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Diaper Bag Envy

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After many countless hours of researching, registering and reviewing countless products for my little womb occupant, I saved the best item for last. Mommy's diaper bag.

As you know, I take great care in my choice of accessories and was not about to resort to a bag splattered with daisies, cars or hungry hungry hippo motifs. I had been told that you can use any bag as a diaper bag, but upon further investigation I decided that I still liked the additional features that baby specific bags brought to the changing table - i.e. waterproof lining for milk/sippy cup spills, included changing pads/insulated bottle holders, easy key finder attachments, and lots and lots of pockets. Oh yeah, and with my small stature and lack of upper body strength, it had to be lightweight.

Here are my favorites, with all styles priced at $85 or under.


Since I'm having a boy, I immediately found myself attracted to crisp clean navy nautical stripes that are boy-friendly, yet more gender neutral than the selection of yellow, cream and mint green mommy bags I spied. There are bigger stow everything satchels for those early days when you're practically transporting the entire nursery to the mall with you, as well as quick change crossbody options that will hold all the bare essentials. The last option strays away from the versatile, go-with-everything French stripe theme but I had to get at least one super sexy designer bag because well, that's how mommy and her new stroller roll.

Babymel Satchel - Babymel, $85
Skip Hop Soho Crossbody- Layla Grayce, $30
Skip Hop Duo - Layla Grayce, $64
Russel Matos Diaper Bag- Amazon, $15.99
Rebecca Minkoff Marissa Baby Bag - Layla Grayce, $345 (I scored one on ebay for $85(!)

*p.s. Get 10% off any $150+ purchase at Layla Grayce with code LGCATALOG*

Love your Baggage

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Whenever my significant other goes out of town on a business trip, I stash a ton of mini love note tabbies into his backpack/shaving/suitcase, hoping he'll find a few at random moments while he's away and remember what a cool chick he has waiting for him back at home.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I recently discovered a witty and whimsical collection of accessories that make my heart go pitter patter, combining my love of bags with my love of doodling.

If I won the lottery (and/or if they made diaper bags), I would visit the Paris House for the sweetest stock of sassy shoulder bags, weekenders, iPad cases and more gold inscribed sacks, cases and caryalls that will make you smile whether you're happily hitched, playing the field or enjoying life as a sour singleton. p.s. Added bonus - These babies make instant conversation starters.


Eye Miss You Shoulder bag, $365
Eye Love You Like a Fat Boy Loves Cake Weekend Bag, $590
You Always Wanted a Lover iPad case, $195

You don't have to blow your entire tax refund on a new, neutral bag for spring. This season I'm all about mini straw clutches and wristlets accented with posh white strips and shiny metal hardware. They introduce an earthy element while still reading as city girl chic. During her recent visit, my super stylish Mother-in-law showed off the coolest bamboo bag she scored during her Hawaiian vacation, and I was sold.

Here are a few of my favorite finds, from the luxe splurge to the real steal.

Kate Spade New York Waverly Terrace Jeanetta Clutch, $268 at eBags.
Kelly & Katie Z Weave Straw Clutch, $34 at DSW.
Soiree Wristlet, $29.99 at Novus Shoes.

You're welcome.

Totes for Tech

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I have a tendency to lose things in my bag. My Motorola Droid Razr, my driver's license, random Quaker Oats granola bars... If I had a small child I would probably lose them in one of the plentiful side pockets of my purse as well.

My current Bermuda Triangle of a bag was recently compromised when a forgotten bottle of nail polish melted all up in there, leaving a sticky chocolate Essie enameled mess that I was at least relieved to discover wasn't chocolate (or an even grosser substance). Needless to say, I'm always now ready for a new bag, and this time I'm choosing one that will not devour my cell phone, coin purse, Xanax, or other needful things.

If you haven't already heard, the Tech Wallet is the new "It" trend in baggage, giving you a smart compact container for your smartphone with slots for cards, folds for cash, and removable wristlet straps that will allow you to carry them on their own, as a clutch, or tucked away in a bigger bag. I vote for option one. I'd lose it in a bigger bag.

Brahmin has just put some Spring in my step with their newly released Pastels for All Seasons Collection, featuring pretty cases that are tech friendly, easy on the eyes and light on the wrist. You'll find chic tech wallets, universal wallet/case combos for your phones, keys and cash, and fab tablet flaps where the clutch meets the shoulder bag/iPad folio, all available in a pleasing palette of strawberry and lemon sorbet shades.


