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Model Witch

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Something witchy this way comes...

Happy pre-Halloween weekend my pretties. I hope you have a witchin' time scoring tricks and treats at all of your parties, haunts and All Hallow's Eve festivities.



Model Steps

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She had almost completed her 25 step program.


Model Sleep

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Model Hood

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She excelled at two things: modeling and hoodwinking.


Model Boardwalk

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She loved taking photos near signs listing all of her restricted foods.


Model Labor

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I'll be wearing white after Labor Day, and to my ex's wedding.


Model X

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This model pose has been brought to you by the letter X.


Model Drink

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Her energy drink tasted weird without vodka.


Model Pump

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Models get gas, just like us.


Model in the Pink

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She pulled off the perfect beach shoot despite a raging case of pink eye.


Model Patriotism

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What do you mean the 4th of July is on a Thursday and I don't get Friday off?!


Model Sand

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another pair of contacts bite the dust.


Model Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends and followers. Do, eat or wear something stylish.



Model Bohemian

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Bohos do it better.


Model Shake

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Can I get some complex carbs with that shake?


A Model and a Horse

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I can bring a horse to water, but you can't force me to eat.


Model Snacks

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She was all that, and a bag of low-fat chips.


Model Muscles

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Her favorite body part were her thighs, they were totally ripped.


Model Wrong Number

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She didn't know what they were selling, but it sounded seedy.


Model Expressions

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Model Weekend

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Everybody's Not Working For the Weekend.


Model Shades

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The real slim shady.

Like, really slim.


Model Valentine's Day

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Hope you have a hair raising experience this Valentine's Day.♥


Model Makeup

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They airbrushed all my tats.


Model Fridays

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Her fridays were beyond casual.


Model Thoughts

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My hair does not define me. My cheekbones do.


Model Fence

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She considered eating lunch but was on the fence about it.


Model Christmas Confession

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I regift all of the free swag I get from Fashion Week.


Need a ride to the airport? Yeah, good luck with that.


Homeless Model

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I will work for no food.


Model Christmas Wishes

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Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a faster metabolism.


Model spotting at Starbucks

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She liked her men the way she liked her caramel brulée lattes, whipped.


Model Crunches

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Sometimes models simply prefer to do their crunches standing up.


Model Halloween

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Halloween. The only day of the year when it is actually okay for a model to resemble a skeleton.

Happy All Hallow's Eve, from Let's Talk Style*


Model Baggage

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She would never have a healthy relationship until she dealt with all her baggage.


Model Voter

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No, I like didn't watch the Presidential debate because I only have time to vote for contestants on reality shows.


Model Library

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And here are all the books I've never wanted to read.


Model Commands

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Simons says put your right arm on top of your head and look ridiculous.


Model Room Service

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"Hello Room Service? I'd like to order a BLT. Hold the bun, B&T"


Model Accessories

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Hello. My name is Joy, and I'm an accessory-aholic.

Hello, Joy.


I'm Good Enough, I'm Hot Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me.


Models Who Don't Do Lunch

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Model #1: When's lunchtime?
Model #2: Next Tuesday.


Model Rights

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This election she was advocating a woman's right to shoes.


Model Gown

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I had two ribs removed, and now my wedding dress fits just fine!


Model Lies

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Cross her legs, hope to die, stick a needle in her eye.


Model forehead

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Models have receding hairlines, just like us!


Model Schwag

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim is over and all I got were these lousy goggles.


Model Memory

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She just knew she had forgotten something...

Oh yeah, to eat.


Model Bangs

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She would give her kingdom for a hair tie.


Model Decorating

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I never would have chosen this tacky wallpaper.


Model Soda

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I can't believe that's not Diet.


Model Sand

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She loved the sand, hated sandwiches.


Model #2

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Sometimes models need to take a dump in the woods, just like us!


Model Back

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Baby got netted back.


Model Hunger Games

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I'm like, not as hungry as I look.


