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I'm obsessed with smelling pretty. These days with more and more outfits being abandoned in my closet, it's all I really have left. While flipping through my latest edition of Lucky magazine, I discovered that I can now add fragrance to my fingertips with the new Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel collection.


How cool and multifunctional is this? I'm giving myself a mani/pedi anyway, why not add a whiff of intoxicating fragrance that will leave me smelling scrumptious from my fingertips down to my tippy toes? There's something for everyone with 24 scented colors that range from Espresso and Fresh Linen to Beachy and Bordeaux. My personal favorites? I'm partial to Pink Pineapple and even through we're nearing spring, Autumn Spice is still irresistible.

Now I just need to find someone to paint the toes that I haven't seen, reached or heard from in the past two weeks. {sigh}

Be My On a Dime Valentine

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Since we just celebrated Christmas, my husband's birthday and our first year Anniversary in the span of two weeks (and have a kid on the way, yikes!) I have decided that it is perfectly acceptable to be thrifty this Valentine's Day.

Not all V day gifts need to come encased in a small velvet jewelry or heart shaped candy box, so I'm going to show my love for my dearest by making my way to his heart through his stomach.

I figured I'd try out my maternal baking skills with this yummy Vanilla Bean Cookie recipe I found from teach.eat.love. The recipe doesn't look too difficult, and it'll make a great photo op for the baby one day, seeing mommy with flour brushed on her nose in the days when she was barefoot, pregnant and baking for daddy.


I think it's nice to take the anti-chocolate, anti-materialistic road less traveled every once in a while, and it will help avoid any cocoa related eczema flare ups. He may not be getting any chocolate but this mama-to-be ain't getting any champagne either, so I guess we're even.

What are you whipping up for your loved one this V day?


Strawberry Raspberry Preserves, Sarabeth's Kitchen $11.

Love your Baggage

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Whenever my significant other goes out of town on a business trip, I stash a ton of mini love note tabbies into his backpack/shaving/suitcase, hoping he'll find a few at random moments while he's away and remember what a cool chick he has waiting for him back at home.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I recently discovered a witty and whimsical collection of accessories that make my heart go pitter patter, combining my love of bags with my love of doodling.

If I won the lottery (and/or if they made diaper bags), I would visit the Paris House for the sweetest stock of sassy shoulder bags, weekenders, iPad cases and more gold inscribed sacks, cases and caryalls that will make you smile whether you're happily hitched, playing the field or enjoying life as a sour singleton. p.s. Added bonus - These babies make instant conversation starters.


Eye Miss You Shoulder bag, $365
Eye Love You Like a Fat Boy Loves Cake Weekend Bag, $590
You Always Wanted a Lover iPad case, $195

Pin Me Pretty

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Do you have a penchant for pinning? Are you chomping at the bit to fill your wardrobe with a bunch of blossoming new pieces for spring? Catalogs.com is here to help.

Enter the Catalogs.com Fabulously Fresh Spring Fashion Trends Contest through Facebook here, and post your ONE TOP PIN of a fashion trend for Spring that you just can't wait to show off (i.e. pastel chiffon tops, bow adorned topknots, tea length skirts, colored biker jackets, the sky's the limit).

You can win a $200 gift card to any store at Catalogs.com to help get your spring fashion fling on!

Deets: Contest runs through midnight, Wednesday, February 26th. Winner will be randomly selected and announced Friday, February 28th at noon.

Enter now!


Happy Valentine's Day

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May your day be filled with many heart-shaped somethings, sweet musings, and all of the things that make your heart happy.



With 6 or so weeks to go, I wanted to jot down some of the things that have made me go hmm for the last 8+ months. Listed in no particular order.

Googling symptoms is dangerous. Unless you want to be worried that your baby will be born with reptilian scales or without a head, stick to what your doctor and/or the American Academy of Pediatrics has to say.

Pinterest = nesting pregnant lady crack.

Those long, weird tubular body pillows that I always thought looked ridiculous now look like a cushy, cozy cloud of heaven.


I haven't been sick since I got knocked up. Prenatal vitamins have shielded me in a virtual force field of good health. The flu shot probably didn't hurt either.

Big pregnancy boobs - A decent trade off for the sneepees (accidentally peeing when you sneeze).

Every pregnant woman will become strangely fixated on at least one piece of baby gear, clothing, gadget, etc during her time in pregnancy land. My obsession? Swaddle blankets.

The realization that if those girls on 16 and Pregnant can do it, I can do it.

No matter how big you get or what noises/sounds/smells come out of your body, a good man and baby daddy will still tell you you look/sound and smell beautiful.

Diaper Bag Envy

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After many countless hours of researching, registering and reviewing countless products for my little womb occupant, I saved the best item for last. Mommy's diaper bag.

As you know, I take great care in my choice of accessories and was not about to resort to a bag splattered with daisies, cars or hungry hungry hippo motifs. I had been told that you can use any bag as a diaper bag, but upon further investigation I decided that I still liked the additional features that baby specific bags brought to the changing table - i.e. waterproof lining for milk/sippy cup spills, included changing pads/insulated bottle holders, easy key finder attachments, and lots and lots of pockets. Oh yeah, and with my small stature and lack of upper body strength, it had to be lightweight.

Here are my favorites, with all styles priced at $85 or under.


Since I'm having a boy, I immediately found myself attracted to crisp clean navy nautical stripes that are boy-friendly, yet more gender neutral than the selection of yellow, cream and mint green mommy bags I spied. There are bigger stow everything satchels for those early days when you're practically transporting the entire nursery to the mall with you, as well as quick change crossbody options that will hold all the bare essentials. The last option strays away from the versatile, go-with-everything French stripe theme but I had to get at least one super sexy designer bag because well, that's how mommy and her new stroller roll.

Babymel Satchel - Babymel, $85
Skip Hop Soho Crossbody- Layla Grayce, $30
Skip Hop Duo - Layla Grayce, $64
Russel Matos Diaper Bag- Amazon, $15.99
Rebecca Minkoff Marissa Baby Bag - Layla Grayce, $345 (I scored one on ebay for $85(!)

*p.s. Get 10% off any $150+ purchase at Layla Grayce with code LGCATALOG*

Open Toes and Hose

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Hi Sammy,

Is it cool to wear opaque black hose with open toed black heels? I have a formal event coming up and don't want to look like I'm fashionably challenged.



Hi Lourdes,

I haven't answered an Ask Sammy query in quite awhile, but I have a special fondness for your question because my mother-in-law asked me the very same one this past Christmas.

The answer is yes, you can most definitely wear black opaque tights (or any color for that matter) with open toed shoes. As a matter of fact, I think it looks fab. Just make sure the seam is tucked underneath your toes and you're good to go!



p.s. If you're looking for haute hosiery check out the Stocking Store to add fun colors, styles and textures to your sock drawer. Plus, save 10% and score free shipping with code CA2014*

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