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Love your Baggage

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Whenever my significant other goes out of town on a business trip, I stash a ton of mini love note tabbies into his backpack/shaving/suitcase, hoping he'll find a few at random moments while he's away and remember what a cool chick he has waiting for him back at home.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I recently discovered a witty and whimsical collection of accessories that make my heart go pitter patter, combining my love of bags with my love of doodling.

If I won the lottery (and/or if they made diaper bags), I would visit the Paris House for the sweetest stock of sassy shoulder bags, weekenders, iPad cases and more gold inscribed sacks, cases and caryalls that will make you smile whether you're happily hitched, playing the field or enjoying life as a sour singleton. p.s. Added bonus - These babies make instant conversation starters.


Eye Miss You Shoulder bag, $365
Eye Love You Like a Fat Boy Loves Cake Weekend Bag, $590
You Always Wanted a Lover iPad case, $195

Excess Baggage

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If I won the Lottery, if my house was paid off, and if I wasn't considering having any children in the near future, I would totally want this buttery leather Alexander Wang Rockie Bag in Ginger from Madison Los Angeles for $796. There I said it.


Beach Splurges

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If I were to win the lottery, my summer beach wardrobe would consist of the following too chic for sand designer treasures, all courtesy of Madison Los Angeles.

Rag and Bone beach hat $255
Tom Ford sunnies, $475
Missoni one piece $575
Two Tone French Tip sandals from Tkees, $50
*Throw in an all inclusive vacay to St Barts and my future unborn child's college tuition.

That is all.



Meet Me in Missoni

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My husband surprised me by booking part of our honeymoon stay at the 5 star luxury Hotel Missoni, a rainbow colored retreat inspired by one of Italy's oldest fashion houses celebrated for their innovative knitwear designs and kaleidoscopic patterns. The man knows me well, this Scottish spot is oh so catwalk cool, nestled on the Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh.

If I won the lottery I would pay for our entire honeymoon, a case of the finest scotch money can buy to bring back to our loved ones, and these glamorous signature zigzag patterned Missoni Wedges, which ironically cost more than our 3 night stay.

Great Scot that's a lot of dosh [dosh: noun - Scottish slang for money].


CHOOsy about Wedding Shoes

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Happy hump day Let's Talk Stylers. Sorry I've been MIA, but hey, have I mentioned I'm getting married? In between prepping for a trip to the D to tie up loose ends, changing my mind every minute about wedding hairstyles/favors/decor, and working my bridal buns off figuratively and literally (at the office and at home with Leandro Carvalho), I haven't had time to report on any of the latest trends, unless they're related to birdcage veils and bridal box clutches.

All that, and I still haven't come up with a Halloween costume.

Even though I'm pressed for time, I just had to check in and share these shoes. If I won the lottery, I would totally trade in my Badgley Mischka's for these Jimmy Choo heel zipped stunners, because choosy moms choose Jif, choosy brides choose Jimmy Choo.

ps - I'll take the clutch too.

photo credit: catherine leonard photograpgry, new york

Bag or Beef?

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If I won the lottery, I could totally buy this Vintage Chanel Denim Tote for $5,500... and/or treat my future wedding guests to the braised short rib of beef entrée with the starch and vegetable of their choice.


Due to the struggling economy, I haven't posted a Lotto Buy in ages. In fact, I haven't written one in so long that my newer blog followers might not even be aware of what a Lotto Buy is. Simply said, a Lotto Buy is something that I might buy only if and when I win the lottery.

It seems rather frivolous to daydream about expensive adornments and accessories, especially when I need to pay my taxes, car insurance and multiple baby shower gifts. But...if you're a loyal lover of lotto, here's something to keep on your radar just in case you get lucky.

This Hold Court Quinn Bag from Kate Spade is whimsical, playful, and the perfect purse to play mini putt-putt in. Covered in faux grass, it's a swell accessory for springtime at $298, which would probably cover your lawn maintenance for a year.

Do you need it? Of course not. Rich people buy a lot of things they don't need, get used to it. Added bonus? You can always use it as a backup if it's raining and your dog needs to piddle.


If money grew on trees in my backyard in high denomination notes, this Burberry Prorsum Studded Sleeve Trench from the Spring 2011 Collection would so be hanging in my closet.