Model Type

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Uh, hello. Like, where's the cursor?

Model Mojitos

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Models drink on the job, just like us!


Models and the IRS

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I'm getting a tax refund!


Model Games

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How models play Hide and Seek.


Model Punishment

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Sometimes even top models get put in time out.


Model Endoresements

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She had a face that launched a thousand tampon ads.


Model Numerology

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This model pose has been brought to you by the number 4.


Model Insecurities

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OMG, I have cankles!


Model Snap

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I'm smarter than I look. Oh, model snap.


Model Eats

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If a model eats in public and no one is around to see it, will she gain a pound?


Model Shampoo

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I haven't washed my hair since 2011!


Model TGIF

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Thank God it's Fat-Free.


Model Tea

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Like her men, she preferred her tea loose.


Model Window Dressing

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I'm going where all of my New Year's Resolutions went last year.


Model Christmas Confusion

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Hey, like, what do you mean there's no Santa?


Model Specs

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I don't wear glasses, but holding them makes me look smarter in photos.


Her jump rope idea didn't work.


Model Snacks

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Sometimes models chew on their sweaters to curb cravings in between no meals.


Model Sweetener

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Models get really annoyed when they're brought sugar instead of Splenda.


Model Military Issue

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At ease, soldiers.


Happy Veteran's Day to our brave American heroes, past and present.


Model Macramé

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She knew she'd get a good shot, come what macramé.


Model Halloween

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She couldn't decided whether to "Trick" or "Eat".


Model Furtitude

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All they wanted was to live fur the moment.


Model Magic

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Model who moonlights as a magician's assistant.


Model Timesavers

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A good model always finds time for lunges.


Model Hair

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Her hair was so big, she bullied it rather than tease it.


Front Row at Carolina Herrera

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Nicki Minaj: Yo Anna, do you like my neon pom pom puff balls?

Vogue Editor at Large Anna Wintour: No darling, I am not a fan of balls in general.


Model Genes

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I am genetically blessed. That, and I only eat air.


Model Stereotypes

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Blonde models have more fun.
Brunette models have more fun making fun of blonde models.


Model Roots

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The model misunderstood when her agent advised her to get back to her roots.


Model High

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She found people of average height annoying.


Model Voices

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She finally realized what the voices in her head were telling her.

To eat.


Model Payment

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The model took it literally when the photographer told her she would be paid under the table.


Model Pullover

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No officer, I don't have my license and registration... but I do have my measurements and a GED.


Celebrate your Beyoncependence this 4th of July.


Model at the Museum

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She didn't understand the painting, that and long division.


Model Facebook

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She couldn't wait to update her Facebook status from "It's Complicated" to "In a Relationship" with food.


Model Professional

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Model completely unphased by the case of crabs in her shorts.


Model coming to the realization that she didn't really need that 537th necklace.


This model discovered a brilliant way to conceal the fact that she's a cyclops.


Model Mayo

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I don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo because five servings of mayo is like, totally fattening.



White Models

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White Models Can't Jump.


Model Stripes

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Do these horizontal stripes make us look fat?


Model Foolproof

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Her entire outfit cost $19.95, plus tax.

April Fool's.


French Model Cheese

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Say fromage!


Models Going Do Nuts

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Models only eat donuts if they're supersized.


Model Watch the Birdie

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Model Jem

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Model attempting to be truly, truly, truly outrageous.


Model Call of Nature

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Would someone please tell this model that this is not the way you use an outhouse.


Happy SuperBowl XLV

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Don't take it personally.

Model Gilly

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Model Hee Haw

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Model eReaders

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Model Boy Meets Model Girl

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Model Theft

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Katie Holmes's New Year's Resolutions

1. Dress better than Suri.
2. Remember to tuck shirts in all the way.
3. Leave the Church of Scientology.
4. Leave Tom Cruise for Josh Duhamel.


Model Mrs. Claus

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It was a tie between this caption and

"Sleigh bells bling,
are you piercing?

