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Hat Check

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Every year when daylight savings time rolls around I always experience the same fall back side effects. I want to stay in bed longer, go to sleep earlier, bake anything that has pumpkin or cinnamon listed as the main ingredient, and I want to wear cute cozy winter hats. Indoors and out.

After doing a little fall cleaning under my bed this past weekend, I was thrilled to find a hatbox filled with goodies - my entire collection of previously considered lost beanies, berets, newsboys and graphic caps that had somehow vanished during my last move. It was like an early Christmas present.

If you're looking to replenish your own seasonal cap collection without spending your entire winter wardrobe budget, check out the cute and cozy winter hat collection at 599Fashion. You'll find Elmer Fuddish faux fur trapper hats, bright pom poms and patterned knit caps that will keep you toasty all season long.

My early Christmas gift to you - every piece is tagged at $5.99 or under.


Mommy Blogger in the House

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So, here's the thing. I'm pregnant. My mind has been frazzled, my posts have been infrequent, and you've probably noticed an influx of typos over the past few months. Now it all makes sense. I am preggers with a capital P and am wondering how all of the amazing mommy bloggers out there in cyberland manage to turn out quality posts after post when the only thing I want to do is crawl under my desk, sleep, and buy cute knitted baby hats on Etsy.

Although this marks a major change in my life, I want you to know that Let's Talk Style shall and will remain dedicated to delivering the hottest fashion news, deals, tips and advice for women whether they are with or without child. Whether you have a bun in the oven or are just enjoying a sticky bun at Starbucks, I'm still the same old Sammy.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

At 4 and a half months I'm still fortunate enough to fit in all of my old clothes (thanks to a few strategic belly expansion tricks) and have been spending more of my time shopping for baby clothes/gear for the new arrival, but have no fear. I am still managing to stay abreast of all of the hottest styles for the seasons so I can be ready to replenish my post baby wardrobe the moment my doctor allows me to do sit-ups again.

In the meantime, please continue to send in your questions, read up on quick style tips and score get it for less steals, as I will do my best to post at a more frequent pace, especially now that I am enjoying the 2nd honeymoon trimester. Don't be surprised if a maternity related post pops up here and there, or if I just have to share the cutest little sockies I just had to buy for the little buttercup. This blogger has big time baby on the brain.


Flare Ups

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In an effort to make the most out of the clothes that I have before shelling out cash on maternity clothes that will not yet fit, I have decided to take every pair of jeans that I own out for one last hurrah before my belly rejects them.

Making the rotation today is a pair of old favorites, a sweet pair of Lucky flares that have reminded me just how slimming the flared effect can be, even when I'm just shy of 5 months pregnant. The distinct flare at the bottom gives the illusion of a longer leg for shorties like me, and the slim fit through the leg shows off the fact that I still have thighs of steel...well, titanium maybe, or whatever metal that is lighter and less toned than steel. Where's Walt White when you need him?

Here are a few of my other Flarey favorites, all under $80 bucks:


These button/zipless FP Pull On on Kick Flares seen above are comfy as comfy can be and available in 9 colors to boot. My favorite? - black sand. Free People, $78.

Looking for flares that are tailored and sleek? The Gold Label Lennon Flared Jeans from Lee get the gold label for their flattering close fit that can be dresses up or dressed down for work days or weekend nights, $42.99.

The five-pocket Bailey Low Rise Flare Jeans are the stretchy jeans you'll want to live, play and lounge in, from dELiA*s and on sale for $19.99.

Bootie licious

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It's official. My clothes are tight. This means that the only fashion extravagances that I can splurge on and continue to benefit from past my due date are as follows - cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and shoes.

All of the girls at the office are on my case about retiring my 4 and 4+ inch footwear, so I've been on the search for a seasonal, trend appropriate option that will still give me height, stability and extra room in case my feet start to swell. By George, I think I've found it - the suede buckle bootie.


These Rag & Bone Harrow Nubuck Booties from Madison Los Angeles are at the top of many a style blogger's wish list, but mommy can't afford a pair of $495 shoes that by the way cost more than baby's crib and the first installment of their prepaid college fund combined.

A suitable alternative however, are the BCBG Paris Kerina and the Carlos by Carlos Santana Harvest Booties, both under $100 and both available at DSW. An even cheaper option coming in under $40 are deLiA*s Gianna Booties on sale for $39.90.

I put one of the price efficient pairs pictured above on my wish list for Santa, and hopefully he'll slip them under my tree before I head off to snowy Michigan next month. This kid isn't the only one who deserves a pair of cute booties.

Mama Needs a New Closet

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I am now nearing maternityland and am discovering that contrary to popular belief, there are many cute and stylish un-tent-like options for today's mommy-to-be to choose from. First stop? The H&M MAMA line.

I just treated myself to a mini shopping spree at their new online store where I snatched up a few basics that should get me through the winter when layered with my pre-pregnancy flannel shirts, oversized cardigans, and x-tra long tanks. Their looks are comfy, easy, and chic to the max. Plus, they're so affordable that you can treat yourself to an entire new rotating wardrobe without spending a bundle.

Another added bonus? While you're shopping you can hit the kiddie section where you can pick up a few things for the pea in your pod.

Mama needs to multitask.


Whipped into Shape

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I love getting presents (before, during and after Christmas), so I was pleased as punch to receive a surprise post MBFW Swim package yesterday, filled with goodies courtesy of Whip Hand Cosmetiques.

As the official cosmetics line for the Dolores Cortes show, Whip Hand offered certain Cortes show attendees with coupon codes to try one of their lip veneers featured in the signature catwalk color, Yearn. The demand was so great that the long wearing lip veneer shade that we were all yearning for quickly went out of stock, and thus, our goodie bags were left empty.


Fast forward four months later, and this Lip Hit was well worth the wait. Full coverage? Check. Long lasting? Check. Supermodel worthy shade? Check. What I love best? You get all of the benefits of a high shine lip gloss sans the stickiness, and all of the long lasting coverage of a lipstick. The twist dispenser takes a bit of getting used to, but once I was able to get a drop out, my pout never looked better.

Don't be surprised if the ever so popular yearn shade is sold out again, but there are over a dozen other cool Lip Hits to choose from. Let them Lip Hit you with their Best Shot for $20 a pop.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Things I'm Thankful For...

1. family
2. friends
3. baby on the way
4. tums for tomorrow

Have Yourselves a Happy Little Thanksgiving with plenty of love, gathering, good eats and good cheer.



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