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Although I haven't been brushing up on my beauty tips since becoming a new mommy, here's a quickie tip I just learned by accident.

Sleeping with my baby's humidifier in my room does double duty, soothing nasal congestion, dry cough and sinus irritation for him while providing silky spa-like skin for me. So I end up reaching for the Snotsucker and my body butter less and less.

I have an unbearably cute Crane Elephant model, but if you want something a little less kid-friendly, Crane also has an adult line of Cool Mist Humidifiers that are art sculpture chic and available in a series of cool colors for $45.99.


The Final Stretch

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I am proud to report that after 9 1/2+ months and counting, I have zero stretch mark badges of honor on my belly. Now while this could be attributed to simple genetics and the fact that my mama had good genes, I'm also giving credit to another mama, Mama Mio, the amazing pre and post pregnancy skincare line that I've been using religiously since week 8.

With a promise of "no nasties" and a celebrity mom following that includes Jessica Alba and Princess Kate, Mama Mio was my first choice and hasn't disappointed. It comes in butter or oil form (I preferred the oil), slathers on easily, dries quickly and smells yummy. It comes in cool new and improved no drip packaging since I bought my first bottle over 7 months ago, but rest assured, it's still the same good stuff filled with super moisturizing coconut, almond, argan and rosehip oils.


I'll be continuing to use this holy grail of prenatal wonderment up until my due date and even after baby arrives, to keep my tummy moisturized while it shrinks down to size. I will also keep it in the family and invest in Mama's other skin soothers and savers while breastfeeding with their Boob Tube and Keep Calm Nipple Balm. Oh joy.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil
Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter - both from Beauty Bridge, $35

I'm obsessed with smelling pretty. These days with more and more outfits being abandoned in my closet, it's all I really have left. While flipping through my latest edition of Lucky magazine, I discovered that I can now add fragrance to my fingertips with the new Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel collection.


How cool and multifunctional is this? I'm giving myself a mani/pedi anyway, why not add a whiff of intoxicating fragrance that will leave me smelling scrumptious from my fingertips down to my tippy toes? There's something for everyone with 24 scented colors that range from Espresso and Fresh Linen to Beachy and Bordeaux. My personal favorites? I'm partial to Pink Pineapple and even through we're nearing spring, Autumn Spice is still irresistible.

Now I just need to find someone to paint the toes that I haven't seen, reached or heard from in the past two weeks. {sigh}

A couple of months ago, a crafty friend gifted me with a homemade lavender and oil sugar scrub that has been keeping my flaky skin at bay by exfoliating all of my driest bits and pieces. It was so luxurious that it sent me on the cyberhunt for other DIY scrubs that are just as potent and powerful.

Mission accomplished. I just found another super cool homemade beauty scrub recipe courtesy of the Beauty Place Blog.

diy%20brown%20sugar%20scrub.jpg could spend $38 on a fancy jar of spa scrub, or you can make a giant batch of your own with organic staples that are already sitting in your pantry.

Wake up and smell the smoother thighs by mixing half a cup of your used coffee grinds from your morning pot of joe with a quarter cup sugar and a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil. Apply in a circular motion to your most cellulite ridden areas, rinse off, pat dry and voila! Your blood vessels will be stimulated, your skin exfoliated and hydrated, for thighs that will appear sleeker, smoother, and less dimply.

p.s. If your man is a coffeeholic, he'll think you smell good too.

Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil The Olive Press, $19- $28
Demarara Brown Sugar Dean & DeLuca, $7.50
Organic Coffee Cafe Britt, $10.95

Whipped into Shape

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I love getting presents (before, during and after Christmas), so I was pleased as punch to receive a surprise post MBFW Swim package yesterday, filled with goodies courtesy of Whip Hand Cosmetiques.

As the official cosmetics line for the Dolores Cortes show, Whip Hand offered certain Cortes show attendees with coupon codes to try one of their lip veneers featured in the signature catwalk color, Yearn. The demand was so great that the long wearing lip veneer shade that we were all yearning for quickly went out of stock, and thus, our goodie bags were left empty.


Fast forward four months later, and this Lip Hit was well worth the wait. Full coverage? Check. Long lasting? Check. Supermodel worthy shade? Check. What I love best? You get all of the benefits of a high shine lip gloss sans the stickiness, and all of the long lasting coverage of a lipstick. The twist dispenser takes a bit of getting used to, but once I was able to get a drop out, my pout never looked better.

Don't be surprised if the ever so popular yearn shade is sold out again, but there are over a dozen other cool Lip Hits to choose from. Let them Lip Hit you with their Best Shot for $20 a pop.

Sometimes we women feel the uncontrollable urge to do something drastic to our hair. Cut it, dye it, gloss it, layer it, shave it, bleach it, keratin treat it, we've all been there.

It can stem as innocently enough from spotting a darling new 'do in a magazine, irrationally enough from ending a toxic relationship that you firmly believe was defined by your hairstyle...or it could simply be boredom, split ends, or the need for a trim.

I am currently feeling the need to liven up my own locks, toying with the idea of treating my tresses to the Karlie, but I'm a wimp and don't want to spend the next 6 to 8 months wishing I had my long layers to keep me company.

If bold color is your kryptonite, you no longer have to worry about committing your hair to a hot pink streak that you may or may not regret 24 hours later. Just chalk it up to experience with a non-commital set of Ombre Hair Chalks from Free People.


