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Today we celebrate the birth of the woman who makes the music that makes the people come together.

Yes, Our Lady Madonna is 52 today, and she doesn't look a day over 52.

Besides her immaculate discography, her racy sex book and public affairs with Sean Penn, A-Rod, Dennis Rodman and Guy Ritchie, Madonna has also found the time to make a dent in the fashion industry, appearing in numerous ad campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Versace and the Gap, as well as creating a limited edition capsule collection with H&M.


Even though the bday gal is over half a century old, she is proving that she is still young at heart by joining forces with her 13 year old daughter Lourdes (check out her blog, it's adorable) to Madonnify middle-schoolers across the country with their junior clothing line label, Material Girl.

The new line (fronted by the face of Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen) features bad girl apparel, footwear, handbags, jewelry and fingerless gloves for girls who don't want to hear their papas preach about costly clothes. Pieces retail from Macy's for $12 to $40. Just in time for Back to School.

p.s. Don't worry Moms, no pointy bras, bustiers or chaps here.

material girls poster.JPG

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln

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This is by far the raddest nod to honest Abe I've come across since Abe Lincoln's cameo in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure where he delivered this most excellent speech-

Fourscore and...[looks at pocket watch] seven minutes ago... we, your forefathers, were brought forth upon a most excellent adventure conceived by our new friends, Bill... and Ted. These two great gentlemen are dedicated to a proposition which was true in my time, just as it's true today. Be excellent to each other. And... PARTY ON, DUDES!

I just found this Abe Lincoln tee shirt designed by Nick Pawson, the monstarmind behind Monstar Clothing. It's a cool way to honor the man with the mutton chops both today on his birthday and/or on Monday for President's Day. I take my Abe Lincoln style top hat off to you Nick.

Abe knew even back then... the future was so bright, he had to wear shutter shades.

abe lincoln tee shirt.JPG

Happy Bday Nessa!

I can't believe you're turning twenty today, my how you've grown. It seems like just the other day you were singing/pirouetting down the Disney halls cashing paycheck after HIgh School Musical paycheck, engaging in underage drinking and posing in naughty nudie pics that scandalously surfaced on the internet. Ah, good times, good times.

Keep smiling and showing off those cute little dimples Vanessa and remember, just one more birthday and you and Zac-ipoo can finally drink legally.

vanessa hudgens.jpg

devon aoki.jpg When it comes to exotic beauty, the first face that comes to mind is the fresh and freckly face of Devon Aoki.

You might recognize this delicate Japanese flower of a fashion model as the daughter of former Olympic wrestler and founder of the hibachi house Benihana chain, Rocky Aoki. Today she turns 27, but has already lived a semi-charmed kind of life.

Taken under the skinny wing of Kate Moss when she was thirteen years young, Devon replaced Naomi Campbell as the face of Versace three years later. Fortunately for Devon, Naomi did not have a cell phone handy to throw at her at the time.

Since then she's modeled for a family of first-rate fashion houses, shot dozens of memorable ad campaigns, and has starred in Sin City and the Sin City sequel, slated for release in 2010.

I just love her because she's walked the runways for Chanel and Versace, even though she's 5 foot 5.

Happy Birthday Devon.

Hope your day is A-OK-i.

A fellow style blogger to watch reminded me that yesterday was Marilyn Monroe's birthday. She's lucky enough to share a bday with the iconic blonde goddess, so even though I'm a day late and a few cup sizes short, tonight I will be throwing on a sexy white halter dress and gyrating over a breezy grate in honor of you both.

Happy Belated Birthday Maegan and Marilyn!

Marilyn Monroe cake.JPG

Happy Bday Kirsten!

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It's Kirsten Dunst's birthday today and she's twenty-seven years young.

She's taking a load off before she gets to work reprising her role as the lovely redheaded upside-down kisser Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 4.

I say, let her eat birthday cake.

kirsten dunst cake.JPG

March is a month that has delivered us a few Evas. Latin bombshell Eva Mendes just celebrated a birthday in her birthday suit a week or so ago, and yesterday fellow luscious Latina Eva Longoria Parker celebrated her 34th birthday...apparently with a few too many Chardonnays with her Desperate Housewives posse.


You'd never know she was hungover by the looks of this chic polaroid though. Eva looks golden, knowing the best stylish cure after a big birthday blowout is a big pair of designer shades. These Gucci Logo Sunglasses from Forzieri do just the trick, covering up the post birthday undereye baggage beautifully.

gucci  logo sunglasses.JPG

Pick up a pair as an early birthday gift for yourself because we all deserve to look good after a night of drinking, and we all deserve a little Gucci.

Happy Belated Birthday Eva.

p.s. Today is Flavor Flav's birthday. Just in case you wanted to send him an e-card.