Let's face it. I'd kill for any iconic Burberry trench, but this baby goes far beyond all the other Burberry coats in the trenches by taking a classic piece and adding enough edge to sustain an entire room full of Ke$has.

Not only does it make a sharp statement with the bold studs bedazzling the upper sleeve and collar, but it would also make a rather menacing defense weapon against potential attackers.

Hermione has one, so should I.


Sequin mini me.

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If I had an extra five hundred dollars lying around, I would pay some dude off to make it snow outside of my house on Christmas Eve with one of those artificial snow machines. That, or I would blow it all on this Merino Sequin-Fringed Mini from JCrew.

This simply marvelous mini has the perfect texture, pattern, color and bling factor for me to ring in the New Year with. Who cares if my legs freeze, go numb and have to be amputated?

Wait. That would make my 5th New Year's Resolution impossible.

Run more.


Wish lists make me happy.

Even though I may have items that grow stagnant there for three years because Santa stopped climbing down my chimney eons ago, it is still comforting to have a place where I can save all of my online wishes and caviar dreams for a rainy day.

My rainy day has arrived. Now I can build a wishlist that might actually pay off with the Wishlist Contest.

FB event photo.jpg

That's right, is rewarding 5 winners with $100 and one Grand Prize Winner can win $1000 to apply towards all of their holiday gifts. That can buy me a heck of a lot of wishes, and shoes.

The instructions are simple:

1. Enter your name and email on the Wishlist entry page.
2. Look for the items of your dreams here from's primo selection of online catalogs.
3. Create your holiday wishlist, adding your favorite must-have gifts until your heart is filled with glee.

That's it. Your wishlist will be automatically entered, and no one even cares whether you've been naughty or nice.

Five $100 winners will be selected starting on Black Friday (Nov 26) and the $1000 Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Cyber Monday (Nov 29)

You have 6 days left.

Let the wishing games begin.

Coach Totes up for Grabs

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If I won the lottery, I would treat myself to one of the new Totes from the Coach Poppy Collection, then I would buy Coach bags for all of my closest girlfriends, their moms, daughters and sisters, and to the first ten readers who email me to tell me how awesome Let's Talk Style is.

*Extra entries if you use the words brilliant, wondrous, luminous and most excellent.

coach totes.JPG

Kooba Jagger Leather Tote

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When it comes to bags, I can't get no satisfaction.

No matter how much excess baggage I find myself taking on tour with me, I always want more. My newest obsession - the Kooba Jagger Leather Tote.

This imported tote looks as deconstructed as the Rolling Stones front man himself with leathery skin like Mick's, zipper details that unzip to reveal what I imagine to be a long rolling tongue and antique brass hardware that is aged way better than Keith Richards' face. Pick up your own Jagger from Bloomies, available in three colors - brown, red or paint it black.

It's $595 which means it's off limits unless I sell my vintage 1978 Stones concert tee on eBay. Oh well.

You can't always get what you want.

Kooba Jagger Tote.JPG

Kitty needs a new coat.

I am desperate to buy this chic Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat from Topshop...because even though I'm dirt poor, I still can't change my reckless spending spots.

If I win the Lotto, coat shall be mine.

If I do not win the lotto, I'll have to make do running around town in this chic Leopard Mask for $18. It's very Holly Golightly à la Breakfast at Tiffany's, is it not?

"Cat! Cat! Oh, Cat..."

p.s. The cat scratch on the bottom left is me playing with my mouse and Paint Shop.


If I were to die tomorrow in some random drive-by shooting, I'd regret not going down in a blazer of glory wearing this downtown chic cropped Theory Blazer from Net-A-Porter.

Whether you need to sharpen up the look of a way too feminine frock, or add a touch of class to a pair of rock star leather pants, this wool blend black Gratian cropped blazer is a smokin' hot style staple that is the perfect piece to dress up any outfit when you're under the gun.

I wish I could afford it at $355. Perhaps after my untimely demise, my friends and family can start a collection and bury me in it.

Was that too morbid?

cropped blazer.JPG

Forget Johnsons & Johnsons and their no more tears philosophy, this season I'm all about the tiers. I celebrated tax day last week by buying myself a sweet, strappy white tiered top that has quickly become my go-to-tier-top of choice. I'm not due for a tax refund but figured if the IRS is getting a chunk of my money, so should my favorite store in the mall.

