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Spring Style Plus

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Do you have any good general style tips for a plus size girl like me (size 12)?



Hi Jennie,

True story - Some weekends ago I showed my husband a photo spread in the March issue of Glamour featuring the gorgeous plus size model, Crystal Renn. His eyebrows raised and he agreed she was ultra-hot. To make a long story short, he couldn't believe that she was considered a "plus sized" model.


So my first style tip, Jennie, is to get in tune with your inner confidence/divaliciousness and know that your body is hot, at any size. It pains me when timid girls who are anything over a size 8 shy away from fun, trendy clothes. You can still embrace all of the trends while showing off your best and biggest assets. Tip #2 is to accent your waist. Even while stuck in maternity land, I always tried to highlight the smallest area of my frame. Trust me, it works.

At this time of year I'm a sucker for a good empire waist maxi dress, no matter what size you are. They are a go to staple for steamy weather, easy to slip on, dress up or dress down.

If you love showing off your arms, a feminine halter dress will show off your cleavage, shoulders and that waist I previously mentioned. As for tops, a proper fitting peplum goes a long way.

Hope this helps Jennie, and remember - the best accessory/staple for a girl of any size is confidence. Best part? - it's free.


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