Happy Holidays to you and yours, from Let's Talk Style.


Model Numbers

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Model Smiles

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Model Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving, from Let's Talk Style.

model pilgrim with text 3.JPG

Model Necking

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Model masking a wicked hickey, most likely given to her by Charlie Sheen.

model hickey2.JPG

Model clean up

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victoria beckam with text.JPG

Model Baggage Part Two

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covered in bags with text.JPG

Happy Halloween

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Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
No body.

Happy Halloween, from Let's Talk Style.

Now go eat something.

model skeletons.JPG

Model vision

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she sees a shrink in her future.

model glasses 2.JPG

Models Bang it Out

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I'm thinking of getting a haircut this weekend and am debating whether or not to depart from my signature style cut.

This is a big step for me. Me and my bangs go back a long way. We played in the sandbox together at age 3 and collected Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch Kid dolls up until the fifth grade. We parted ways, literally, for most of my middle school years with my fringe making brief appearances here and there throughout high school, but we weren't in a fully committed relationship.

Then my bangs and I rediscovered one another (I think on Friendster), and now we have been inseparable for the past five or so years, through the good hair days and the bad hair days.

I would like to try something new, but I feel locked in.

If any of my readers out there have a preference, let me know, but please don't suggest the Rachel, dreds, a mullet, fro or beehive. That's not Sammy's style.

big bang.JPG

Model imagination

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model texts.JPG

Model briefs

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model sass 6.JPG

Model Boyfriends Tell theTruth

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model boyfriends4.JPG

Model class

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model school.JPG

Sticky Model Situations

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model gummy.JPG

Model Focus

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model focus.JPG

Model instruments

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model instruments.JPG

Model Song and Dance

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model dance.JPG

Kardashian Crush

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kim kardashian justin bieber.JPG

Of Mice and Models

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of mice and models.JPG

model bathroom break.jpg

Model Politics

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model politics 3.JPG

Model Lies

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models lie.JPG

Model at Work

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model at work.JPG

Call for Models

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model call 3.JPG

Model surgery

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model surgeries.JPG

Model hats

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model hats.JPG

Models and their dogs

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model dog.JPG

Model Thriller

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model thriller.JPG

model 1.JPG

Model itches

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model itch.JPG

Model in the sand

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sandy beach.JPG

Model tweets

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models and twitter.JPG

Model baggage

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model baggage.JPG

Models TGIF

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model fun.JPG

Model at Arms

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model arms.JPG

model same pose.JPG

model lips.jpg

NY Fashion Week Audiences

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ny fashion week celebs.JPG

Woods Mistresses at FashionWeek.JPG

Piano Model

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model and the piano.JPG

Model babies

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bag baby.JPG

Model Hair Removal

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model laser hair removal.JPG

Model Exercise

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model exercise.JPG

Model resolutions for 2010

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model new years resolutions.JPG

Model congestion

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model noses.JPG

Models and ornaments

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model ornament.JPG

model xmas list.JPG

model thanksgiving.JPG

Model relationships.JPG

New Moon, the 2nd installment of the Twilight saga opens tonight and everyone seems to be all vamped up, especially since True Blood is on hiatus.

If your boyfriend bites, pick up your own Wildfox Couture Tee from chickdowntown for $64.

Model Study

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Model Hitting the Books.JPG

Model mammaries

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model mammaries.JPG

model mothers.jpg

Chanel bags

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chanel bags.JPG

model eyes.JPG

Organic Modeling

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organic model.JPG

Model Abandonment

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model home alone.JPG

Model lightweight

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Some models just can't hold their liquor...

model lightweight.JPG

Unemployed models

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Fashion Week is over and a startling number of models are out of work until Fall Fashion Week in February of 2011, so don't be surprised if you see a swarm of skinny girls panhandling on the side of the road.

