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I used to think that all things mod revolved around Twiggy, The Avengers' Emma Peel and Felicity Shagwell. I never fully embraced mod until I went Stark Raving Mod.

On Valentine's Day, Las Vegas's newest concept boutique, phenom, launched the white hot new Stark Raving Mod brand at the Pool Trade Show (the leading art and design driven fashion trade show for emerging brands, fyi).

The Stark Raving Mod collection consists of a series of mod-inspired illustrations dangerously displayed on men's and women's t-shirts, belt buckles and watches, all designed by the brilliant graphic artist, fashion visionaire and all around hipser, Sean D'Anconia.


I dig Sean, his doodles, his threads and his mod outlook on life. What do I dig even more? The fact that all of his mod shirts have rock star names like Kiss Miss Bang Bang, Mod as Hell and Little Miss Modest... not to mention that these tees work undercover, sporting a cool reversible Spy-Who-Shagged-Me-like image on the inside.

You can also score Sean's designs decked out on limited edition watches, belt buckles and a line of bags coming soon to a phenom near you.

It's a mod, mod, mod, mod world.


I'm a woodsy kind of gal. *Note: This does not mean that I'm a die hard treehugger who wears patchouli oil and refuses to wear anything that isn't fair trade organic. It simply means that I like shoes that have got wood.

wood shoes.JPG

Luckily for me, the wood trend is here to stay for the next two seasons, so make sure your stems are packing wood this spring/summer. Seriously, wooden shoes haven't been this hot since all of the blond braided double Dutch girls were sporting the pointy variety back in Old Amsterdam. Today, the Deutsch designs have gravitated from flat and cumbersome to high, chunky, studded and stylish.

Aldo has some great styles coming out of the woodwork, from Cagey Cognac Wedges to slingback Hoofskins and also brings a few select styles to the table including Seychelles Care to Dance Clogs and Dr. Scholls Scream Sandals. *Plus, save 20% off on regular priced shoes at checkout.

Coulda wooda shoulda bought that other pair.

boston postcard.jpg

This past weekend I took an extended vacation to Boston, Mass where I lived the Bostonian high life.

I sipped a glorious cup of clam chowda at the historic Union Oyster House, freed my inner inhibitions along the Freedom Trail, took in some wicked aht at the Boston Museum of Fine Ahts, had a few cocktails at the Cask n' Flagon across the street from Fenway Pahk during the third Yankee/Sox game, explored Harvard Yahd... and I shawpped. I promise you guys, I shawpped 'til I drawpped.

Thanks to the shawpping savvy and guidance of my bestest childhood friend from Junyah High, I took to the cobblestone streets and explored all of the retail haunts this fine New England town had to ahffer. Armed with a Charlie Card and a diminishing line of credit, she showed me everything it took to experience life as a true Bostonista.

Beantown virgin that I was, I had always heard about how great the shawpping in Boston was, but it meant nothing until I was actually there. From the adorably hip fashion boutiques like Mint Julep to the coolest consignment shops ever like The Closet where I scored a brown suede bucket bag from France and my pal scored herself a pair of Premium Denim jeans, sweet tops and a posh belt that she treated me to that I will wear with everything.

boston shopping.jpg

I had a torrid love affair with Newbury Street, 8 blocks of shawps that reminded me of SoHo, with a mixture of vintage stores, staples like JCrew, Urban and Anthropologie, one-of-a-kind boutiques and a little Chanel, Nanette Lepore, Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Gretta Luxe sprinkled in for good measure. Of cawse I visited my beloved H&M (two of 'em) and enjoyed more than a few fashion bahgains.

I want to go back to Boston. I want to go back to Boston more than the boys in Southie want the Sox to win the World Series. One day I hope to walk down Newbury Street and have all of the shawp owners call out "Hey Sam", like the patrons of the Bull & Finch Pub that Cheers was modeled after, because sometimes you want to shawp where everybody knows your name.

Thanks for the memories Boston. I'll be back.

I prawmise.

Could you give advice on wearing vests for men? Should thin guys wear vests? What type would suit jeans?




Dear Nicolai,

Hi there and thanks for your question. I was psyched to find your query in my inbox, I was afraid that my new girlie pink banner might have the potential to scare the dudes away.

