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The two most valuable pieces of fashion advice I have ever received are as follows:

1- Don't ever wear the belt that the dress came with
2- Don't go shopping without a list

I rarely head to Whole Foods without a post-it note filled with doodles of that evening's dinner ingredients/bread/toilet paper/etc, so it makes perfect sense to refrain from walking into a busy mall or logging into my favorite online shopping portal without a list of key pieces that I really want need.


My current list, for instance, reads as follows:

crisp, white skinny jeans
black strappy sandals
peasanty tunic blouse
a dress to wear to my husband's cousin's wedding
bright hued pencil skirt
ripped boyfriend jeans to replace my old Levi's that are now a size too big (thanks Jillian Michaels)!

This simple process keeps me from becoming overwhelmed and distracted by pretty mannequin displays and sales racks so that I can remain on track without succumbing to unnecessary impulse buys.

Try it next time and you might avoid coming home with 8 bottles of sundried tomato pesto and olive tapenade when you just needed milk.

Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week, 10 words or less:

Lip balm dabbed on inner corners of eyes = dewy highlighter.


*4 extra words of warning: Make sure it's plain!

Model Sand

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another pair of contacts bite the dust.


Bipolar Blogger Post

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Confession readers: I have hit a writer's road block in my corner of the blogosphere.

Lately I've been whirling through a series of unfortunate emotions every time I venture into my Movable Type publishing platform. From feeling a tad depressed to giddy and guilty, insanely manic to raging and irreverent, I pirouette all across the page and then erase everything I've written down, only to find myself staring at a blinking cursor with a mind void of anything stylish to write about. I am in the blogger bell jar.

Photo: Rankin for Marie Claire

I visit other accomplished lifestyle blogs where the hostesses serve up beyond beautiful designer outfit posts mingled with amazing DIY crafting creations, delicious mouthwatering recipes to favor foodies of all preferences/dietary restrictions, all visualized in breathtaking photography. I want to go to there. I want to hop into all of my favorite blogs and curl up on their pretty white couches, play with their pets, wear the designer labels in their closets and eat their yummy gluten-free food...

And yet I am here, writing 10 word beauty tips, captioning model photos, dissing red carpet gowns and struggling to keep up with my insanely spammed comments section where immersed in between all of your lovely comments there are half a million links for penis enlargements.

Perhaps I'm having post nuptial/honeymoon blues. Perhaps I'm trying to rediscover my voice. Perhaps it's because my bday is a fortnight away and I'm getting older old. Whatever it is, I implore you to keep reading, keep commenting, keep asking Sammy questions... and if I don't post your comment(s) within 2 hours, send them here. I'm gong to try to make this blog I place that is more positive. A place where I want to live, and you all can come over and have slumber parties while playing with my dog Zoey and eating my delicious, healthy and savory salmon recipes {it's the only thing I really know how to make well}.


Yesterday was my dog's birthday, and I forgot.

I am a bad pet parent. I'm sure all day she was waiting for me to say/do something... a possible surprise party at the dog park, a juicy steak grilled up by her dad, a someecard. She let me sleep in on Mother's Day, and what did I give her in return? A possible Sam Baker à la Sixteen Candles complex where everyone in her family forgets her special day, only she didn't get to share a birthday cake and kiss with her hottie crush at the end.

Rather than beat myself up about it, I'm doing the next best thing I can think of. Looking for gifts to buy her love back. Here are my top stylish picks to spoil the favorite member of my pack.

I've been spotting so many pretty popsicle pics on pinterest, why shouldn't my pup get in on the fun? These DIY freezer treats are all-organic, yummy, icy, hydrating goodness, available in 4 gourmet flavors like white cheddar and sweet potato 'n' maple. Cool bones.


My dog enjoys the finer things in life, even when it comes to toys. She'll love dragging/tugging around one of these faux fur monkeys to incorporate a little posh into her playtime.


Let them eat cake. She can't stay angry at me forever, especially not after she sinks her canines into an all natural doggie birthday cake made with plenty of peanut butter.

Freezy Pups Kit, In the Company of Dogs, $19.95
West Paw Tango Dog Toy, dogIDS, $15
Doggie Birthday Cake recipe, here
Martha Stewart 3D dog cake decorating how-to seen above, here.

