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Yesterday was my dog's birthday, and I forgot.

I am a bad pet parent. I'm sure all day she was waiting for me to say/do something... a possible surprise party at the dog park, a juicy steak grilled up by her dad, a someecard. She let me sleep in on Mother's Day, and what did I give her in return? A possible Sam Baker à la Sixteen Candles complex where everyone in her family forgets her special day, only she didn't get to share a birthday cake and kiss with her hottie crush at the end.

Rather than beat myself up about it, I'm doing the next best thing I can think of. Looking for gifts to buy her love back. Here are my top stylish picks to spoil the favorite member of my pack.

I've been spotting so many pretty popsicle pics on pinterest, why shouldn't my pup get in on the fun? These DIY freezer treats are all-organic, yummy, icy, hydrating goodness, available in 4 gourmet flavors like white cheddar and sweet potato 'n' maple. Cool bones.


My dog enjoys the finer things in life, even when it comes to toys. She'll love dragging/tugging around one of these faux fur monkeys to incorporate a little posh into her playtime.


Let them eat cake. She can't stay angry at me forever, especially not after she sinks her canines into an all natural doggie birthday cake made with plenty of peanut butter.

Freezy Pups Kit, In the Company of Dogs, $19.95
West Paw Tango Dog Toy, dogIDS, $15
Doggie Birthday Cake recipe, here
Martha Stewart 3D dog cake decorating how-to seen above, here.

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