I think guys in vests are nifty. In fact, I bought my guy a Rivers Cuomo Weezer like sweater vest this past Christmas. In my opinion, a guy wearing a vest always seems like he's got his fashion act together, carrying off a look that says "Yeah, my arms don't get cold."

When it comes to male vests, there are a few no-nos. Resist anything fur-lined (unless your last name is Zhivago and you live in the Ukraine). You should also avoid pink or polka-dotted vests, and refrain from wearing vests with shorts, particularly sweater vests...unless you're invited to a stuffy country club, you'll look like a putz.

Thin guys can definitely carry off vests and accentuate their thin frames in the process. I usually prefer the unbuttoned casual look, but to each his own. Here are just a few male vest styles you should definitely invest in, depending on the season.

cool male vests.JPG

1. Winter - What's black, white and red all over? ...This Zoo York Men's Vest from CCS Skateboards. This vest is so cool, it'll have you counting off the days until it snows. I take that back, guys don't count off the days until they can wear something...that's totally a chick thing. Nevertheless, you'll love wearing this Reversible quilted nylon vest with your favorite tee or button down, and it's on sale for $39.99. All the Skater Boys will want one.

2. Spring - Try on this Ryan Woven Vest from Heritage 1981 for a classic, masculine and trendy look that serves as a great alternative to a blazer during warmer months. It's $19.90, but looks expensive and so seductively suave. Wear it with a long-sleeved button down with the sleeves rolled up. Warning - Wearing it with a plain white tee might welcome comparisons to George Michael.

3. Summer - This Unisex Solid Rib Vest from American Apparel is a slim, form-fitting vest both you and your girlfriend can enjoy wearing all summer long. Available in black, navy, lapis (which is a fancy word for blue) and cranberry, this V-neck button down lightweight vest is a great layering piece that you won't have to put away when the weather chills up. Only $36.

4. Fall - Perfect for Fall and to carry you all through winter is this handsome Wool Crucis Vest from Todd Shelton. It's a little pricier for $169, but adds a richness to any pant and shirt combo that is oh so worth it. To look money, you have to spend money...right?

Hope this helps Nicolai.


p.s. They all go great with jeans.

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

I wore a watch even before I knew how to tell time.

Strawberry Shortcake looked sweeter than her name implied on my wrist, and that was all that mattered. Once I mastered telling the big hand from the little hand, Mickey Mouse trumped Shortcake, then some nameless girl with pigtails followed, Betty Boop, a big Flava Flav like backpack with a big clock on the back, a Swatch here and there, and now I'm finally all grown up and ready for some big girl watches.

celebrity watches.JPG

The most multi-functional of accessories, watches clue you in on the time and sometimes the date, all while making a bling'ed out fashion statement. Never a fan of digital watches, I'm all about the Swiss movement. Celebs love their watches too, just take a look at Jaime King, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre at a recent launch party for A/X Watches in Los Angeles. Looks like they're having a time.

My brother gave my Dad a sweet designer men's watch from Fossil for Father's Day, and it reminded me how much I love the look of a big, chunky men's watch on a small dainty, feminine wrist. Here is a quartet of my favorite stylish timepieces for summer...I'm sure the ladies above would approve.

oversized gold watches.JPG

1. Take in the opulent elegance of this Daniel Steiger Moda Diamond Watch in Rose Gold from Timepieces International
for $299. It's classic, it's rich, it has 30 genuine diamonds on it. I likey.

2. Do I need a chronograph watch? Not really. Does it look cooler than all get out? Yepper. Fossil's Chronograph Champagne Dial will look super chic on my wrist, especially when layered with other shiny happy bangles and bracelets piled on. Only $125.

3. The Mr. Big Stuff of watches, this White Enamel A/X Watch from Armani Exchange is $120 and phat with a capital PH. Kinda makes me wish my initals were A & X...but then again, that would leave me with a really messed up last name.

4. Feel ready to jet set to the poshest cities in Europe in a moment's notice when you sport this Michael Kors Jet Set Watch from the Project Runway judge who hates it when models look like they're pooping fabric. $200 for the watch, boarding pass not included.