You get a set of five multi-tonal chalks that are easy to apply and even easier to wash out. They're great for the beach, concerts, costume parties, and weekends when you want to just let your hair down. Choose from pink, blue, green, yellow or black sets that will punk up your plaits in seconds.

Added bonus? You can finally break up with the colorist who's been bleeding you dry. Chalk your hair happy for only $14.

I've only recently hopped onto the homeopathic beauty bandwagon, investing in designer inspired body fragrance oils for my handsome, eczematic husband. Free of the alcohol found in your every day cologne and perfume sprays (which speeds up the evaporation process) these oils smell like the real thing, last way longer and don't irritate his skin. Win win win.

I've been thinking of switching over myself, and there is yet another oil I have my eye on, one that promises to plump my lips the natural way. Cinnamon is the active ingredient found in many pricey lip plumpers - cinnamon oil, is a lot cheaper and offers equally plumped up results.


Add a drop or two of cinnamon leaf oil to your lip gloss or rub a bit of moistened cinnamon from your spice rack onto your pout for an even cheaper alternative.

Bonus: cinnamon has a ton of added health benefits, tastes divine and smells delish.


Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, Garden of Green $5.20

Tone That Pout Down

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I've received a few sweet pleas to keep my quickie weekly beauty tips in rotation, so here we are. One little change, I've decided to no longer limit myself to ten words or less because life is too short to follow rules. Without further ado:

Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week, twenty something words or less...

Lips too intense? Skip the tissue and use a wet wipe to tone down color while adding a hint of moisture.

Photo: Terry Richardson

Why do these old school fashion models look so happy? Probably because they still look as hot today as they did back in the nineties, thanks to one sleepy time secret. They sleep on silk pillowcases.

I have the bad habit of sleeping on the side(s) of my face and would end end spending the first hour at work with crazy creases covering my mug. I switched to a luxurious silk case, (a sweet no occasion gift from the loving husband), and now I wake up with super soft skin, zero wrinkles, and no more scary facial lines and dents to mess up my mornings.

Silk pillowcases are also great battlers of bedhead. Not only do they protect your tresses against tangles and knots but they also help maintain your style longer while making your hair smoother and silkier. Added bonus, it makes you feel rich, decadent and Zsa Zsa Gaborish.

Sold? Get your own silky pillowcase available in 6 pretty colors from Soft Surroundings, $39.95

Still undecided? Sleep on it.


Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week, 10 Words or Less.

Got grays? Hide with powder eyeshadow set with hairspray.


Your Nails Were All Yellow

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Got yellow nail stains? Swipe 'em with a lemon wedge.


Extras: Sammy's Favorite Lemon Based Beauty Products:

Giana Rose Lemon Soap, Caswell-Massey $10
Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream, Lush $16.95
Lemon Aid Color Correcting Eyelid Primer, Benefit $20

Maximize Your Mascara

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

5 eyedrops stirred into mascara = tube that lasts 3x longer.


Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Debloating Libation

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar + 5oz H20 = badass de-bloater.


Jello Shot Stains

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Moist Q-tip dipped in Jello mix = Fruity rad lip stain.


Cheap Eau de Vanilla Parfum

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

No perfume? Try a dab of vanilla from the pantry.


Spraying Face

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less/Creepy Vintage Model Pose

A mist of hairspray keeps makeup from wearing off midday.


Balmy Lids

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Chapstick = awesomely cheap crease-free eyeshadow primer.


See ya later applicator?

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Lately I've been beyond picky about my monthly beauty buys, spending more where I need to (regenerative eye cream) and less where I don't (pricey lip balms, Vaseline will do). In an attempt to curb my normal beauty spending, I've been cashing in all of my Ulta coupons, trading in department counter contraband for cheapie, just as effective drugstore finds (hello CoverGirl LashBlast mascara).

Most recently I decided to pass on my favorite liquid eyeliner from Sephora in exchange for Rimmel London's waterproof gel eyeliner for a fraction of the price. The gel was fine, but I hated the applicator that left me with Whatever Happened to Baby Jane style raccoon eyes. I was just about to toss out my old empty eyeliner tube along with my new acquisition, when I had a brilliant idea. I took out my old Sephora applicator, dipped it into the new Rimmel pot and was able to apply my perfectly winged eyeliner to both eyes with ease. Holy beauty breakthrough Batman!*&@$!


Why had I not thought of this before? Hold on to my favorite, more expensive applicators and spend less on product refills. Liquid eyeliner, mascara wands, eyeshadow brushes, the sky's the limit! Just keep them clean with makeup brush cleaners, shampoos and conditioners, and they'll be as good as new. I'm saving money, I'm applying my makeup as per usual, plus I'm reducing, reusing and recycling, like a good eco-centric citizen.

Score one for Sammy, and the environment.

I Do to this Eau De Parfum

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There isn't anything that excites me more than when my soon-to-be betrothed whispers those three sweet, magical words into my ear... "you smell good."

Of course, your token "I love you" is always nice too, but when my man gets a whiff of a new fragrance and compliments me on it, it makes me feel sexy, irresistible, and totally justified for spending seventy something bucks on a 1.7 eensy ounce bottle of eau de toilette.