Make a charitable donation by giving them a dollar, a piece of organic produce or some lip gloss.

unemployed model.JPG

Runway thoughts

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runway thoughts.JPG

Street catwalker

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The things you see on the streets of New York...


Model diet

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model calories.JPG

Model dog vs. jacket

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furry jacket.JPG

I received a fun email forward this morning containing a batch of clever demotivational posters, so I decided to craft my very own for today's Model Pose because 1). it's Friday, and 2.) we could all use a little demotivation.

model motivational posters.JPG

One of the many things I learned during Miami's Swim Fashion Week is that models have guts, just like us.

They may be teenie weenie mini guts, the size of a mini stack of silver dollar pancakes, but they're there and sometimes they need some help sucking it in.
model spanx2.JPG

Years ago, on those rare days when I would wake up carrying a food baby from the overindulgent evening before, I would slip on a pair of ratty pantyhose with the legs cut off. Then, lo and behold, Spanx were created! But as much as I love my Spanx, I would never want my boyfriend to see me in them. Flesh colored scuba shapers aren't really much of a turn on, are they ladies?

I recently discovered this secret little lingerie/shapewear line that I've fallen in love with. It's called Du Mi, and it does me right.

Du Mi is an organic cotton Italian made lingerie line that doubles incognito as high impact shapewear. Referred to in the fashion biz as the “Skinny Girls Secret”, Du Mi panties, camis, tanks and thigh shapers look prettier than anything in a blushing bride's trousseau, while smoothing shapes and sculpting away. Wherever you need a lift, Du Mi has you covered with cheeky boy briefs, tummy control thongs and total body sculpting boy shorts and bra tanks that conceal every flaw.

shapewear for women.JPG

Finally, shapewear styles that transcend your average granny girdle style shapewear garments. Disguised as sexy lingerie in shades of taupe, black and leopard prints, Du Mi appears to be designed more for play than work, but oh how they work. The fabrics are soft, luxurious, lightweight and gift women with gorgeous silhouettes whether they're wearing low-rise jeans, high-waisted skirts, or any other flirty and fitted looks in their wardrobes. Who knew shapewear could be good for the environment, feel comfy, hold it all in, and look sexy as all get out?

I'm loving this line so much, it makes me want to break out in song...

Du Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!

Model marionette

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model marionette.JPG

model fight 2.JPG

Model states of being

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model dazed and confused.JPG

Model down

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Today is Friday, and I simply cannot allow the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim frenzy to get in the way of my weekly model pose. Keeping in the spirit of Fashion Week, I'd like to point out that after two days of shows I have yet to see a model fall. Way to go girls!

model splat.JPG

Model Boobs

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pointy boobs.JPG

I've used this Model Pose before, but it's so patriotic, I thought it deserved a new caption.

4th of july model.JPG

apple pie.jpg

Save me a piece of pie and Happy 4th!

Model profiles

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low profile.JPG

Model hair

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model hairstyle.JPG

Model in the box

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model in the box2.JPG

Model smackdown

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model insults.JPG

model teeth.jpg

models fall.JPG

Model beach day

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model topless.JPG
Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and this model wasn't prepared. She forgot all of the major items on her beach checklist including SPF Sunscreen, swim goggles, pail and shovel and uhh...her bikini top. She does get points for toting a hot beach towel featuring a hippie chick with wicked dreds though.

Dry off your bits and pieces after a dip in the ocean while accessorizing your perfect beach ensemble with stylish beach towels that say "Yeah, I'm cool enough for you to sweat on me."

If you like the towel shielding the model's boobies above, you're in luck. You can score this exclusive Lauren Moshi Beach Towel from Bloomingdales for free now through Monday when you spend 200 smackers or more on any Y.E.S. Contemporary Sportswear purchase.

