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Bipolar Blogger Post

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Confession readers: I have hit a writer's road block in my corner of the blogosphere.

Lately I've been whirling through a series of unfortunate emotions every time I venture into my Movable Type publishing platform. From feeling a tad depressed to giddy and guilty, insanely manic to raging and irreverent, I pirouette all across the page and then erase everything I've written down, only to find myself staring at a blinking cursor with a mind void of anything stylish to write about. I am in the blogger bell jar.

Photo: Rankin for Marie Claire

I visit other accomplished lifestyle blogs where the hostesses serve up beyond beautiful designer outfit posts mingled with amazing DIY crafting creations, delicious mouthwatering recipes to favor foodies of all preferences/dietary restrictions, all visualized in breathtaking photography. I want to go to there. I want to hop into all of my favorite blogs and curl up on their pretty white couches, play with their pets, wear the designer labels in their closets and eat their yummy gluten-free food...

And yet I am here, writing 10 word beauty tips, captioning model photos, dissing red carpet gowns and struggling to keep up with my insanely spammed comments section where immersed in between all of your lovely comments there are half a million links for penis enlargements.

Perhaps I'm having post nuptial/honeymoon blues. Perhaps I'm trying to rediscover my voice. Perhaps it's because my bday is a fortnight away and I'm getting older old. Whatever it is, I implore you to keep reading, keep commenting, keep asking Sammy questions... and if I don't post your comment(s) within 2 hours, send them here. I'm gong to try to make this blog I place that is more positive. A place where I want to live, and you all can come over and have slumber parties while playing with my dog Zoey and eating my delicious, healthy and savory salmon recipes {it's the only thing I really know how to make well}.


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amy b:

I LOVE LetsTalkStyle! Don't change too much sammy

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