Shorty-short tiered mini skirts were popular with leggy tweens and teens for a good while, and now the tiers are moving on upward. I totally get the allure. Tiered pieces are effortlessly romantic, light and airy and perfect for Spring. They soften your look when you're wearing jeans, look incredibly feminine with dress trousers and can be roughed up easily with the right boyfriend blazer or leather jacket.

tier top and tier dress styles.JPG

Take a look at this part flower/part flapper inspired Marc by Marc Jacobs Taffeta Stripe Tier Dress for instance. It's girlier than a powder puff, but has an edge that says you're all woman. You won't see this $550 frock playing seesaw on the playground. It's a big girl dress with a big girl price tag, just like this Paul & Joe Sister London tiered Top. A true splurge at $300, but it can be worn as a top or a skirt so it's really only $150 per look...see how I justify my spending?

Maybe that's why I'm not getting a refund.

Three cheers for tiers!

New shoes in the morning
new shoes in the evening
new shoes at suppertime...
When I'm wearing new shoes,
I'm always feeling fine.

*[especially when I'm wearing these Chloe Women's Leather High Wedges from Bloomies]

chloe wedges.JPG

My New Year's Resolutions

1. Stop spending so much money on shoes.
2. Stop spending so much money on handbags.
3. Stop spending so much money on sunglasses.
4. Stop spending so much money on designer jeans.
5. Make more money to spend on shoes, handbags, sunglasses and designer jeans.
6. Promote world peace.

new years resolutions.JPG

Santa Baby redux

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Santa Baby 4 with text.JPG

Santa baby,
i changed my mind and made a few tweaks
for me.
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, I want these goodies instead tonight.

Think of all the blogs I've writ
Think of all the readers and our web site hits
Next year I could be oh so good
If you'd check off my Christmas Wish list:

1. Polished Stone Ring
2. See By Chloé Zipped Hem Jeans
3. Buckaroo Blouse
4. Chloé Bay Patent Leather Bag
5. Chloé Calf High Boots

Bee Doo Bee Doo...

Santa Baby

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Santa baby clothing with text2.JPG
Santa baby,
just put these goodies under the tree
for me.
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, forget about recessions tonight.

Think of all the couture I've missed
Think of all the Gucci that I haven't kissed
Next year I could be oh so good
If you'd check off my Christmas Wish list:

1. Michael Kors leather belt
2. Brian Atwood ankle boots
3. Paul & Joe Sister Satin dress
4. Jimmy Choo bag

Bee Doo Bee Doo...

[to be continued]


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xmas booties.JPG

Christmas is a mere six weeks away. Time to start making out those wish lists...

I want to kiss these cutie patootie booties under the mistletoe for $350.

Got that Santa?

Put those ratty pj's to bed.

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On my way to work the other day, I found myself listening intently to an argument on the radio concerning women's sleepwear. The male radio hosts and several male callers were complaining about their girlfriends and/or wives and what they wore to bed...

They all had similar grievances, annoyed that at the beginning stages of their relationships, their ladies would wear sexy, slinky, sometimes naughty bits to bed. Fast forward 4 to 6 months later, and the objects of their affections are hopping into bed clad in ratty t-shirts, grandma nightgowns and pj pants with scottish terriers splattered all over them.

grandma nightgown2.JPG

Apparently, these dudes felt somewhat duped. Like they had been coerced into a relationship with the illusion that every night would be filled with bustiers, corsets, fishnets and lace. Once the wooing was over and the men were "snagged" so to speak, the women resorted back to their old comfy ways with bunny slippers and sweats with holes in the crotch.

I immediately had flashes of my own repertoire of sleep ensembles and that dreaded oversized Toy Story tee. I made a silent vow to rip it into pieces as soon as I got home and use the rags to clean the bathroom. Fortunately, the rest of my sleepwear isn't as sad. I have a few cute little babydolls and some tanks and neutral pj pants that i turn to so i don't have to change when I have to walk the dog at 6am.

Then I thought, wait...what am I doing? I was siding with the boys and feeling insecure about my own pj preferences. Then I became angry. Women have very good reasons for wearing sweats and such to bed.

1. Life isn't a Victoria's Secret catalog. Women don't spend their days leisurely sipping cocoa in skimpy camisoles and cashmere least not in my house.

2. Most women work for a living and work attire isn't always comfortable. The first things I want to do when I get home from a stressful day is...sadly, I admit it. I want to wear that nasty Toy Story tee. So sue me.

