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Mom Swaps

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I'd be lying if I said that my style hadn't evolved since the First Response stick first revealed those two little pink lines several months ago. Although I tried to continue to nurture my inner fashionista, I found myself reaching for any dress and/or top in my closet that I would normally pass over from fear that it "made me look pregnant".

With baby #1 just weeks away, I've come to embrace the evolution of my new mommy wardrobe, making three simple yet stylish changes that will serve me and baby well, sans mom jeans.

1. Wedges for Flats.

I've noticed throughout my pregnancy that once my bump made its presence known, everyone and their mother-grandmother-or nanny had an opinion in my choice of footwear. You'd think that instead of wearing a pair of wedges I was chugging a bottle of Jose Cuervo in public. Although I've continued to wear my not as high heels and wedges throughout my pregnancy, I will most def be investing in a few stylish flats for getting around with my little man because no one wants me to fall and drop baby in a corner.

Journey Wedges - Chinese Laundry, $59.98
Shiekh Flat Sandals, Shiekh Shoes, $18.99


2. Statement Necklace for Teething Necklace.

I have heard that babies like shiny things, (hey, who doesn't) but for the health and safety of my child and the preservation of my jewelry collection, I have resolved to step away from the statement necklaces. He will surely want to grab/suck/yank off and chew on my prettiest neck candy pieces, so I'll be swapping them for cool and colorful teething necklaces so he can go to teething town while cradled in my arms.

Cream Flower Bomb Bib - Jeweliq, $30
Teething Necklace - SvetlanaN via Etsy, $28


3. Crop Tops for PeplumTops.

Let's face it. My days of belly baring are over... at least for a little while. I'm going to pack up my favorite graphic cropped top and tanks in exchange for easy, breezy peplum tees that will leave my midriff situation a mystery.

City of Angeles Cropped Tank - Forever21, $15.80
Babydoll Peplum Tee - dELiA*s, $10


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