And if you hate tanlines, Cool Tan Swimwear has some righteous tan through bikinis that allow you to tan as if you were topless, only you won't get arrested like Boobie Flash Gordon up there.

dumb donald model.JPG

Model pants

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model pants.JPG

Model fans

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model fans2.JPG

Model foreheads

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model forehead.JPG

Model cowgirls

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model dukes of hazzard.JPG

Model pretzel

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model pretzel.JPG

Model dyslexia

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model ymca.JPG

model st patrick's day.JPG

Model emergency

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model emergency.JPG

Four Model Must-haves for Spring.JPG

Model march

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marching band model2.JPG

Model trends...

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supermodels conjoined.JPG

Model twins

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model twins.JPG

Model hairstyles

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The Model and the Zebra

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The Model and the Zebra2.JPG

Forgive me father

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forgive me.JPG

Model and baby.

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model and baby5.JPG

Here's to a stylish New Year

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happy new year3.JPG

Model and the Bear

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model and  bear2.JPG

Model got back.

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Model confusion.

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stripper pole2.JPG

rock model2.JPG

To fur or not to fur.

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I have this picture of me when I was three, bundled up in an Eskimo coat smiling like a crazy kid with my baby teeth chattering, a toddler Nanook of the North if you will. I often wonder if that fur circling my face was real or faux. If that fur had been real, would my three year old self be doused with red paint today by extreme animal rights activists?

I'm guessing it wasn't real. Why would Mom waste money on a real fur lined coat for a three year old girl who would ever so stylishly grow out of it in a month or two? Not to mention all the snot I'd probably get on it.


As the weather continues to cool, loads and loads of fur coats are coming out to brave the harsh winter and the even harsher folks from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization, better known as PETA.

Fur coats used to serve as symbols of status and decadence in days of old. There was no better way to show off and tell your neighbors "Hey, I'm so rich I wear animals". Then it was diamonds and furs, today it's sunglasses, shoes and handbags that relay images of wealth. Interesting how times have changed, although diamonds are still pretty schnazzy.

Personally, I don't get the real fur thing. Besides adding lots of bulk, why would you want to wear the fur of a helpless creature when there are just as many amazing faux fur designs that feel and look just as luxurious? If you don't believe me, check out Fabulous-Furs- the authorities on guilt free fur. You'll be bound to find a cool fur accented piece of outerwear, fur sure.

Before I get any comments requesting I post that three year old Eskimo photo, don't bother.

It ain't happening.

Gay male model thoughts...

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gucci 3some with text.JPG

Model bird watching

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Model bird watching.JPG

A Model poem.

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model jump no text.JPG

Three little models jumping on the bed
One fell off and broke her head.
The agent called the doctor and the doctor said:
"That's what you get for jumping on the bed", then...

"Wow, you're hot.

Model Workout.

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bag pilates with text4.JPG

What the models had to say...

VP Debate with text.JPG

Fashion buyer.

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With a country amidst the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, it seems fiscally irresponsible to spend a gross amount of money on an accessory... but that still doesn't change the fact that if I won the lottery, I'd loosen the purse strings and buy this Coach Mirrored Julianne Bag for $1,100.

Call it an eleven hundred dollar bailout.

don't hate me with text 2.JPG

Sweater Dress for Success.

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Monday was the first official day of Autumn, and it's time to start dusting off those old sweaters you packed away last Spring. That is if you live someplace other than Miami. I'm still wearing a bikini top to work.

Treat yourself to a sweater spree and choose from a warm, fuzzy stock of sweater dresses, cardigans, cowl necks and argyles just waiting to keep you snug.

Just stay out of Heathcliff Huxtable's closet...unless you're looking for a Jello Pudding Pop.

Mo Fo Model Posing

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mo fo models4.JPG



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Gwendolyn model4.JPG

Deep Model Thoughts

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anthro modelsTEXT.JPG

The Seven Model Dwarves

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model dwarveswith text.JPG

Model posing 102.

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A reader suggested I make this an ongoing feature...

I am all too willing to oblige.

three models.JPG

Model posing 101.

with 2 Comments

model poses6.JPG

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