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Let's Talk Style Quick Tip of the Week

Tired of tarnished jewelry?

Just because it's a little cheaper, doesn't mean your budget jewelry styles have to have a shelf life. Save the 14k gems and jewels for your velvet lined jewelry boxes and store your favorite sterling silver, costume and fashion jewelry in Ziploc bags.

Not only will they help you preserve those trendsetting statement pieces by retaining their luster, but they'll also reduce tarnishes, scratches, and give you a clear view of the contents inside.


Athena Tab Strand - Bauble Bar, $46

Off the Ear Cuff

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I've never really considered myself a jewelry fanatic with a simple trio of threadbare gold rings and occasional statement necklace rounding out my daily rotation, but I must admit, lately I have been seriously crushing on the entire ear cuff craze that's been sweeping the red carpet by storm, especially when I saw Emma Watson rocking a diamond studded Anita Ko cuff at the Oscars this year.

It's an edgy, bold and rebellious look that highlights the entire helix rather than just the lobe with designs ranging from punky, tough, armoured and medieval to graceful, soft, subtle and sweet. I'm more drawn to the latter, more elegant ear candy options and love that the right cuff can instantly transform the simplest plain jane outfit, adding a hint of mystique and mega attitude.

Warning: Don't wear as a pair unless you're going for a Game of Thrones Dothraki warrior vibe, these cuffs should only be worn solo.

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Charmed, I'm sure.

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I'm keeping a lookout for Prince Charming. Until then, I'll have to settle on a charming charm bracelet.

My mouth is watering for this Juicy Couture Romantic Charm bracelet. It would look oh so sweet on my delicate wrist, I'm more enchanted than Amy Adams just thinking about it. Amongst it's charms hangs a romantic pair of lovebirds, a hot pair of lips, a choose juicy heart, and a faux pearl dangle fit for any Princess. Sorry McDreamy, I would trade Patrick Dempsey in for this baby in a heartbeat.

Even more charming? The price. It's only $178 at Nordstroms, which isn't bad for Juicy Couture bling. So I don't have to wait for the artist formerly known as Prince to buy it for me.

Go ahead, lead a semi-charmed kind of life.

Ring around the Rosy.

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Sally sells seashells by the seashore...but she keeps these fab rings to herself. Sally isn't stupid.

During the summer you don't need many accessories. One cool, understated piece will do it, and you can't get any cooler than a piece of bling that looks like something you found at the bottom of the ocean. Score this Shoreline ring from Free People for your next moonlit beach walk.

Sally's sweet pink calcite ring is made of sterling silver and 14 carat gold. Slipping one on my finger would make me happy as a clam, and since the sizes and shapes of the stones are all different, each ring is totally unique. It better be for $548 bucks.

free people ring.jpg

Now say toy boat ten times.

*Keepin' the tongue twisters alive,


Bangle crazy

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Let’s talk trends. Some I love, some I hate, some I simply don’t get. Here’s one I’m McLovin’ right now. Bangles. Whether they're big/chunky/thin/gold or plastic...I want them piled up high on my arm like my 2nd grade graffitied armcast. I’m addicted. Thankfully it’s a trend that isn’t terribly expensive to try, and not crazy enough to risk ending up on someone’s worst dressed list. Have you ever heard the fashion police break out with a “Damn, would you check out the bangles on her!” Cankles maybe, but not bangles. Apparently other Hollywood A-listers are doing the bangle boogie…

bangle girls.jpg

Drew, J Lo, Marley Shelton...They love their bangles as much as Britney loves her Marlboro Lights. [*By the by, I have no idea what brand of cigarettes Britney favors, I’m guesstimating.] I digress…back to bangles. The bigger the better. They make a drab outfit pop, they add the perfect amount of visual interest, and they make me feel oh so tribal goddess. Forget a feeling, I’m hooked on a bangle.

Consequently, I also love the Bangles circa 1982. You remember the Bangles- the 80’s girls rock band fronted by Susanna Hoffs. They were cool in a bad girl bangle way, and I will always carry an eternal flame for all of them, and their big hair.

I don’t know about you, but next Manic Monday I’m gonna pile on some hot, hip bangles on my arm, blast up my Ipod, and when I cross the street, you guessed it…I’ll be walkin’ like an Egyptian.

*Keepin’ it real.


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