I'm in the midst of planning my bridal day beauty blueprint {hair down or updo? smoky eye or red lip? airbrushing, faux lashes, natural lashes, oh my!}, and although I'm a bit overwhelmed with the neverending list of services and options available to me, I do know one thing for sure, on my big day I want to smell bridally delicious.
I wish pheromones could cut it alone, but sometimes a gal needs a little help in finding the right bewitching bouquet. Thankfully my wedding budget won't be compromised when I score Lanvin's Marry Me perfume for less than $30 from my favorite online discount perfumery, FragranceX.

Seriously, this scent is perfect for any blushing bride, an intertwining, comingling combination of sweet peach notes, hints of freesia, jasmine, rose, orange blossoms and magnolia. It'll be my something new, and I'll use it to seduce him all during the honeymoon and long after I say "I Do".

You may now smell the bride.

Sealed With a KissTixx

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So, after two months of functioning in full new bride-to-be mode, I'm slowly learning that not all of this wedding planning prep stuff is cumbersome. My favorite tasks on my to-do list thus far have been the ones my beloved beau can help with, i.e. - brainstorming potential honeymoon destinations, registering for cool bridal booty, slow dancing to potential first dance ditties, and last but not least, practicing our "You may now kiss the bride" inspired smooch.

The last to-do is by far my favorite, especially considering I have a secret weapon hidden in my garter, Kisstix lip balm.


As seen on the critically acclaimed reality series Shark Tank, Kisstixx is a beyond innovative, totally mind-blowing lip balm that creates a tasty chemical reaction between you and whomever you happen to be locking lips with.

Each package contains a pair of two SPF 15 balms in 6 complementary flavors: Strawberry & Chocolate, Fire & Ice, Peaches & Cream, Sweet & Sour, Pina Colada & Strawberry Daquiri, Raspberry & Lemonade. I wear one, he wears the other, and when our lips meet the tingly butterfly sensations begin. Seriously, it's like that K-Y Yours + Mine stuff, but for your lips.

Don't just take my word for it, the proof is in the puckering. At $5.99 a pop you can stock up, sample every flavor, then KissTixx and tell all your friends about it.

Kiss. Mix. Enjoy. Reapply. Repeat.

Happy Thursday LetsTalkStylers! I'm in a great mood because aside from the giddiness of being a newly engaged lass, I just received yet another special delivery of beauty booty in the mail. Today my style schwag comes courtesy of the Amazon Beauty Team who sent me their top-picks for achieving this summer’s hottest hair styles.

Here's what the Amazon Beauty Store hooked my hair up with:

1. Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair Texture Paste - Miami girls like me love sporting surfy, beachy, effortless hair all year round, and this little tub of goodness creates a totally tubular windswept texture while giving me the tousled, messy, unkempt but kempt look I love. A little goes a long way, and the 5 oz jar will last me a few months and then some. This stuff is seriously superb for light hold styling, especially if you dig the slightly wet look without looking like you're sporting a cup of Crisco on your head. But don't just save it for the summer. *Added beauty bonus - it also controls static and frizz come winter, for only $3.50.


2. TIGI Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray - I may not be able to walk the catwalk at 5'3, but I can sit front row center of the catwalk, and I can certainly use the models' backstage pre-catwalk hair care products. A dozen sprays of this model must-have can create a trifecta of summer looks - from beachy texturized waves to bohemian braids and disheveled layers to achieve that effortless my hair is just naturally Veronica Lake wavy effect. I'll also use it as a mid-day hair refresher because it smells delicious. It's a big bottle at 9.13 oz, so feel free to play and experiment with every tress.

3. Karina Crystal Flower Mini Combs - Even though it's summertime, I'm not a feathers/beads in my hair kind of girl, I'm all about the sparkle. These sweet little crystal combs give me the perfect amount of bling and might even make an appearance on my wedding day.*

Amazon has always been my go-to source for hot off the press NY times bestsellers, but now, they're my new go-to source for beauty goods. Another Amazon beauty advantage? Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Did I hear someone say "Registry"?

Plump up the Jams

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One if the perks of being Sammy Sanchez is that every now and then, various beauty insiders send me hot new products to sample. The newest addition to my beauty repertoire is Plump, the almost ready to be released body boosting thickening foam from the David Evangelista Haircare Collection.

The Makeover Master's latest breakthrough is set to launch next month at HSN, but I am special and received my full size bottle last week. I didn't waste any time and applied two pumpfuls of Plump onto my freshly washed locks, blew my hair dry, and within minutes had the magnificent mane of a Mad Men inspired sex kitten.

If you have fine, thinning or limp hair that lacks body, this fab foam will quickly become your new best friend. It'll boost your hair up without weighing it down, plumping your tresses chock full of body and texture by wrapping every strand with bodybuilding nutrients (wheat protein, peptides, niacin, sea salts, and more good stuff).

So if you've always wanted voluminous body, shine and texture without the buildup, you're plump in luck. This formula is Sammy Sanchez approved.


My Lips are Sealed

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When it comes to lip gloss, I can be a little obsessive compulsive. Here are a few of my OC compulsions.

; * I constantly reapply, sometimes in my sleep.

; * I hum while I gloss, usually something George Michaelish.

; * My application MUST begin on the bottom lip, swiping left to right.

; * I'm a selfish glosser who doesn't like to share or sample communal lip gloss testers in department stores, (I don't know where your lips have been, lady) thus, I rarely find the perfect shade.