3. Most women have little ones and babies at home, why wear a teddy if it's going to be spit up on during a 2am feeding?

4. Sexy sleepwear is high maintenance. We can't just throw them into the washing machine. We need to hand wash or dry clean, and as busy women of the millennium - do we really have time for that?

5. Dainty sleepwear costs money guys. If you don't believe me, just check out the price tag on this Ella Silk Teddy. If you want us to look luxurious, here's a us luxurious things.

Ladies, dress for yourself - day and night, and don't let the man in your life pressure you. If he really loves you, he should be happy no matter what you're wearing.

By the way guys...when's the last time you wore anything other than your tighty whities to bed? Case closed.

Madison Avenue

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Coach madison4.JPG

Madison Avenue, the shopping mecca of New York City.

Prada and Barney's, Dolce & Gabbana, oh my!

I'm getting excited just thinking about all the damage my AmEx card and I can do.

Unfortunately, a trip to the big apple is not in my near future, so I'll have to settle for the next best thing...a new handbag from Coach's Madison collection.

I'm eyeing the Python Sabrina for three thousand big ones, but if you can't afford the Madison Avenue price tag, there are plenty of cost efficient wallets, french purses, leather mini skinnies and wristlets to round out the collection while leaving you a few bucks for groceries.

If John McCain is elected I wonder if I can use my $5000 health insurance tax credit on these bags. They're totally health related...

If I don't have one, I'll die.

If I won the Florida Lottery that is now prized at a whopping 37 million smackers I would:

1. Get a head start on handling the global economic crisis.

2. Take Barack and Michelle Obama out for cocktails.

3. Order this hot off the runway Autumn look from Net-A-Porter.

4. Buy a puppy. Preferably one that fits in my pocket.

lotto buytext3.JPG

Fashion buyer.

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With a country amidst the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, it seems fiscally irresponsible to spend a gross amount of money on an accessory... but that still doesn't change the fact that if I won the lottery, I'd loosen the purse strings and buy this Coach Mirrored Julianne Bag for $1,100.

Call it an eleven hundred dollar bailout.

don't hate me with text 2.JPG

Fashion anthropology

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While cleaning out my Coach bag last night I found a $100 gift card to Anthropologie.

1. Uh...Yee-haw.

2. I guess I'm goin' a-shopping.

Good news:


Bad news:

Freethinker Shirtdress + Roundup Bag + Winged Resin Bangle = A hell of a lot more than my $100 gift card.

Slim Shady Fendi.

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I saw a teenage girl toting around a fake Fendi the other day. How do I know it was a fake Fendi? She stuck a wad of grape gum on it to save for later. Not even a child would pull that crap with a real Fendi.

This is just the type of treasure Jennifer Hudson's character Louise from the new Sex and the City movie would Bag Borrow or Steal. And if you remember your Sex and the City trivia, Samantha was kicked out of the Playboy mansion by Hef for getting her fake Fendi confused with a playmate's real Fendi. (Little did it matter that the playmate's boobs were even faker than Samatha's knockoff).

Would the real designer Fendi please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

This Fendi from Forzieri is all real for $1,170.

Hello lover.

fendi bag.jpg

Fendis make the world go round.


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When smart people win the lottery, they invest. In real estate, stocks and bonds...priceless works of art...

I invest in handbags.

My accountant frowns upon this and is begging me to compromise. He says I should invest in some handbag art. At first I thought, I'm so not into paintings of purses. Then I realized, he may be onto something...

You know Jimmy Choo is the master of shoes...but did you know he makes killer bags too?

Check out this Jimmy Choo polly glazed bag. It's inspired by New York-based artist Richard Phillips' 'Riot' portraiture with images inspired from 60's and 70's fashion magazines.

It has cult Pop-art appeal, and is big enough to tote around all of my summer essentials. It's also a whopping $682.50, but gotta spend money to make money.

At least that's what Barton Finklestein, CPA tells me.

jimmy choo bag.jpg

You say, that we have nothing in common...and I said, what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?