Brahmin Tablet Flap $275
Debi Clutch Wallet $95
Universal Wallet $65

Bridal bling and things

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Good morning and happy Tuesday, Let's Talk Stylers. Today I woke up feeling strangely fine. In one month from today this Miss will become a Mrs, and although I still have hundreds of small tasks to tackle, I feel confident that they are indeed small tasks. All of the major bases are covered, i.e. we have a venue, we'll have music, we'll have food, booze, cake, and a resolute Reverend who will make sure it's all official. Now it's all about the accessorizing.

A bride's job isn't over once she says yes to the dress. She also has to say yes to the coordinating jewelry, shoes, purse, headpiece, lingerie, etc. Look at that, I just pitched a plethora of potential TLC shows.

My Badgley Mishka heels and wedding band have been decided on, but I'm still in search of the perfect purse and earrings to complete my look.


This pewter and crystal encrusted box bag from Novus Shoes will fit my lip gloss, a few mints, a hankie and my ID in case I get carded at my own wedding. As for the bridal ear bling, here are my options:

I can go classic and dramatic with these crystal drop earrings from Amrita Singh

I can go vintage and Victorian with these silver tone teardrops from 1928 Jewelry

I can go ritzy and regal with these Queen's cut earrings that are très Kate Middleton (congrats on the baby by the way!).

I can also keep it all in the family with a pair of sweet diamond studs that belonged to my mom that will serve as something old to boot.

As I said, I'm in good shape, and my new Jillian Michaels workout should arrive any day now, so then I'll be in great shape.

I'll be keeping you posted*


Every now and then I happen upon a trend that I simply cannot endorse. While shopping at ShoeMint, I came upon one such trend, the see through purse.

I see London, I see France, I see everything this chick is carrying in her bag.

Clear beach totes, I get. Cosmetic cases I can understand. They save valuable minutes otherwise misspent on reaching in and pulling out a tube of mascara when you really want your lip gloss, but come on people. Do you really want a complete stranger ogling your new iPhone 5, wallet, stolen Splenda packets and/or feminine hygiene products while standing behind you at the checkout line at Whole Foods?

The shape and the structure is a'ight, but I would much prefer a no view/super secret style, like this beautiful autumn appropriate Olivia Rose Satchel from Brahmin.

If you're loving it, no hard feelings, it's just not my bag.


Sometimes you just wake up, and you know its going to be a good day. The sun is shining bright, you have air in your lungs, delicious coffee in your thermos, and a beautiful bag on your arm that will elicit a symphony of oohs, ahhs, and at least a dozen heartfelt compliments before lunch.

Unfortunately, this scenario isn't how I spent my early AM hours, but it is what I dreamed about last night... a welcome departure from zombies eating my waffles, cutting off all of my hair and then kidnapping my dog. I digress.

I have just found my new must-have "it" bag of the summer. A handbag that personifies everything chic, stylish and on trend this season. A bag that I will save and scrub floors for, a bag that I will fondly call "Viv", a bag that I will refuse to put down on any women's restroom floor when faced with an absence of door hooks and/or counter space. It is the Vivian Chevron Stripe Dome Satchel by Brahmin.
If you haven't heard of Brahmin Handbags you either 1. must not live in Boston, or 2. must not love polished, refined, beautiful bags that redefine timeless style. Borrowing their name from a term used in Boston circa the 1800's, a brahmin is, in laymen's terms, a cultured person from an established upper-class family. A Brahmin bag is, in laymen's terms, a hot, luxurious bag that will make other women jealous.

How adorable are these mid-size structured satchels? Posh yet youthful, classy yet sassy thanks to the hot punch of neon pink and citron chevron stripes. Right now, chevron is like the Zooey Deschanel of prints, widely popular with even the biggest haters struggling to admit that it makes them feel happy and warm inside.

If my beloved dome satchel shape isn't your cup of Boston tea, go forth and explore the entire Chevron Stripe Collection, featuring roomy totes, ladylike laptop cases, pouches, wallets and swank tablet clutches that make me want to upgrade to an iPad 3...

One zombieless dream at a time, Sammy.

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and their stylin' schwag, I have enough beach bags and SPF protection to keep me covered for the rest of my life... but if I were in the market for an all purpose beach bag that's cute enough to sport away from the sand, I would so want one of these -

How cruise worthy is this Billabong Day Tripper Bag from Swell? In my humble opinion, this oversized burlap tote is nautically delicious, all decked out with adorable rope straps, sweet seafaring graphics, faux leather trims, lace-up details and a cool metal logo badge. All aboard, it's on sale for $29.99.