; * I'm always worried about leaving a sparkly pink or peach mess on my boyfriend's mouth, particularly after a heavy makeout session.

Thankfully I have found therapy, a new lip gloss method to end my madness, with OCC Lip Tar, by the vegan brand Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Fitting name, check.


Holy moley, as the name implies, this stuff stays put.

Above and beyond your average lip stain, these super intense highly-pigmented colors go on smooth and dry in a flash, without leaving an icky gooey residue on my or my man's mouth. Name

Confession: I'm bored of all of my perfumes.

I've never been the kind of girl who settles on one signature scent. I like mixing it up, getting complimented whenever folks get a new whiff. It may be seasonal. During the winter months I want to smell like cloves and cranberries. Spring is all about the florals, and when summer comes around, I want to smell all beachy and citrusy, coconutty, piña colada and pineappley.

The First Day marking the commencement of the Summer Solstice is on Wednesday, June 20, which roughly leaves me a month and a half to secure the perfect summertime scent... Here are the contenders that I've been sniffing out:


I ain't no Hollaback girl, but I am a self proclaimed Harajuku Girl. How cute is this Harajuku Sunshine Cuties bottle from Scentiments? Gwen Stefani's stylish seasonal scents come in five different flavahs (Love, Music, Li'l Angel, G & Baby) that are all quite intoxicating, but my favorite has got to be the Love. It has notes of nectarine, pink pomelo, bamboo leaf, and lots of other sweet aromas I never heard of, and will ensure that I smell like a bright, bright sunshiney day. In short, this perfume is Bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Rock out with your out with your bikini top out with the Limited Edition Escada Rockin' Rio perfume, from Perfumania. Piña colada and pineappley? Check. It's also musky, peachy, sugarcaney, tangeriney, and will have dudes even more obsessed than Duran Duran in the Rio video.

And for the quintessential summertime fragrance, Calvin Klein's CK One Summer is a limited edition scent that is a crisper, fruitier take on the original, and so smelltacular that it's re-released every year. It's like the Beach Boys in a bottle, also from Scentiments.

P.S. While you're you're there, shop around to find the perfect scentiment to send to your Dear ol' Ma this Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13th).

*Use code: MOMMY10 at the Scentiments checkout to score 10% off and free shipping... because after [insert # here] hours of grueling labor, the least you can do is help her smell pretty.

Lipstick Fixer Upper

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A couple of months ago I made an impulsive purchase at MAC, treating myself to a berry hued lipstick that looked great in the tube and even prettier when tested on my wrist. Once I got home, however, I applied my purchase and soon realized that what was once berry beautiful in the store now looked berry bad on my face. My hopes of finding my new signature shade were gone, and I was out fifteen bucks. Just perfect, I pouted.

Instead of marching myself back to MAC to make a shameful return, I decided to turn my clownish frown upside down and do what Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame always advises... I made it work.


I gathered up all of my half used lipsticks, liners, stains, plumpers, and my trusted lip brush and went all Picasso on my mouth. I mixed and layered colors on my blank puckered palette and discovered that the lipshade I was minutes away from tossing had true poutential.

After a few hits and misses, I formulated 3 acceptable, complexion enhancing color combinations, 2 for day and 1 for night. My fifteen bucks were well spent and I was secretly thrilled that I would be sporting three custom shades that only I could recreate.

"Hey Sammy, who makes that lipstick"?


So remember ladies, be optimistic about your lipstick. Your next imperfect shade might just become a perfect masterpiece.



How To Get Banging Bangs

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I was watching the new Fox sitcom The New Girl last night, and spent most of the half hour series admiring Jess Day's (aka Zooey Deschanel's) perfect, brow-skimming bangs.

I know from experience that it isn't easy to maintain a banging set of bangs like mine and Jess/Zooey's, especially by the end of the day. My big bang theory is this - when you need them to look their best for a big event, date or whatnot, the gods of fringe will ultimately see to it that you have a bad bang day.


From wind and weather to sweat and static, it's something we weren't always able to control...Until now.

Here are my tips to keep your bangs beautiful and bangable between washes.

Bang Buster 1: Sweat. I've banged out multiple how-tos for keeping oily hair at bay, from dry shampoo to oatmeal and other weird rituals, but toting around a full-size bottle of shampoo and/or a cannister of Quaker Oats isn't always ideal. I prefer stashing a mini bottle of baby powder in my bag. When I feel the sweat beads building up on my forehead, my bangs get a sprinkle, a comb out, and they're instantly restored to their previous baby fresh and banging state.

Bang Buster 2: Static. Static can be a major bang sabotager, especially during the winter months when our bangs are subjected to cold weather hats and headwear. Stash a few Bounce dryer sheets in purse. Rub on bangs. Voilà. You no longer appear radioactive (added bonus: your bag smells good). p.s. I like the lavender scented ones.

Bang Buster 3: Frizz. Banish bang frizz by stashing a mini flatiron in your purse, gym bag, or work desk for quickie touch ups post gym or pre happy hour. I actually own this Sedu Revolution Pro Shortie Mini Styler Iron from folica (now on sale for $59.99 + free shipping). At six inches long it's like, the size of a Sharpie and comes with a heat protective glove and a cute animal print heat-proof travel pouch.

Wham-bang, you're welcome ma'am.