You, me, and the band Deep Blue Something have a lot more in common than being obsessed with the cinematic classic Breakfast at Tiffany's. We also love our shades. I've got news for you my Huckleberry friend. Now we can shop for both of our obsessions at one place.

audrey hepburn.jpg


That's right divas, fashionistas, and cats with no name...if you didn't already know, Tiffany & Co. now offers an extravagant line of high class eyewear to compliment all that bling. Summon style icon Audrey Hepburn as Miss Holly Golightly while sporting the sleekest shades on earth, standing on Fifth Avenue in front of that famed Tiffany window eating a danish out of a bag. Somebody cue Moon River.

My favorite? Easy. The Tiffany Voile Rimless at $430. Gotta have those Swarovski crystal embellishments.

The only problem? They won't fit in that signature robin's egg blue blox.

The Wizard of Coach.

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Somewhere over the rainbow...
way up high.
There's a Coach bag that I'm craving
once in a Lotto Buy...


I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto. A wicker basket as a handbag just won't do. Forget there's no place like home, there's no place like Coach. I'm going to click my heels together and wish for Glinda the good witch to get me this Hamptons Weekend Stripe Tote. It's cool, it's classic, it's Coachtastic...and it's $248, so go ride around in Aunt Em's bag Toto...leave mine alone.

If I only had a brain, I would've asked Glinda for the matching wristlet.

*Keepin' it in Coach check,



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If I won the lotto, I would treat myself to this super chic Stella Mccartney Safari Jacket. It's made in Italy, and made for yours truly. I'm short, so normal sized trenches make me look like a cross between Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle and Danny Devito. Stella's is petite, just like me. Plus, it'll be perfect to surprise my next boyfriend with on Valentine's Day wearing nothing underneath...Yeah, I know Valentine's Day is nine months away. Back off, I think ahead.

stella jacket.jpgstella dress.jpg

What the hell, since I just spent $1595 on a posh coat, I might as well throw in the matching Floral Slip Dress for $1095. I am a lotto winner after all. It'll be worth it. Now that I finally own some Stella, I won't have to scream her name out longingly on those long, hot New Orleans nights. The neighbors will be pleased.

*Keepin' it in the trenches,


Clutch crutch.

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If I won the lottery I would:

1- feed all the hungry children.
2- find a cure for cancer.
3- find a cure for aids.
4- buy this Marc Jacobs quilted pouch.

...Because after feeding all the hungry children and curing aids and cancer, I'll need a classy clutch for my date at the White House to receive my Good Humanitarian medal from the President (ahem, new President)...or at least some hot guy had better take me out for cocktails.

*Keepin' it charitable,

marc jacobs pouch.jpg

Red Sole Searching.

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You know you've officially arrived in Hollywood when you own your first pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Dudes, stop reading here. No offense but you just won't get it. Christian Louboutin heels are like Porsches for your feet. The holy grail of fashionable footwear, Louboutins have achieved a major cult following among Hollywood's elite making appearances on red carpets, awards shows, and on a plethora of best dressed lists. Yes, I said plethora. It was my vocab word of the day.

The signature red soles have been spotted on the stems of many a Hollywood siren - Cameron, Madonna, Angelina, Mandy, and Gwyneth to name a few... Hell, even Oprah claims to wear them them every day when she tapes her show. In fact, I bet that's how Barack got her to endorse him so tossing some Louboutins her way.

If I had a million dollars... I would buy myself these Christian Louboutin Zip-Up Platform Sandals.

zip up platform.jpg

They're only $995, which is a steal for in theory I would still have a big hunk of cash leftover. Too bad I'll need the other $999,005 to pay off my hospital bills when I break every bone in my body trying to walk in them.

Beauty hurts. Keep walking.

*Keepin' both feet on the ground,


If I had major bank.

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If I won the lottery I would pay off my house...then i'd buy this killer Gucci hobo. Or maybe I'd buy the bag first, then pay off my house. Come to think of it, I've always wanted a Shetland pony.


Then i'd give the rest to the March of Dimes because I'd feel like a big fat jerk for spending $1,790 on a handbag...and however much Shetland ponies are running for these days.

*Keeping the Gucci dream alive,


Monkey Suit Dress

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If I won the lottery I would spend it on this ridiculously hot tuxedo babydoll shirtdress by Proenza Schouler. I'd spend what was left buying the legs I'd need to pull it off.

tuxedo dress.jpg

If you're expecting a mega tax refund, get yours from Neiman Marcus.

Monkey See, Monkey Suit Dress.

*Keepin' the dream alive.


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