Unlike the attention grabbing Day Tripper, Volcom's Beach Leach Handbag from Tilly's is like a beach bag undercover, like those plainclothes officers who pull you over in unmarked cars. This simple yet sleek grey tote has a surprise polka dot lining inside, is chic enough for every day, sturdy enough for the beach, and a real steal at $29.97.

I adore this lavender palm tree printed Roxy West Coast Tote that is super roomy, yet lightweight enough to carry around all weekend long. Choose your favorite style from five different color/summertime graphic combinations including Stone (seen above), Natural, White, Green, and Yellow. As an added bonus, you get extra innie compartments and an attached mini bag to keep your cell, cash and iPod safe and tucked away while you take a dip. That means you get double the baggage, double the fun, for $35.99.

When it comes to Summer baggage, you can't get any more classic than a simple yet structured canvas tote. Whether you're sunning in South Beach, hanging in the Hamptons or navigating a schooner in Nantucket, this sunshine shaded LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Harbor Island Beach Bag will give you upper class beach status and the essence of Jackie O. while you schlep around your madras shorts, Tom Ford shades and a thermos of New England clam chowdah. Choose from a primary color palette of sunshine, red or navy, for $98 from eBags.

Even though I'm way too old to be playing with toys, I do own a collection of mini Blythe dolls. I justify this weird, childish avocation by telling myself:

a. They're fashion icons
b. I'm saving them for when I have my own little girl
c. Most of them were gifts
d. I only have 4, not 40

Sometimes I feel like I'm just a stone's throw away from becoming the 40 year old virgin with a wall full of collectible action figures decorating my home, all in their original packaging (they're worth more that way)... but other times I feel proud to embrace my inner child.

For instance, I used to have a mini heart-shaped purse that looked exactly like this sweet Heart Crochet Crossbody from the Sak. Even though it's more girlish than my usual leather rock-star bags of choice, I will justify my purchase because:

a. It has a cool Bohemian vibe, thanks to the 70's style crochet
b. It's on sale for only $22.10
c. It reminds me of the days when the only necessities stashed in my purse were bubble gum scented erasers, Bonne Bell lip smackers, and the notes my elementary school posse would write me on Hello Kitty stationery.

I guess I'll always be young at heart.


Fanny Packs Are Back

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I almost considered buying a fanny pack for my last European vacation.

Before you judge, I was diligently warned that while in Europe, gypsies would throw babies at me. They would then proceed to steal my purse as I tried to catch their aerodynamic offspring. My fear of hip Europeans pointing and laughing at my fanny on the street overruled the stresses of keeping my money close to my tummy, so I opted for a chic yet stable leather crossbody bag that would at least take more than one gypsy to rip off of my petite, American frame.

Little did I know that I had nothing to fear, for the Pack was making a comeback.

You heard right. The Fanny Pack is back. With a vengeance.


I must warn you that although they are making a comeback, this is still a Hit or Miss trend. Here are some tips to keep your fanny fresh:

* Instead of going all cliche wearing it around your waist, try something new like slinging it sideways diagonally across the torso. Warning: Do not wear it around your neck as a necklace or resting on your butt. Then fanny got back.

* Make sure your fanny is tight. You can achieve this by doing squats, and/or by going a step beyond the old school zippered packs that your Aunt Fannie Mae wore on your family reunion trip to Disneyland. Use your fanny pack to accentuate your small waist without adding bulk to it.

There are tons of fashionable fanny options out there, from the ultra affordable and vibrant Vinyl Fanny Packs from American Apparel to the cool, Distressed Leather Packs that come off more like a belt with a pouch than a fanny with a pack.

Here are a few more of my favorite fannies of all shapes and sizes, broken down by style:

For the Artist - Free People features their Artists and Revolutionaries Fanny Pack for $198, see how the model slings it sideways? She listens to Sammy.


For the Hipster - The Ecote Tassel Belt Bag from Urban Outfitters is a soft pebbled faux-leather belt/bag hybrid available in black or brown and topped with cool tassel zipper pulls. The belt is adjustable with two handy zippered compartments and antiqued hardware, for $39.

