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Although I haven't been brushing up on my beauty tips since becoming a new mommy, here's a quickie tip I just learned by accident.

Sleeping with my baby's humidifier in my room does double duty, soothing nasal congestion, dry cough and sinus irritation for him while providing silky spa-like skin for me. So I end up reaching for the Snotsucker and my body butter less and less.

I have an unbearably cute Crane Elephant model, but if you want something a little less kid-friendly, Crane also has an adult line of Cool Mist Humidifiers that are art sculpture chic and available in a series of cool colors for $45.99.


Post Baby Bras Post

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Aside from the actual delivery of my now almost 2 month old baby boy, I knew that breastfeeding was going to be my next big challenge. Once me and Milkmouth McGee got our latch groove on, I was relieved yet anxious to tackle my next mammary based obstacle - finding attractive nursing bras that didn't:

a - give me the appearance of the dreaded unaboob
b - looked sexy enough to pass for one of my former vicky secret styles

My bosom has never been this bountiful after all (and probably never will be again). Why wouldn't I want to flaunt it?

Luckily, BiggerBras.com has an ample selection of beautiful breastfeeding-friendly brassieres that make me feel like one hot mama rather than one leaky, shirt-stained and miserable hot mess.

Topping my list is the Marie Jo Avero Nursing Bra that is almost too pretty to waste on a 5am feeding. It has easy cup access and sweet embellished straps that will look cute even when randomly peeking out from your tank top straps. It's a posh purchase at $124, but just think of all that money you're saving on formula.


If you feel like slipping into something out of your nursing comfort zone, let's say something lacy during your next date night with the babydaddy, BiggerBras has a sexy Lace Cup Underwire Bra from Leading Lady for under $30. They also have attractive everyday options including Seamless and Wirefree cotton styles that are nothing to spit up and/or look down on.

p.s. They also have a pretty amazing collection of lingerie for all you non lactating ladies.

*Use coupon code - Catalog1 for 10% off any purchase.

Empty Weekend

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I may sound like a complete introvert here, but does anyone else just love it when you have a completely clear and open weekend in front of you? Zero places to go/people to see, no outstanding chores that must get done, or else... It leaves a mountain of possibilities, and/or the freedom to just veg out and do, dare I say, nothing.

This weekend I'm looking forward to sharing coos and cuddles with my ever growing boy and catching up on some one on one time with his papa. Hope your weekend is filled with lots of sweet nothings that turn out to be special somethings.



We've all heard about the grapefruit diet working wonders on your waistline and how the smell of citrus has been clinically proven to make your man melt, but I have yet another cool and quick tip reserved for your ripest ruby reds.


Back in the 1930's silent film star Thelma Todd was known to dip her elbows in a pair of grapefruit halves in order to whiten and soften those rough and often neglected patches of skin.

I'm not doubting it. The citric acid works as a great and sweet smelling exfoliator. Just rest them in that pulpy grapefruit goodness for 5 minutes, dry and follow up up with a light rub of extra virgin olive oil that is rich in skin repairing vitamin E for a complete beauty treatment guaranteed to brighten up dem 'bows.

Happy Father's Day

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Last Christmas my husband surprised me with the nicest, coolest, most professional camera I've ever owned. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I've become quite the shutterbug, using it on a daily basis to capture those mundane to magical minute to minute moments spent with my baby.

While looking through the lens I've found that there is something I enjoy even more than capturing the cutest of coos and sleepy smiles of my newborn. It's those tender photos of him with his daddy that make my heart melt the most. Those moments when I catch a glimpse of the beginnings of a beautiful friendship, that oh so special bond between a father and his son.

Happy Father's Day to my son's father, and to all of the picture perfect daddies out there who deserve a big pancake breakfast of champions in bed on Sunday morning.

We couldn't do it without you.



Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week

Want a quick fix to get rid of a few specks of splattered eyeshadow? Use a strip of Scotch tape.


Recycle Your Wand

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Since I had a baby, I've not only become an expert at performing daily one-handed tasks, but i've also become pretty adept at discovering muli-uses for almost any item I pick up with that aforementioned free hand.

For instance, mascara. Before you toss out your expired tube of Great Lash, hold onto the wand. Clean it and repurpose it as...

A brow brush
Lip exfoliator
Jewelry cleaner
Root retoucher
Sink unclogger
To clean bathroom tiles/other hard to reach areas in your home

...or as a replacement wand for your next tube of mascara*


Happy Birthday blog

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So, I just celebrated a birthday this week. A big one.

A few months ago I came across a {insert my age here}th birthday bucket list that was written well over a decade ago. It was interesting to see all of the items I've accomplished, as well as the still yet to dos. Here's a look at a few of the highlights.

Things to do before I turn blank:

Become completely fluent at a 2nd and/or 3rd language.
Get over my phobia of childbirth.
Become a mom.
Volunteer more.
Kick a bad habit.
Go to Europe.
Master 3 amazing dinner party recipes.
Host the perfect dinner party.
Visit Napa Valley.
Be in as good or better shape than my college self.
Eat more cupcakes.

How was I supposed to get in better shape while consuming more cupcakes?


Happy weekend*


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