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Marilyn envy.

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Marilyn Monroe.

No one can hold a candle in the wind to her, but that hasn't stopped many a young Hollywood starlet from trying. It seems like Marilyn inspired photo spreads are popping up more and more these days. It can be traced back to Anna Nicole Smith and her celebrated Guess ads, and now a new crop of youthful A-list actresses are quickly following suit.

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere pictured below is looking very "Happy Birthday Mr. President" in her pictorial while Lindsay Lohan made waves this year recreating the last nude photo shoot of Marilyn for the New Yorker. Nicole Kidman captured the Seven Year Itch star's likeness for Harper's Bazaar and lest we forget the Material Girl Madonna circa 1985. Even the recent Madonna A-Rod scandal evokes memories of Marilyn Monroe's love affair with baseball hero Joe DiMaggio. Coincidence? Hmmm...


Seems like everyone wants a little taste of what the immortal blond bombshell had to offer and if you're like some, you like it hot too... so enough with the commentary, onto the clothes.

Forget diamonds, flattering swimsuits are a girl's best friend, so try on a Marilyn inspired retro swimsuit this summer. You'll be looking pretty va-va-va-voom in this cute checkered one-piece from Delias that looks trés vintage, plus it's on sale for only $34.50. Then you can rival Lindsay, Hayden, Nicole, Madonna and Marilyn.

Boop oop a doop.

Kirsten Dunst isn't letting her blondie burdens get her down, she is now the new face of Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2008 ad campaign and is looking pretty fab showing off their sleek specs and bottomless handbags.

She's had a tough few years what with being booed at Cannes for her portrayal of teenage royal Marie Antoinette and checking herself into Cirque Lodge in Utah for some long needed rehab following in the footsteps of fellow former teen queens Mary-Kate Olsen, Selma Blair, and Lindsay Lo.


Don't sweat it Kiki, It's a Hollywood it girl rite of passage. Now you can say "Been there, done that, got my chip, back the hell off". She seems to be healing well all else considering, showing off her new mani in Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction fashion..although she is looking a weensy bit pale and goth for my taste. Revisiting her vampire child Interview with a Vampire days no doubt...back when we all thought Tom Cruise was straight. Ahhh the memories. Work those jazz hands Kirsten...


Keepin' up with Kirsten,


Blondies have more fun.

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You might have heard about the Tinseltown scandal involving the much hyped Michel Gondry Deborah Harry biopic. Apparently many die hard Blondie fans disapprove of Kirsten Dunst playing the punk fem rocker icon. I say, leave Kirsten alone. She's proven time and time again she can Bring it On, and she can kiss superheroes who are upside down really convincingly. What more can you want from an actress?


Granted, you were probably hoping for someone who could sing. Sure, Gwen Stefani would probably have been my first choice, but Kirsten has other talents. She can eat cake for one like in Marie Antoinette, she can make Mona Lisa Smile, and she's won Wimbledon. Just put some faith in her and her blonde roots, because if I know Hollywood, Ms. Dunst has the box office draw, so this movie is happening. Hopefully she'll win you way, or another...she's gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya.

*Keepin' it blondie,


Forget NY, I heart LC.

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I don’t care what anyone says, I dig LC. No matter if she’s wrong or right, I will always be a proud member of Team Lauren. She’s like the little sister I never had, but pretended my Cabbage Patch Kid was.


While her arch rival Heidi Montag resorts to stunt after pathetic stunt to boost her reality star status, LC is sticking to the same goals and dreams she had when she was a little itty bitty Laguna Beach baby making Barbie clothes on her kiddie sewing machine. She is using her celebreality to further her career and make a name for herself other than star of those Mtv tween soap operas".

Her new collection is California chic, youthful, and classy. Just like our girl. Tell me this dress isn’t adorable…C’mon, I dare ya. Apparently she's getting her tuition's worth at LA’s Fashion Institute of Design, the girl's got mad design skills and is staying true to her style while Heidi...well, Heidi has new boobs.

So keep on cutting demos and hacking off body parts Montag, by the time you're done Lauren will have her degree and will be well on her way to becoming the next Stella McCartney and you'll be this chick. Don't even get me started on Spencer.

*Keepin' it real.


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