For the Socialite: If you prefer fancier der·ri·ère baggage, you can't get any more posh than with this posterior pack from Diane Von Furstenberg. Pick up her Small Leather Belt Bag on sale at Net-a-Porter for $195.

For the Athlete - The Adidas Bum Bag by Stella McCartney will keep your valuables safe while you sweat it out at the gym or on a jog, for $90.

For the Anti- Fanny Packer - If you still aren't feeling the fanny, try the Eagle Creek UnderCover Pack from eBags for $24. It's slim and silky enough to wear concealed under your top and is technically called a Money Belt, so you can pretend you're all fit and fanny free.

I'm an eBag Lady

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Most men will never understand this, but there are many reasons why a woman may need a new handbag, even if her current number of handbags falls into the double and/or triple digit categories. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to the following list:

1. One of her favorite bags broke.
2. One of her favorite bags was lost or stolen.
3. She recently acquired a new dress/outfit/shoes and needs a new bag to match it.
4. Her girlfriend just got a new bag and she is jealous.
5. Her boyfriend/husband just got a raise and she is greedy.
6. She had a bad day at work and wants to console herself.
7. She had a good day at work and wants to reward herself.
8. She had an okay day at work and just really wants a new bag.

No matter what your underlying reason is for wanting a new bag, there is one constant that you can always rely on. eBags will have it, and will most likely have it for less.

Case in point: Just take a peek at the Rebecca Minkoff beauties below (the bags, not the models):


If you love designer handbags, eBags is your ultimate online designer baggage destination featuring styles from L.A.M.B., Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, and more of the most-wanted bags of the season including Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After Bag (big enough to tote your toiletries + a change of clothes to avoid the dreaded morning walk of shame) and the Classic Clutch that will make a classic Minkoff statement night or day.

Don't just take my word for it, become an eBag believer yourself. Whether you need a new gym bag, luggage, diaper bag, laptop bag or iPad case, eBags has it all and will deliver your bag of choice to your door at a discount, with free shipping on orders over $100. This works out well for me because I, myself, need a new bag.


It's Tuesday.

Good things come in small packages. Hershey's kisses, 5'3" style blogging brunettes, and anything that arrives in a robin egg blue box from Tiffany's.

While online shopping at Nordstrom yesterday, I saw a feature on the new "Spring It Thing" in accessories - the Mini Crossbody.

I love miniatures. They make me feel like a big girl in a small world. Plus, they give my aching shoulders and back a break from carrying around so much excess baggage. These mini crossbodys call for only the essentials - cash, credit cards, cell, ID, lipgloss, elastic hair bands, Midol, mini flask, dog treats, forever stamps, Tide-To-Go stick, Emergen-C, mini stapler, contact solution and keys. Like I said, only the essentials.


My upscale fave featured at Nordstrom is handbags down, Juicy Couture's Hot Pink Mini Perforated Crossbody for $148 that will add a precious pop of Spring color to every outfit.

As for the more budget-friendly bags, I'm loving the severe Suede Mini Chain Turnlock Crossbody from Fossil, the latte hued Alex Mini Lambskin Leather Crossbody from Hype for $82.90 and you can't get any more handbag bang for your buck than with this adorably affordable Faux Leather Crossbody for $8.97 from Tilly's.


Coach Totes up for Grabs

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If I won the lottery, I would treat myself to one of the new Totes from the Coach Poppy Collection, then I would buy Coach bags for all of my closest girlfriends, their moms, daughters and sisters, and to the first ten readers who email me to tell me how awesome Let's Talk Style is.

*Extra entries if you use the words brilliant, wondrous, luminous and most excellent.

coach totes.JPG

Model baggage

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model baggage.JPG

Model babies

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bag baby.JPG

Kooba Jagger Leather Tote

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When it comes to bags, I can't get no satisfaction.

No matter how much excess baggage I find myself taking on tour with me, I always want more. My newest obsession - the Kooba Jagger Leather Tote.

This imported tote looks as deconstructed as the Rolling Stones front man himself with leathery skin like Mick's, zipper details that unzip to reveal what I imagine to be a long rolling tongue and antique brass hardware that is aged way better than Keith Richards' face. Pick up your own Jagger from Bloomies, available in three colors - brown, red or paint it black.

It's $595 which means it's off limits unless I sell my vintage 1978 Stones concert tee on eBay. Oh well.

You can't always get what you want.

Kooba Jagger Tote.JPG

Ladylike Laptop Bags

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Dear Sammy,

Hi! I need help. I want a laptop bag that is pretty, not a boyish messenger bag. Can you give me a good place to look?