Sow Your Wild Oats

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - Quick pantry touchup for oily hair.

Rub dry oatmeal in hair. Remove with brush. Eat rest.

Quaker Oats Oatmeal from your grocer's aisle, cheap.
Denman Paddle Brush from Folica, $11.95

Oaty extras:
Oatfix Fresh Face Mask, Lush $6.95.
Oatmeal Bath Soap, Caswell-Massey $9.
Oat Milk Body Butter, Beauty Bridge $20.


Beauty Tricks and Treats

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I love this time of year.

The weather drops, the sandals get packed, the boots come out. It gets darker earlier as we scramble for Halloween costumes, and the only thing I want to do on the weekend is hit a pumpkin patch so I can pick the perfect pumpkin for my boyfriend to carve up (he is from Michigan and therefore better at such things). Then I will toast and eat the pumpkin seeds for a high in magnesium, low in cholesterol, guilt-free snack. Then I will reverse those health benefits and get fat by consuming all of the leftover Halloween candy that I pretend to buy for trick or treaters but secretly hide in the freezer. Ain't Autumn grand?

So, in honor of the 2nd most wonderful time of the year, I'm giving you all a special low-cal treat, my favorite Fall themed beauty products. Bag 'em now, because they won't be around for long.


Stay slim through the season with a hint of candy flavor without the calories with Philosophy's I Love Candy Corn Lip Shine for $10. It's wicked good.

Philosophy's Trick or Treat Gift Set features a decadent duo of autumnal flavors with their seasonal Caramel Apple and Crispy Marshmallow Bar shower gels for $20.
p.s.They also masquerade as shampoos and bubble bath.

Now you can tat yourself with spider webs, skeletons and bats for your yearly Halloween soiree, without having to get laser tattoo removal afterwards. Find your inner bad girl without fightening your mother with Temptu's Sexy & Sinister Temporary Tattoo Kit from Sephora, for only $5.

Provide shine, reduce freeze, maintain style, and make your head smell like warm pumpkin pie with Healthy Sexy Hair's Pumpkin Souffle Styling Creme from Perfumania, on sale for $11.04.

I searched, but sadly I could not find a pumpkin scented foot scrub for my pre-Halloween pedicure. You never know who might trick or treat and smell your feet.

Not Just Lip Service

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If you've been a loyal Let's Talk Style reader, thank you, for one, and for two, by now you've probably noticed my compilation of quickie beauty tips for the Let's Talk Style girl on the go. Some tips have been witty, others wacky, and some just seem downright wrong. I've tried to keep them whittled down to 10 words tops for the most part, so I can casually crank them out mid-week while catering to the ADHD crowd... but every now and then I'll have a tip that I simply cannot condense into a handful of words.

This weekend I was asked to divulge the one tip in my beauty bag of tricks that I utilize every day. This was a tall order. I thought about it, and thought some more. I was surprised to find that my answer veered far from my token how-tos and quickie swap-this-for-thats. My answer involved one godsend gadget for any cosmetic toolbelt - the lip brush.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that lip brushes are essential for giving you a more precise pout, but besides delivering the perfect lip definition and expert application, my lip brush has saved me tons of cash on lipstick replacement.

Not only does it keep your stick from transforming into that weird slope-like shape, but it will save your pucker when your favorite lipstick is discontinued. I received a perfect peach shade lipstick in one of my MB Fashion Week gift bags years ago. When it ran out I discovered they didn't make it anymore. Rather than toss it, I hit Sephora and picked up a cheap ten buck lip brush and have been scooping out the remains ever since. I'm proud to report that my extinct stick has now lasted two more months, and keeps on going.

Extra tip - Get thee a Retractable Lip Brush like this one from NARS for $26. The retractable top keeps the brush clean for less mess in your makeup bag.

Keep reading for more beauty tips, (quickies and otherwise) because when it comes to helping my readers look hotter, my lips aren't sealed.

Lard Eyes

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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - 10 words or less.

Run out of eye makeup remover? Don't cry, use Crisco.


Quickie shower shaving tip, 10 words or less.

Run out of shaving gel? Use plain ol' conditioner instead.


Mara Hoffman Limited Edition Skintimate Shave Gel in Flirty Mango, $1.99 at drugstores.

Bliss Lemon+Sage Conditioning Rinse, $18 at Bliss World.

Even though I'm way too old to be playing with toys, I do own a collection of mini Blythe dolls. I justify this weird, childish avocation by telling myself:

a. They're fashion icons
b. I'm saving them for when I have my own little girl
c. Most of them were gifts
d. I only have 4, not 40

Sometimes I feel like I'm just a stone's throw away from becoming the 40 year old virgin with a wall full of collectible action figures decorating my home, all in their original packaging (they're worth more that way)... but other times I feel proud to embrace my inner child.

For instance, I used to have a mini heart-shaped purse that looked exactly like this sweet Heart Crochet Crossbody from the Sak. Even though it's more girlish than my usual leather rock-star bags of choice, I will justify my purchase because:

a. It has a cool Bohemian vibe, thanks to the 70's style crochet
b. It's on sale for only $22.10
c. It reminds me of the days when the only necessities stashed in my purse were bubble gum scented erasers, Bonne Bell lip smackers, and the notes my elementary school posse would write me on Hello Kitty stationery.

I guess I'll always be young at heart.


Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week - How to, for Hot Hawaiian Hair. 10 words or less.

Kosher salt + water drops + Leave-in conditioner = Beachy waves.


Kosher Salt - cheap, grocery store.
A few drops of water - free, from faucet.
Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Conditioner - $28, from folica.

Quickie summer beauty tip, 10 words or less.

Bronzers make skin tanner, teeth whiter, legs longer, and Jersey Shore guys look stupid, minus cancer.


NARS Body Glow - $59
A Tan for All Seasons by Bliss Beauty - $36
Jergen's Natural Glow - $8.79

Because I am a style blogger, (who has recently, begrudgingly aged another painful year) I am always on the lookout for the newest breakthrough beauty product that will ease the signs of the external aging process. From quercetin to oxygen masks, acai to argan oil, I've seen and tried it all, and am proud to report that there is a new beauty berry on the block. The Sea Buckthorn Berry.

At Sibu Beauty, the beauty is all in the berry. This innovative natural skin care company offers a miracle curing collection of products that all contain the powerful and nutrient-rich sea buckthorn berry - a powerful holy fruit harvested exclusively from the Himalayas.

From soaps, serums and soft gel supplements to light lotions and age defying eye creams, Sibu's arsenal of beauty products are all bursting with sea buckthorn berrylicious properties. Treat your pores to paraben-free, cruelty-free, preservative-free complexion clearing formulas that are guaranteed to promote improved skin tone, texture and overall healthy aging.


After seeing Sibu's pretty full page ad in my digital issue of Elle magazine, I had to see what the buzz about this berry was all about. The first Buckthorn product on my list to try was their Repair & Protect formula - a nourishing daytime facial cream with Omega 7 fatty acids that help to create a healthy and natural moisture barrier, boost collagen production and rejuvenate sun damaged skin. After taking in a lovely whiff of citrus, I smoothed on the light and non-greasy emulsion and my skin immediately felt calmer, happier and protected.

This natural dream cream also promises to protect against environmental stresses on the skin, so I'm sharing it with my boyfriend who suffers from allergen-aggravated eczema. He was totally cool about trying it because a) he trusts me and b) anything with an ingredient called Buckthorn sounds manly. Plus Dr. Oz digs these berries, and he's a dude.

So, in Sibu summation, I highly encourage you to embrace the Sibu Skincare Systems that will revitalize, renew and replenish all skin types and skin tones while giving you healthy and beautiful hair, skin and nails. Did I mention that these berries also promote weight loss?

If only life was like a bowl full of Sea Buckthorn Berries. We'd all look hotter.

HoneyBear Your Hair

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There are many terms of endearment that I do not like. Dear, Toots, Snooki, Shorty. I also despise made up words that can not be cited in the Merriam Webster Dictionary, mostly ending in ey or ie - patootie, schmoopsie, poopsie, baba booey.

Don't get me wrong, there is a select sprinkling of one word terms that I love being addressed with - i.e. Sunshine, Angel, Baby, Pumpkin, Darling. It's when those words are combined with other words to create an ultra sickeningly sweet pet name hybrid that makes me really want to punch someone in the kidney. Angel-puss, Baby-cakes, Sugar-booger...Muffin-top.

There is one word that I adore, alone or in any other combination. Honey.

Honey-lamb, Honey-bunny, Honey-toast, Honey-pie, Honey bunches of oats... Whatever honey handle you want to call me, I'll answer. Everyone loves honey. To sweeten your tea, ease a sore throat, whip up a homemade facial mask or to make mustard awesomer, honey has always been one of my favorite substances.


This is precisely why I'm so sweet on my newest honey discovery, Honey'do Shampoo from A Beautiful Life Brands. These all natural paraben and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners are formulated with organic honey to produce unbelievable shine, bounce, and manageability. Plus they come packaged in these simply irresistible Honey-bear shaped bottles to add a little whimsy while you wash, rinse and repeat.

Honey-bear your hair for only $16 a bottle, $30 for a set of shampoo and conditioner.

Just make sure your Honey-bear/stoner boyfriend doesn't bogart your bottle for later use.

Hermione has done it again.

First she had everyone tweeting about her bold and boyish Peter Pan haircut, and now she has everyone all a-twitter about her new job.

Emma Watson is preparing for life after Harry Potter by securing a bewitching beauty endorsement deal with my favorite French cosmetics brand, Lancôme.

Emma is no stranger to major endorsement deals having brought it as the face of Burberry for 2 seasons, and she is now replacing former Eat Pray Love Lancôme spokesmodel, Julia Roberts.

Personally, I have always loved Lancôme (I can't live without their Teint Idole Ultra foundation), and I applaud them for mixing it up from campaign to campaign gravitating from a classic beauty like Julia to a young, pixie-like presence like Emma who is 23 years Julia's junior.

Congrats Emma. You have gone where no Muggle girl has gone before. One thing. Now that you're representing my favorite French beauty house, you really must learn the art of proper makeup application, because your technique in these pictures is far from Lancômelicious.


Eye Cream of the Crop

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Hi Sammy!

I need a good eye cream that is more than just an expensive moisturizer. Any suggestions?


Hi Lorie,

Guess what? I scream, you scream, we all scream for good eye cream.