Adam and Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes decided to celebrate her 34th birthday the same way she came into this world - in her birthday suit.

eva mendes fedora.jpg

Sometimes it's fun to explore your masculine side and she accessorizes well with sexy chic menswear pieces. Her funky fedora and striped men's tie really complement her naked as a jaybird look...

...but then again, birthday suits kinda go with everything.

Happy Birthday Eva!

Happy Birthday Anne Hathaway!

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Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
I want your entire wardrobe
your shoes and hand-bags too.

This is the 2nd blog I've written about Anne this week, so she must be special. From the Princess Diaries to the Devil and Prada, we've seen this girl blossom before our eyes into a budding style icon. Today, with only 26 years under her skinny belt, we know we're in for decades of smart outfits and classic looks.

Happy Bday Anne!

p.s. Sorry about your ex.


Halle Birthday to you.

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Happy Birthday Halle Berry! This year you're a newly inducted MILF, you have a hot model boyfriend/Baby Daddy, and you still look as good as you did when you were a Bond girl...

Celebrate Halle and her double oh seven style on the beach with this head turning Dolce & Gabanna Bikini from Bluefly and a white hot Lola Belt from Alloy. Knife sold separately.

Orange you glad you read this blog?

halle bikini3.JPG

Why is Charlize Theron busting a move?

1. She has an Academy Award.
2. She looks like Charlize Theron.
3. It's her berfday.


Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go Shorty
It's your berfday
We gonna party like
It's your berfday.

Michelle Williams turns 28 years young today, but the birthday festivities may be a tad bittersweet.

Michelle has had a hard year. She ended her three year relationship with boyfriend and baby daddy Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger, then lost him tragically after a publicity hyped accidental prescription drug overdose. Michelle has had some time to heal, but with Academy Award buzz surrounding Heath's portrayal of the maniacal Joker in the newest Batman installment- The Dark Knight, old wounds are bound to resurface.

michelle williams.jpg

I didn't buy you a gift Michelle, so today, I dress in your honor to commemorate your birth. I will dig in my closet, and try my best to capture your unique, arthouse, Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby sense of style. First, a feminine yet bold floral print dress, yes, got plenty of those. Now I need a pair of twenties style thigh high hose and colorful vintage peep toe pumps. Hmmm...We'll have to settle for knee high socks and some scoffed up mary janes. Last but not least, some waterproof mascara to play up those dramatic eyes... and in case I get torn up and cry over Heath.

I love your style, your grace and most of all, your strength. I wish you a very happy birthday Michelle. May you and your daughter Matilda be blessed this 28th year with some much deserved happiness...and more vintage peep toe pumps.

michelle paper dolls with text.JPG

Today is my birthday.
Do I have plans to have a big Birthday bash at some hot LA or New York city nightclub with party favors and goodie bags? No. Do I have half a dozen outfits to choose from, sent by Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs and Derek Lim to insure I look like the birthday princess that I am? No. Am I wearing a party hat?...No.

In actuality, I'm sitting at my desk at work, wearing a dress from the Gap (at least it's from the new European collection), my only companion, one of those fake dogs that breathe while they sleep. We've bonded, my fake dog and I. I pet her from time to time and have named her Millie. I've arranged a visit to my therapist next week.

So...since I cannot treat myself to a shopping spree, I'm going to treat myself to a virtual one, and you...my fine readers, you are welcome to join me for the ride.

First stop, Gucci for some shades to cover up any new wrinkles I might have accrued in the past year. Second stop, Anthropologie for a vintage dress and some finger ring bling because I'm old and...I uh, really like rings. Third stop, a Juicy tote to tie it all together.

Whew. Virtual pretend shopping is tiring. I'm going to take a little nap at my desk and dream I'm wearing my entire birthday suit. Don't tell my boss.

They say it's my birthday. I'm gonna have a good time.

gucci sunglasses2.JPG
bday wish list.JPG

Birthday girls.

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They shared the screen (and saliva) with John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons, as well as matching bobs and swingin' dance moves in Pulp Fiction and Scarface...Today let's raise a glass and celebrate the births of the lovely Uma Thurman and Michelle Pfeiffer. We love you ladies, and the emotionally complex, coked up characters you play.

uma.jpgmichelle pfeiffer2.jpg

So I say happy birthday to my little friends...party hard, and hopefully neither of you will need an adrenaline shot to the heart after celebrating.

*Keepin' the birthday candles lit,


Samara Sanchez

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Sammy Sanchez is a Miami based freelance writer, greeting card designer, and self-professed USWeeklyholic. Sammy loves tall coffee light frappuccinos, vino not from a box, and Mark Ruffalo...not necessarily in that order.
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