Dear Kate,

I feel your laptop purse pain. If you're toting around a bag that weighs a ton, you at least want it to look cute. Most hot handbags don't have the capacity to fit a standard size laptop, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't have enough inner protection to keep your notebook completely safe and sound.

Lucky for you, your question came at the perfect time and I'm in prime position to dole out handbag help. I recently stumbled upon a designer laptop bag shop that'll make you want to kiss me, Kate. My new favorite laptop case corner is Kolobags.com - a virtual computer bag boutique where they feature designer fashion for technology with a craveable collection of designer bags, sleeves and cases that are worth showing off whether you have a laptop or not.

ladylike laptop bag.JPG

Just take a look at this adorable Lady's Laptop Bag by Kroo USA. She's got style, she's got grace, She's a Lady. Whoa whoa whoa, She's a Lady. This little lady is not only chic, she fits up to a 13” laptop computer, features a padded computer compartment and handy organizational features for ladies on the go to keep their keys, pens, business cards, cells and iPods right at their fingertips.

Whether your purse predilections revolve around colors (see hot pink Samsonite), textures (see faux croc Mango Tango), prints and patterns (see camouflage Acme Made Trixy), or eco-friendly stylings (see Urban Junket convertible tote/backpack), Kolobags allows you to shop by style, size, color or price, making it easier than Windows 7 to find the laptop bag of your dreams.

Ahem, Kolobags also treats you to free shipping and free returns.

Laptop bag shop 'til you drop.



Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

I'm shopping for a new bag.

No offense old bags. You've put in your time and I appreciate your service, but once your inner lining gets dirty and your straps begin to slowly unravel, I begin to slowly unravel. I'm desperate for some new arm candy, but not just any bag will do. I guess you could call me Pursilocks - some totes are too big, some satchels are too small, and I need a bag that's juuuuust right.

After hundreds of visits and promotion code searches for funsac.com, I thought I had finally found "The One". The Soho Hobo was big, but not too big, sleek in black with a casual shape, rock star studly with cool fringe at the base and most importantly, this bag was on every Top Bags for Fall list I had seen. It was perfect.

With coupon code committed to memory, I was finally ready to place my order. One final item of business... I asked my boyfriend if he liked it. His response?

"I don't get it."
soho bag.JPG

He didn't get it.

My bond with this bag had suddenly been broken.

"What don't you like about it?" I asked, wondering if he had secretly already purchased it for me and UPS had it waiting at home on my doorstep.

"It looks like it has teeth."

My boyfriend doesn't get a lot of things. Why I like to put on makeup when he thinks I look beautiful mascaraless, why I walk in 4 inch heels when I trip approximately every 37 steps, and why I need a new bag when he could easily fix my old purse strap MacGyver style with some twine and a matchstick.

Although I question his (and every man's) ability to fairly judge this bag for it's total fierceness, I cannot ignore the fact that he thinks it's just plain weird and I surely wouldn't want to put him through the agony of worrying every time I wear it that my new bag is going to eat me.

So the bag search continues...

For the past decade I have had the same recurring dream. I'm back in high school, late for class and unable to retrieve my books because I don't know my locker combination. Beads of sweat build up on my forehead until I am eventually apprehended by an irate security guard who drags me down the hallway to the Principal's office.

Most of my dreams fall into this category - stressful situations that I cannot escape, even during my deepest slumber. But last night, my dream routine changed for the better. I dreamed a dream better than the dream that Susan Boyle sang about on Britain's Got Talent. I dreamed a dream as good as Martin Luther King's dream. Scratch that. It wasn't nearly that good of a dream, especially on a humanitarian level, but it was a dream that I never want to wake up from...

I dreamed I woke up on a pile of designer handbags. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, totes, satchels, hobos and clutches...they were all there, cushioning my head and every inch of my body with lush, divinely fragrant leather. I woke up startled; frantic that I might have drooled on my priceless plethora of purses...and then I realized I wasn't sleeping on Guccis or Fendis...I was sleeping on Zoey, my dog.

covered in bags.jpg

What does this mean? I always chalked my locker lunacy dream up to excess stress over being unprepared for work, but what does this mean?

My friend gave me a dream interpretation book for my birthday, but it doesn't list any explanation for finding yourself atop a heap of handbags - oh wait, snap, it does have a reference about luggage!