Tone That Pout Down

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I've received a few sweet pleas to keep my quickie weekly beauty tips in rotation, so here we are. One little change, I've decided to no longer limit myself to ten words or less because life is too short to follow rules. Without further ado:

Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week, twenty something words or less...

Lips too intense? Skip the tissue and use a wet wipe to tone down color while adding a hint of moisture.

Photo: Terry Richardson

I love it when I already know what I'm doing for the weekend by hump day. It goes back to the single girl's strategy of refusing to accept a date for Friday or Saturday night unless we've been asked out properly in advance. Sorry boys, we have to wash our hair.

Besides tackling the mundane list of weekly chores, I will:

*Take in Sofia Coppola's latest novel to film adaptation of The Bling Ring, featuring a privileged gang of kiddie kleptos led by the former Hermione Granger
*Tune in to HBO to catch up with my favorite vampy, fairy and wolvish friends for the sixth season premiere of True Blood
*Wish all the fab dads I know a very happy Father's Day
*Work in a little alfresco dining/wine drinking in between all of the above

Happy almost weekend.


Our Fathers, Our Heroes

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Happy Father's Day to all of the unsung heroes out there who can fight crime and change a dirty diaper in a single bound.
Photos: mattyphotography

Lace Bodysuit Bargain

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For my bachelorette party, one of my girlfriends gifted me with a delicate white and lacey bodysuit that I knew I couldn't wait to pack away for the honeymoon. To my surprise, it has become an underlying staple in my everyday wardrobe. It adds the perfect layer of protection under a sheer blouse, adds a flash of femininity when paired with jeans and a blazer, and obviously makes a sexy statement when worn solo. I've been on the hunt for a black one, and after a quick investigation I found a thrifty alternative to my favorite style for almost a quarter of the price. Wear it well.


Stretch Lace Bodysuit - American Apparel, $38
Sheer Lace Bodysuit - Forever21, $10.80

Being a member of the Miami fashion press has its privileges.

In exactly one month from today I will be prancing around this very pool, enjoying all of the perks the hottest event in the IMG Fashion portfolio has to offer. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 returns for their ninth year (my 5th), and all of Miami's movers and shakers will congregate at the Raleigh Hotel poolside, to get a first look at all of the sexiest swimwear designs of the new season.


Designers from around the world will showcase their collections with a handful of my favorites making the roster including Mara Hoffman, L*Space by Monica Wise, Beach Bunny, Wildfox Swim, BCBG Max Azria, and others.

I can't wait to see/write about what everyone will be wearing to the pool party next summer. Now if the Miami Heat could just hurry up and win this championship, we'll be golden.

....aaand, that's how we do things here in Miami.


Birthday Blog

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Today is my birthday and despite the worries that my future as a blogger will be compromised by impending arthritis, I'm feeling strangely fine. Rather than looking at age as a negative number I am going to be thankful for all of the gifts I've received this past year (a new husband, woot woot!), and celebrate the fact that I am in great company with a number of female celebrities who don't look their age either (at least the bartenders at T.G.I. Friday's and Chili's don't think I do).

Have a Happy Day!


I've only recently hopped onto the homeopathic beauty bandwagon, investing in designer inspired body fragrance oils for my handsome, eczematic husband. Free of the alcohol found in your every day cologne and perfume sprays (which speeds up the evaporation process) these oils smell like the real thing, last way longer and don't irritate his skin. Win win win.

I've been thinking of switching over myself, and there is yet another oil I have my eye on, one that promises to plump my lips the natural way. Cinnamon is the active ingredient found in many pricey lip plumpers - cinnamon oil, is a lot cheaper and offers equally plumped up results.


Add a drop or two of cinnamon leaf oil to your lip gloss or rub a bit of moistened cinnamon from your spice rack onto your pout for an even cheaper alternative.

Bonus: cinnamon has a ton of added health benefits, tastes divine and smells delish.


Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, Garden of Green $5.20

Model Patriotism

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What do you mean the 4th of July is on a Thursday and I don't get Friday off?!


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