You'll be pleased to know that I was on a search for my own holy grail of eye creams even before receiving your email, therefore I already had a list of miracle working remedies on hand to battle puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and all of the other ailments that we ladies need to keep an eye on.


Here are the best products that I spied with my little eye.

NARS Nourishing Eye Cream, a luxurious and lightweight concoction featuring natural botanicals that soothe and condition that oh so senstivie skin around your peepers. It not only nourishes and improves your skin's resilience to generate a radiant complexion, but it also diminishes the appearance of those fretful fine lines for $76. And the packaging is pretty, which is worth at least an extra $15 in my eyes.

Garden Botanika's Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Treatment is a bestseller, hailed as a natural alternative to Botox and only $30 a jar. Eye like that price. Apply this treatment twice a day to moisturize the delicate skin around the eye area while visibly reducing and minimizing visible lines and wrinkles.

La Mer's The Eye Concentrate from Bliss World is a bit pricier for $165 for half an ounce of eye gunk, but it does claim to deflate puffiness, lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dark circles, and step up circulation all while moisturizing and toning like a champ. Oh, and it comes with a cute little metal ball applicator designed to help mega-size microcirculation instantly...and/or play a mini xylophone.

We may not see eye to eye on splurging on the La Mer, so if you're low on cash you can still avoid the dreaded puffy evil eye with these invigorating Cucumber Eye Pads from Caswell-Massey that have incredible depuffifying powers when you don't have any real cukes in your fridge at $7 for a pack of ten.

Or better yet, pop a couple of spoons in the refrigerator for a few minutes and lay the backs of them on your lids for a quick eye pick me up for free. Frozen peas work too.

Hope these pics hit the bull's eye Lorie.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

I'm all about consolidating...

Credit, student loans, music in my iTunes library. You name it, if I can consolidate it into a great big nice and neat pile, I will gladly do so, which is why I am all in favor of the NARS Beautiful Life Lip and Cheek Palette featured at NARS Cosmetics.

Instead of toting around a cluster of compacts, I can now consolidate all of my make up must haves into one cute little compartment that fits four signature shades of lipstick in Sexual Healing, Honolulu Honey, Roman Holiday and Funny Face, plus a duo of flirty cheek colors in Copacabana and Orgasm that make any touch up a climactic event.

Take advantage of this All-in-One face saver that is a gift for the complexion and for your smallest clutch, housed in a tiny vessel that is packaged in a chic limited-edition zippered, nylon case for $55. Plus, score a complimentary 1 oz Body Glow and free shipping on orders of $50 or more with code CATGLOW.

If NARS is good enough for Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars, it's good enough for me.

To sum things up, good make up is from NARS, good tennis players are named Venus.

nars lip and cheek palette.JPG


lots of girls in my school are wearing different color polish on all their fingers. is this cool or in or just something stupid kids are doing now?



Yes Frankie, I have witnessed the multicolored nail trend myself as seen on trendsetting celebs Lauren Conrad and Rihanna. At first I thought it looked kind of fun, fresh and summery... then it started bringing me flashbacks of the Ice Truck killer from Dexter.

My question for you Frankie is, do YOU like this trend? If you aren't a fan, stick to one shade for all of your digits. If you think it looks cool tooth and nail, go to town and paint it red, yellow, black and blue.

multi colored nail trend.JPG

Personally, I think it looks edgy and beyond chic when executed the right way, but would not suggest this trend for any chick over the age of 30... that's just me. When you're a teen or twentysomething you have youth and reckless abandon on your side with the luxury of being able to take various beauty/fashion risks without getting the same weird looks on the street reserved for your older female counterparts.

If you want to give it a go, Sula has the coolest Peel and Paint polishes that come in a fun palette of colors that are easy to peel off if you have a change of heart.

Be bold, get noticed, experiment and have fun, but do not succumb to trends if your gut is saying "that just looks wack."

If you're rocking a look you love, you'll always have the confidence it takes to nail it.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Blue Lip Special

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Here's a beauty tip that I discovered yesterday, totally by accident. I was minding my own beeswax, sucking away on a big blue raspberry Ring Pop (a retro candy favorite from my youth) when my co-worker comes in and says "Nice."

Assuming she was referring to my righteous oversized candy cocktail ring, I gave her a warm "Hey, thanks" back, but her questioning stare directed at my mouth clued me in to her sarcasm. I assessed the damage in my MAC compact to discover that my lips were blue, da boo dee, da boo die.

Yes, my delicious Ring Pop had inadvertently caused me to resemble an icy Kate Winslet floating on that piece of driftwood towards the end of Titanic. After getting over the initial shock, I was actually quite impressed. I looked heroin chic and as cool as supermodel Chanel Iman, and it didn't even cost me a buck.

blue lip tip.JPG

If you're all about alternative lip colors or crying over your favorite lipstick that's been discontinued, visit the lipsmacker masters at Three Custom Color Specialists. These pioneers in custom cosmetics will resurrect your favorite discontinued shades or create any shade you can dream up... whether it's red, white or blue.

Always at your lip service,

Dear Sammy,

Is there any makeup that you can recommend for winter time?


model make up.JPG

Dear Chrissy,

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the makeup can be so delightful.

During the winter months we celebrate the birth of Christ and the fact that our makeup is no longer melting and sweating off, but in exchange for the lack of oil slicks we must endure dry patches, anemic complexions and flaky lips that are not ideal for smooching Santa underneath the mistletoe Christmas Eve night.