Gotta run. Time flies when you're shopping for watches.

dear sammy,

i'm a junior in high school and had prom last week. my prom dress sucked!! : P

i left my shopping for the last minute and couldn't find a cool dress i loved. where can I find a fierce prom dress & homecoming dress for next year?



Ooooooohhhh Shannon!!!

How I love prom! To this day, the scene in Pretty in Pink where Molly Ringwald meets Duckie at prom in her homemade pink concoction is one of my all-time favorite moments in cinematic history. I didn't think much of the shapeless pink polka-dotted sack dress, but that's beside the point.


I have such fond memories of my own senior prom...I had a boyfriend who went to another high school so I had the chance to play with two separate, totally different prom looks. Look 1 - Flirty: Hair down and romantically curled, sequined strapless pink mini dress with a bow on the bodice and a sexy tulle underskirt giving it some pop. Look 2 - Classy: Chignon up, navy off the shoulder sheath with gold embroidery and embellishments. I was smokin'.

I'm sorry your prom dress sucked Shannon, if only you had Asked Sammy sooner...

Good news is, the prom gods are giving you a second chance. Junior prom doesn't count anyway, like the PSAT's. Forget about this year's prom, toss those 8x10 blown up pics of you and your date and prepare for total fierceness at next year's prom. I have a secret weapon when it comes to finding the perfect party dress, it's a word you need to commit to memory...LaMonir.

The LaMonir Collection will set a girl up no matter what look she's going for: for prom, homecoming, New Years' parties, weddings, quinces or sweet sixteens, you're set. Just tell me this Antonio Castelli Prom Halter Dress pictured below isn't fierce.

prom party dresses.JPG

The black and white Halter number with a wrapped v-neckline and low back is the perfect party dress for girls who just wanna have fun, and the flirty skirt totally reflects my recent tier kick. Or check out these Jovani Strapless Sequined Dresses that totally bling it on for a sparkly and dreamy night to remember.

Whether you want to be pretty in pink, purple, fuscia or metallics, these gowns are just the tip of the prom dress iceberg, so start early and take your time exploring the multitude of designer gowns to choose from - all guaranteed to make your Prom Prince weak in the knees. LaMonir has petite to plus sizes, so you'll have no probs finding your perfect fit, and there's more than a punch bowl full of elegant gowns and party dresses for your hot Mom to check out for her next formal affair.

Remember that recent news story about the Ohio teen suspended for going to his girlfriend's prom? If his date's dress had been from LaMonir, I'm betting he'd do it all over again.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

I'm not a mother yet, but if I did have a crew of young whippersnappers running around the house I wouldn't expect much on Mother's Day. Just big hugs and little voices exclaiming "I love you Mommy, you're the prettiest, most intelligent, unwrinkly blogger Mommy in the whole world"...

That would certainly be enough.

Perhaps a nice breakfast in bed including a tray of croissants, beignets and imported fig jam would follow. Breakfast in bed and the aforementioned hugs would make my day perfect.

Then tiny hands would pull out from under the bed a big box containing a Madison Patent Sabrina Coach bag with various goodies hidden inside like...

Miss Dior Cherie perfume from Fragrance.Net
Prada Sunglasses from Forzieri
a round trip plane ticket to France,
and a bottle of Absolut Citron, because Mommy needs her sauce.

Mother's day presents.JPG

That would make me feel very loved.

Things to do list:

1. Have kids.
2. Find them high paying jobs.

I have some good news.

No, the economy isn't back to normal. No, Osama Bin Laden hasn't been captured. And no, there are still starving children in Africa. My good news isn't anywhere near as monumental as any current headline scrolling on the CNN ticker, but it is monumental to me...well, and my boyfriend. Here goes. I am no longer wearing an A cup bra. This news may not thrill any of you, but you haven't heard the whole story from A to B. Here's the breast of it.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had no boobs. Never referred to as top heavy, she was nicknamed "Mosquito Bites" up until her late teens thanks to her concave chest. Never one to complain with what God gave her, Mosquito Bites was always content with her A cup capacity. Sure she would've been happier with an A+, but was still thankful that she wasn't an A- or worse yet, a negative A.

how to find the right bra size.JPG

Then on a day like any other day, Mosquito Bites sauntered into a Forever 21 and found a display of attractive Fab Find Convertible Bras hanging on the wall for only $4.50 each. Mosquito grabbed a few 32A's from the racks with a bit of trouble (Mosquito Bites was short), and took them into the dressing room where she quickly tried on her regular size but found it pinched and puckered.