Let's see...

A dream about luggage may refer to the dreamer's emotional baggage.


Sorry Dream Dictionary, I'm going to have to pass. Sweet dreams are made of this, who are you to disagree? I wholeheartedly believe that this dream is my subconscious telling me that I need to buy a new handbag.

Say My Name

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Most of you know me as Sammy for short, but we've never been formally introduced.

I've been blogging for Let's Talk Style for a little over a year now (Happy Anniversary to me), so I think it's about time my regular blog followers and I were on a proper, first name basis.

Hi, I'm Samara.

My first name isn't a common one, so I usually opt for Sam or Sammy for short. It's easier for folks to remember and pronounce, and I never have to repeat it during new introductions. Predominately known as a city in Russia and/or a type of winged tree fruit, my name received some brief recognition after the release of the horror flick The Ring in 2002. The antagonist was my namesake and for awhile people associated me with the freaky little girl with bad hair who came out of the TV. That was fun.

Growing up, I hated my name. I would dig through displays of personalized name plaques, mugs, stickers and other silly trinkets, always finding dozens of Samanthas, Sallys and Sarahs...but sadly, no Samaras. In the world of useless tchotchkes, I had no identity.

Samara Leather Tote.JPG

Alas, imagine my excitement when I saw a chic handbag named after none other than yours truly! This briefcase/purse hybrid has my name written all over it. The Samara Leather Tote is a steal from Forever 21 at $34.80 and is totally something I would wear, which is fortunate. I would hate for my name to be represented by a fanny pack or a murse.

It makes me wonder if there was ever a sad little girl out there named Coach.

It is my belief that a girl can never have too many shoes, bags, girlfriends, or champagne bottles in her fridge.

The girlfriends we need for the sisterhood, the comfort, the shoulders to cry on, the same sized jeans, and the PMS commiseraters. The shoes and bags we need for work, for play, for status, for pulling together an otherwise drab ensemble and for hundreds of other reasons men will never fully understand.

...and the champagne we need for the mimosas.

I've got the girlfriend department well covered, now I'm moving on to the accessories. Conveniently, I can kill two shopping sprees with one stone and find designer shoes and handbags all in one hot spot - Online Shoes.com

bag smaller7.JPG

Offering a smattering of holiday specials, I filled my shopping bags with bags o' plenty from totes to buckets, clutches to satchels. A few of my faves? This Hobo International slouchy Straw Jacklyn bag marked down to $199.99, the oh so marvelous Maple Ginnie clutch for $129.99, and who could resist Jessica Simpson's Pearl Tote for $79.99?

Oh yeah, did I mention the free shipping and $20 off any $100 purchase?

Now onto the shoes...and the liquor store. I'm gonna need some bubbly to celebrate.

Cool stars sell bags.

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Would I buy any of these Kipling bags because Fergie endorsed them?

You betcha.

In fact, I'm so excited to buy one I'm practically peeing in my pants, just like Fergie did.

Maybe it's silly, but it gives us civilians a thrill to own something that has a celebrity stamp of approval on it. I hope Fergie has some extra pairs of Depends undergarments stored in one of those bags.

fergie bag smaller.JPG

Slim Shady Fendi.

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I saw a teenage girl toting around a fake Fendi the other day. How do I know it was a fake Fendi? She stuck a wad of grape gum on it to save for later. Not even a child would pull that crap with a real Fendi.

This is just the type of treasure Jennifer Hudson's character Louise from the new Sex and the City movie would Bag Borrow or Steal. And if you remember your Sex and the City trivia, Samantha was kicked out of the Playboy mansion by Hef for getting her fake Fendi confused with a playmate's real Fendi. (Little did it matter that the playmate's boobs were even faker than Samatha's knockoff).

Would the real designer Fendi please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

This Fendi from Forzieri is all real for $1,170.

Hello lover.

fendi bag.jpg

Fendis make the world go round.


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Hear me now and believe me later. Global warming is upon us. What can we fashionistas do in the meantime to help our ailing environment?

1. Stop washing our hair everyday.
2. Get a reusable bag.

I know I plugged an eco-friendly bag last month, but hey. Think of this as a Reusable Bag-of-the-month Club.

If you didn't feel the love for my American Eagle Love tote, here's another option to get you to ix-nay the lastic bags-pay.

This Project Green Nine West tote is on sale for $14.99 from $20...and I simply adore the messages. Choose from "Green Girls are sexy!" or "Fashion cares. Green is chic."