When it comes to adapting your winter makeup routine, make sure you double up on the moisturizer and try my trifecta of holiday cosmetic charms that will take your face from Bah Humbug to Ice Princess in a matter of minutes.

winter makeup.JPG

The holidays are all about the glitter Chrissy. Add a little snowflake sparkle to your eyelids with a few swipes of Urban Decay Eyeshadows available in fifty or so shades ranging from rich gold to sultry plummy purple. You'll have fun playing with color while incorporating a hint of sparkle, shimmer and metallic bling to your lovely lady lids.

It's too cold to hit the beach but that doesn't mean you have to be a whiter shade of pale. Save your skin from sun damage while achieving a healthy looking winter tan that all of your friends will be jealous of with a dab of Tanning Bed in a Tube from Too Faced. Just remember, a little dab'll do ya.

If you haven't had time to send out your Christmas Cards, satisfy your pucker while sharing some last minute sentiments to your best galpals with these Holiday GlossyGreeting Cards from CARGO. They come in a set of 5 cards adorned with a tiny button of lip gloss in Bora Bora (a flattering shade of vibrant rose) built right in. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

p.s. They all make up great stocking stuffers.

Have a jolly glossy Christmas Chrissy.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

I've always been addicted to lipgloss. Lip Venom has been my poison for the past few years and I'm oddly obsessed with having the sweet sheen of a properly glossed pucker 24-7. Usually I'm totally up for experimenting with new shades and flavors, but after a weekend trip to Sephora I've been wondering... what happened to the days when lip gloss was just lip gloss? A little swipe of Chapstick or a dab of Rosebud Salve and we were all good to go, weren't we?

Apparently, Bonne Belle Cherry Lip Smackers are as over as hot pink hair scrunchies. The ladies of today crave more climactic results from their lip glosses, which is exactly what they get with Urban Decay's new Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss.

pocket rocket lipgloss.JPG
Sure, these flat tubes are conveniently packaged so they fit easily into your back pocket and contain Hyaluronic Spheres that are known to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles, but come on now. Is it just me or is the shape suggestive of that other kind of pocket rocket found in many a single lady's goodie drawer? And if that isn't NC-17 rated enough, the tubes feature photos of man candy in every flavor. From Emo James to straight-laced Timothy, Hip Hop dancing Doug and Single Dad Julio, every boy next door is ripe for the puckering. And, when you tilt the tube they all strip down to their undies with front and rear view angles showing off both sets of sweet cheeks.

pocket rocket urban decay.jpg

Lip gloss and a Chippendales show? Now that's pocket rocket science. Oh, and if you rub it (the tube girls, the tube) you release powerful pheromones into the air (those chemical signals that are undetectable by smell, but totally enhance mood and sexual attraction). So don't be alarmed if the busboy from dinner follows you and Julio home.

Eight naked dudes, uh, I mean shades for $19 each at Sephora.

And we have lift off.

Ciao bella.

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I was flipping through my new Nylon magazine the other day and I came across a two page spread featuring the new Guess girl, who anyone can tell at first glance is the spitting image of Italian goddess Sophia Loren. The ad was and white... sophisticated, much like Sophia herself. Very classic, cool. No rants here, like i've had with other weird ass ad campaigns of late.

sophia loren guess.jpg

My mind drifted as I recalled other classic Guess ads, topping the list: the quintessential Anna Nicole Smith campaign that first put her on the map (and in the centerfold of Playboy) before she went cuckoo for cocoa puffs marrying that dude who was older than Moses's grandpappy.


In those ads Anna Nicole was Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. A mixture of old Hollywood glamour, and bad girl sexuality that enticed men and women alike. I started to wonder, is this new Guess girl going to become as famous as Anna Nicole? Will she be famous for resembling Sophia the way Anna resembled Marilyn, or because her beauty stands on it's own? Will she follow the same path ending in a sad, untimely death?

Good tidings to you Guess girl. I hope you have a long career ahead of you with no Guess curses to contend with. A few words of advice- don't marry a man who remembers listening to FDR's Fireside chats, and stay away from Howard talk show Howard is fine.

*Keepin' guessin',


I figured it might be good to give some structure to my utter randomness, so this next post will hopefully become a weekly forum to give a shout out to whatever product/ celebrity/accessory is floating my boat. This week, it’s all about the gloss. Yes, I have a rather unhealthy addiction to lip gloss. Without it, I feel naked. More naked than Madonna on the cover of that Sex book hailing a taxi. In fact, there’s been many a time when I leave the house sans other various essentials- wallet…cell phone…bra….but alas, if I have a shiny, pouty pucker, I am complete. Which lip gloss is my poison you ask? DuWop’s Lip Venom.

lip venom.jpg

It's been around since '99, and became an instant cult success prompting dozens of glossy copycats. The first time you put it on, you’d swear you just kissed Flava Flav after he ate a cinnamon flavored candy apple. No lie, the stuff burns, burns, burns in a ring of fire around your mouth. But then you get strangely accustomed to the tingles, and eventually…if your lip gloss doesn’t feel like it’s going to melt your mouth off, it feels like it’s not working. There are additional plumping properties as well, plus it’s fun to kiss your dude with it after he’s pissed you off.

There. The first step is acceptance. Where’s my chip?

*Keepin' it real...

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