unpredictable Scottish winds. Hat spotted the most? Cozy boyfriend knit beanies as seen above. Hat spotted the least? Tartan berets.

4. Footwear: Scottish chicks aren't afraid to wear heels (court shoes in Scottish speak). I was proud to see some 4 inch platforms make their way down the cobblestone streets as well as biker inspired ankle booties. The leading sneakers (trainers) of choice? Classic Chuck Taylors.

3. Eyewear: Very few sunglasses (sunnies) sported in Scotland. Very many geeky thick blacked framed spectacles seen, just like in the states.

2. Tank tops are called vests. Used in a sentence: I was dying to bring home a cool vest that said Scotland, but the shops only had vests that said New York or LA.

1. Underwear: Doormen and blokes who work at castles/tourist attractions do wear something under their kilts. I spied with my little eye the waistband of some boxers when our doorman bent over.

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