Then one of the bras fell to the ground with a light shining down on it, a beam directly from the heavens. Mosquito picked it up and realized it was a B cup bra. She must have grabbed the wrong size in her effort to knock bras down from their 7 foot rack with her handbag. Just for tits and giggles, Mosquito tried the larger cup size on and found that it fit perfectly. Her boobie bites were perfectly cupped! Harps began to play and angels began to sing. At some point, Mosquito Bites' boobs had blossomed into a pair of buxom B cup sized beauties. She didn't question it, she just enjoyed it.

And Mosquito Bites lived happily ever after, without the help of insertable chicken cutlets from Victoria's Secret.

*Okay. I just realized that after reading this my friends, family and co-workers are going to be staring at my chest so they can take in my expansion for themselves. That's fine, but please refrain from calling me Mosquito.

Big ticket Christmas items are highly overrated. Anyone can hit Best Buy for the newest iPod or designer laptop, but to's all about the ingenuity that goes into stuffing the perfect Christmas stocking.

Forget the dollhouses, bikes and train sets...when I was a little girl, the first thing I'd tackle on Christmas morning was my overflowing crocheted sock dangling from the banister. I can still remember it...

{Insert Snowflake transition leading to Christmas flashback here}

Red and green yarn woven together harmoniously to create the most festive of holiday prints with a Hello My Name Is tag stuck on it with my name scrawled in by Mom (to differentiate from my brother's identical stocking filled with random Star Wars paraphernalia).

Good things come in little packages (a motto I fully endorse at 5'2 inches tall, wedgeless), therefore I have put together a hodgepodge of stocking stuffers for all of the lady loves in your life. From sistas to girlfriends, crushes to divas, there's something for everyone showcased in Sammy's Stocking Hall of Fame.

stylish stocking stuffers7.JPG

1. For the Little Girl at Heart. These Momiji Friendship Dolls are adorably funky desk top accents that bring back the days of pigtails, doll playing and Easy Bake Ovens. They're a little more sophisticated than a gangsta Bratz doll and only $12. Plus, the girl who sits in the cubicle next to your Little Girl will totally wanna swipe it .

2. For the Princess. Vera Wang's Princess Sparkling Creme Perfume for $38 is perfect for the girlie girl on the go. She'll adore this sweet solid perfume that can easily attach to a key chain, purse, or belt loop for easy access. In fact, she'll love it almost as much as she loves her tiara.

3. For the Juicy Glamour Girl. These Juicy Couture Logo Pearl studs will delight any Fashionista who loves flashing around her celebrity brand status. They're a steal for $42, hopefully she won't use them to bling her chihuahua's ears instead.

4. For the Shopaholic. There isn't anything I'd rather find in my stocking that an Anthropologie gift card tucked away in it's own adorable little mitten. I normally don't like being told what to do, but this gift forces me to shut up, shop, and buy myself something pretty. Go ahead, boss me around some more.

5. For the Girl you'll never forget. This delicate silver or gold Forget Me Not Ring from serves as a constant reminder of how much you love your giftee while also doubling as a reminder that she needs to pick up a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter on the way home from work.

6. For the Ho. You know she's a Ho, she knows she's a Ho and all the playahs in da club know she's a Ho. Give her a gift that celebrates her Ho-manship with a handy Ho on the Go Kit for $25 that comes stocked with a spare pair of panties, 2 condoms, a toothbrush, mini toothpaste and aromatherapy towelette. She'll feel better during her walk of shame knowing you support her free lovin' lifestyle.

May the stocking stuffing begin!

Black Friday is sixty-four hours away and counting. I along with millions of other brave shopaholics will brave the malls and fight to the death in order to acquire gifts for the people we love.

To most, Black Friday is a tradition to look forward to every year. Black Friday virtuosos are probably already outfitted with protective armor, fanny packs, coupons and flame throwers...

If you're a Black Friday virgin attempting your very first excursion, here are a few tips that might keep you alive and kicking.


Ten Tips for surviving Black Friday...