You'll be sexy chic too, toting around this tote.

Look at you with your bad, green self.

nine west tote big.jpg


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When smart people win the lottery, they invest. In real estate, stocks and bonds...priceless works of art...

I invest in handbags.

My accountant frowns upon this and is begging me to compromise. He says I should invest in some handbag art. At first I thought, I'm so not into paintings of purses. Then I realized, he may be onto something...

You know Jimmy Choo is the master of shoes...but did you know he makes killer bags too?

Check out this Jimmy Choo polly glazed bag. It's inspired by New York-based artist Richard Phillips' 'Riot' portraiture with images inspired from 60's and 70's fashion magazines.

It has cult Pop-art appeal, and is big enough to tote around all of my summer essentials. It's also a whopping $682.50, but hey...you gotta spend money to make money.

At least that's what Barton Finklestein, CPA tells me.

jimmy choo bag.jpg

Rainbow Connection.

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You want to taste the Rainbow, but you're all out of skittles. What to do, what to do...

Try adding one of these juicy multi-colored Nine West clutches to your accessory closet. Bags, and bangles, and bright strappy sandals, oh my!...What more could a girl planning her new summer wardrobe ask for?...Besides this.

Any plans for the 4th Jake?

nine west skin2.bmp

And if rainbow colored accessories aren't enough, try on this Taste the Rainbow Dress on sale from Free People.

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat have nothing on us.

Free the rainbow...and the rest will follow.

*Keepin' it colorful,


I heart earth.

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I've noticed a trend in stores lately that makes me happier than Charlie Bucket after he snagged that last Golden Ticket to hang with Willy Wonka. Everyone and their mother is offering recyclable bags and totes this season. Designers have finally gotten an earth conscious clue and are showing the world recyclable bags are good and trendy enough to wear outside of the grocery store. It's like you aren't cool if you don't have one. That double negative makes a positive in my book.

I'm loving this cute, fun, 100% renewable resource AE Burlap Love Tote from American Eagle Outfitters. It's $19.50, eco friendly, and roomy enough to tote around all your stuff. Fill it with sandcastle making supplies and spf 30 for your next beach trip, goodies from your next shopping spree, or better yet- use it to drop off some plastic bottles at the nearest recycling station. My favorite part? It features a double sided LOVE screenprint that totally fills me with warm fuzzies.

love tote.jpg

Both Oliver Twist and the Black Eyed Peas have pondered where is the love? in song. I say, it's in this tote.

*Keepin' the earth healthy,


If I had major bank.

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If I won the lottery I would pay off my house...then i'd buy this killer Gucci hobo. Or maybe I'd buy the bag first, then pay off my house. Come to think of it, I've always wanted a Shetland pony.


Then i'd give the rest to the March of Dimes because I'd feel like a big fat jerk for spending $1,790 on a handbag...and however much Shetland ponies are running for these days.

*Keeping the Gucci dream alive,


The Bag ate my Posh.

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Want me to tell you what I want, what I really really want?
I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want...

I really want to understand this new Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer ad campaign.

posh marc2.jpg

This has been a hot topic amongst fashion bloggers everywhere, so I figured I should jump on the Beckham Bandwagon. Yes, for those of you who don't already know, that is in essence, Victoria Beckham spread eagle in a shopping bag. Thank goodness there are no accompanying aerial views advertising Vic's biznass. Usually I adore photographer Juergen Teller's artistically fab Jacobs ads featuring the likes Sofia Coppola, our favorite shoplifter Winona Ryder, and even tween sensation Dakota Fanning looking like a prepubescent silent film star. But this? I just don't get. Am I supposed to shop at Marc Jacobs because their shopping bags eat oversaturated, semi-talented nineties girl-band members-slash-style icons? Or am I supposed to shop there because they sell Poshes with little propellers on their heads?

posh marc.jpg

How much would a Marc Jacob's Posh be anyway? I'm guessing pricey. The whole thing just leaves a bad spice in my mouth. Unless David is tucked into that bag next to her...then I might have to take out a second mortgage and buy one.

I love you Marc Jacobs. I love your clothes no matter what celebrity is endorsing them. I love me some big ass bottles of your gardenia scented perfumes, your signature metal aviators, your Fergalicious handbags, and anything else you put your name on. Do me a favor, bring your campaign to another advertising agency and let the Posh out of the bag.

*Keepin' it real.


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