1. Eat first. Enjoy a nutritious meal before you go into battle, you don't want to pass out from lack of sustenance when you have to fight a caravan of soccer moms for the Holy Grail of Christmas gifts.

2. Wear flats. Although some pointy heeled stilettos might make great weapons if someone's trying to steal that Hermès scarf marked down ninety-five per cent from your stash.

3. Make a list. If you're shopping blindly you'll be overwhelmed. Take names of those who've been naughty or nice and shop accordingly.

4. Pay that big burly neighborhood kid to be your personal bodyguard for the day. You'll feel as important as Britney Spears, crazed shoppers won't knock you down, and when he's not guarding your body he can conveniently hold your bags or your purse if you decide to try on cute things.

5. Wear a Depends undergarment. This is war. No time for bathroom breaks.

6. Keep an envelope filled with gift receipts making it easy for your friends to return the items you risked your life buying when the day after Christmas rolls around.

7. Go early. You have enough leftovers from Thanksgiving, you don't need other shoppers' sloppy seconds.

8. Hit the mall beforehand and grab a map. Circle your must hit stores and develop a clear and direct route. Don't veer off course. I repeat, do not veer off course. Be aware of your emergency exits in case you need to abort your shopping mission.

9. Diversions are good. Print out coupons that say "Good for one Free Picture with Santa" and hand them out to Moms with kids so you have more breathing room in stores. Less competition, more merchandise for you. Just get out before the Moms are on to you and call Mall security.

10. If you do get apprehended by Mall security, feign an epileptic attack.

We'll talk about Shopping the Day after Christmas later...

May the shopping force be with you.

Today is my birthday.
Do I have plans to have a big Birthday bash at some hot LA or New York city nightclub with party favors and goodie bags? No. Do I have half a dozen outfits to choose from, sent by Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs and Derek Lim to insure I look like the birthday princess that I am? No. Am I wearing a party hat?...No.

In actuality, I'm sitting at my desk at work, wearing a dress from the Gap (at least it's from the new European collection), my only companion, one of those fake dogs that breathe while they sleep. We've bonded, my fake dog and I. I pet her from time to time and have named her Millie. I've arranged a visit to my therapist next week.

So...since I cannot treat myself to a shopping spree, I'm going to treat myself to a virtual one, and fine readers, you are welcome to join me for the ride.

First stop, Gucci for some shades to cover up any new wrinkles I might have accrued in the past year. Second stop, Anthropologie for a vintage dress and some finger ring bling because I'm old and...I uh, really like rings. Third stop, a Juicy tote to tie it all together.

Whew. Virtual pretend shopping is tiring. I'm going to take a little nap at my desk and dream I'm wearing my entire birthday suit. Don't tell my boss.

They say it's my birthday. I'm gonna have a good time.

gucci sunglasses2.JPG
bday wish list.JPG

No more denying it. Ashlee Simpson is indeed knocked up...Gotta hand it to her, she looks pretty smashing knocked up and knocked out. I had a feeling way back when...

In honor of the little fall out boy or fall out girl on the way, I've compiled a few choice onesies with a little help from The Retro Baby. With dedicated fashion followers Ash and Pete Wentz as parents, this kid had better represent.


Keep your baby stylin' with these celeb worthy retro duds for only $17.95. I'm also digging the I like to hit the Bottle onesie. Let's hope this baby doesn't end up in rehab twenty years from now.

You gotta wonder if big sis/soon-to-be Auntie Jessica and her quarterback beau Tony Romo are far behind...Never fear, I'll be on watch. Let's just hope the new baby gets Pete's nose.

Rock-a-bye baby.


All things Twiggy.

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When you think Mod, one name comes to mind...

No, not your Great Aunt Maude. You think Twiggy.

You know Lesley Hornsby (aka The Twigster) by those gigantic Bambi eyes, that adorable pixie haircut, and those pencil thin twiglike stems. Twiggy is, and always will be the glorious Mistress of Mod. She took the 60's by storm and is regarded as one of the most famous supermodels well as guest judge on America's Next Top Model (who rocked compared to last season's replacement Paulina Porizkova- in my humble opinion).

Her look evokes innocence, whimsy, Euro cool and has never really gone out of style.


Wanna go Mod this summer and follow in Twiggy's footsteps?

Here are all the essentials you need to complete your Twiggy inspired look. 1. They'll call you Mello Yellow in BB Dakota's Sunshine Dress 2. You can't get any more British Invasion-slash-Factory Girl than this tuxedo inspired Chelsea Girl Dress from Lulu Via 3. And to complete the look- These 4 inch Banana Split heels of course. Throw on one or more of these mod pieces and as Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham would'll be looking pretty "Major".

*Looks found at Modcloth...except for the eyelashes 4. You can score those at Sephora.

1.twiggy dress small.jpg2.twiggy dress 3.jpg3.banana split heels.jpg
4.lashes small.jpg

Bathing Suit up

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Dear Caprilee,

It's bathing suit season and I'm having a dilemma. I try on cute bikini sets, but either the top fits and the bottoms don't or vice versa. What am I supposed to do?


Sagging bikini bottom girl.


Dear Saggy,

Never fear, Caprilee is here.

Hit American Apparel for bikini separates!

They come wrapped up individually in these cute little plastic baggies in different sizes and colors, so you can mix and match and find the perfect fit for your tatas as well as your cheeky cheeks. They also have pretty funky pieces that are very Saturday Night Fever circa 1977.

aa suit.jpg

If you're sticking with separates, Carabella is also rocking some perfect mix and match swimwear.

As for me, I'll be in the hot child in the monokini sipping mojitos on the beach.


***Any fashion questions? Fire away! Just leave them in a comment and Caprilee promises to get to them...
(although she may be fashionably late).

California dreaming.

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Summer is all about the sundress.

What'll show off your new summer tan (real or fake) better than a white minidress paired with some oversized shades and a sweet bag? Nothing I tell you. Nothing.

I feel like I checked into the Hotel California in this vintage creme dress from American Apparel's new vintage division - California Select.

It's light, airy and cool on even the hottest summer day...and it's cheap...and boys dig me in it. Enough said? And it can totally get you through the seasons if you pair it with a turtleneck and some tights to keep you warm on a winter's day (on a winter's day).

You don't have to live in LA to be California stylin'. Wake up from your California dreaming and log on to Ebay...
and don't forget the SPF.

california select.jpg

I wish we all could be California girls...


Cheap. Green. Cool.

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By now you've probably noticed the coolness factor has increased exponentially at your local Target, featuring creations from esteemed designers like Proenza Schouler, Jovovich-Hawk (Resident Evil star-slash-model-slash-designer Milla Jovovich's line), and the lovely designs of the wispy, ever so ladylike Erin Fetherston.

Guess what? Target just got even cooler.

Rogan Gregory is the newest hot-as-sin artiste designing for Targét's GO International line.

target rogan.jpg

Featuring pieces made from organic cotton at unbelievably low prices, Rogan wants us to look good and feel good about wearing his eco-conscious rags.

My favorites? A toss up between his striped jersey t-shirt (that doubles as a dress for shorties like me), and his crisp linen striped vest. Wait, that yellow leopard print tank is pretty cute too. Oh yeah, the line also features chic swimwear and the most adorable terry cloth hoodies.

target rogan2.jpg

The only problem I've found with GO International is that the pieces seem to go too least in my size. Rogan's line is there until June 28th. So wake up before they're gone gone.

I wonder if LC picked up some pieces after she loaded up on Reeses Pieces from the candy aisle.

Keepin' it on target,


Camp, there it is.

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I've always associated camp with two things...1. Bug bites. 2. The films of Jon Waters.

Now I'm feeling a whole 'nother kind of camp variety. Camptown ladies sing dis song (doo-dah, doo-dah)...
Hit the Camp Gorgeous beauty event at Neiman Marcus in stores until June 14th (online until the 16th). Score a sassy pink NM exclusive camouflage tote filled with deluxe makeup samples from Dior, Frederic Fekkai and more. Free with any purchase over $85.

I'd risk having my bed short-sheeted for this camp getaway. Come to think of it, this post is pretty campy.

Oh, de doo-dah day.

Camp gorgeous.jpg

You say, that we have nothing in common...and I said, what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?

You, me, and the band Deep Blue Something have a lot more in common than being obsessed with the cinematic classic Breakfast at Tiffany's. We also love our shades. I've got news for you my Huckleberry friend. Now we can shop for both of our obsessions at one place.

audrey hepburn.jpg


That's right divas, fashionistas, and cats with no name...if you didn't already know, Tiffany & Co. now offers an extravagant line of high class eyewear to compliment all that bling. Summon style icon Audrey Hepburn as Miss Holly Golightly while sporting the sleekest shades on earth, standing on Fifth Avenue in front of that famed Tiffany window eating a danish out of a bag. Somebody cue Moon River.

My favorite? Easy. The Tiffany Voile Rimless at $430. Gotta have those Swarovski crystal embellishments.

The only problem? They won't fit in that signature robin's egg blue blox.

Teen beat.

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You don't have to be a teenager to dress like one...that is, if you're under sixty. Sorry Mammer (I used to have a friend who called her grandma made me laugh).

Cardinal rule in wearing clothing meant for teenagers-

1. As long as your boob and/or hiney isn't hanging out, you're fine.
2. Be wary of message tees. You don't want to be a thirtysomething prancing around town in a T-shirt advertising that you pooped at the mall today. That's just poor form.

Take a look at this cuter than a kewpie doll Jennifer Dress from dELiA*s.

delias jennifer dress2.jpg

It's tropical chic, age appropriate, and at $39.50, you won't have to blow your entire allowance on it.

p.s. Next time you hit the ladies room at the mall, keep it to yourself Mammer.

*Keepin' it PG-13,


Obsession confession.

I have an obsession with shoes I can't walk in.

Call me an overachiever, or just a plain dumbass...Ever since I set my sights on marrying the Karate Kid, I've loved a challenge, which is why I'm setting my sights on Steve Madden's Champyun Sandals. I'll be feeling like Flo Jo if I can make it through one full day in these kicks without busting my patellas.

steve madden campyun sandal.jpg

I didn't have much luck with my last Olympic challenge, but I'll keep on fighting 'til the end...

Once the leg brace comes off, these babies are mine.

No time for losers, 'cause we are the champyuns...of the shoes.


Summer lovin'.

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Summer lovin', had me a blast...
Summer lovin', my Neiman's credit card I maxed...
I bought a sundress, cute as can be
Some Prada wedges, now the look's complete.
Summer fun, something's begun
but ah oh those summer nights.

Oh well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!


Tell me more,


Bite Me.

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It's official. I've been bitten by the Bitten bug.

If you didn't already know, fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker has her own line of apparel sold exclusively at Steve & Barry's stores nationwide. The line is aptly named Bitten...I know what you must be thinking: big ass flower pins, vintage frocks, miles of Manolo Blahniks, gold nameplates, newsboy caps...a fusion of whimsical eclectic, neo-bohemian, and princess couture. You're wrong.

sjp bitten.jpg

The key looks are comprised of American classics- smart, comfortable staples that are wearable, and made for chicks of all ages, shapes, and sizes...and I went and saved the best for last- Bitten won't break your bank. In fact, every piece in the line is priced at $19.98 and less. If you don't believe me, check out this Mercer two button vest for $8.98. That's a deal that's good enough to eat.


Sarah Jessica says, "Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right." True dat Sarah. It's our inalienable right. I think we need another amendment to the Constitution...the right to bear cool, cheap duds. I'll write to my Congressman.

I've bitten off more than I could chew.

* sammy.

Gone with the Cami.

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Spring is almost here, and nothing says Spring more than camis and capris...except maybe ladybugs and daffodils.

Score the franky cami from JCrew before they're all gone with the wind. You can layer it, or wear it as it comes in other fun colors like sour lemon and fresh clover. It was $58, but i'll give it to you for $39.99...because you look hot today.

franky cami2.jpg

If it's not your style, that's cool. Franky cami, I don't give a damn.

*Keepin' it thrifty,


Art for Dress's Sake.

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Because sometimes, you just want a dress that's easy like Sunday morning...


This simply sweet Matte Jersey Dress by BCBG will make you feel like you just walked off the wall of the MOMA. Put it on and paint the town fantastic. Hopefully you won't be accosted by tortured artists with one ear.

Plus, you can afford it on a starving artist income...well, as long as you don't eat for a week.

*Keepin' it arty.


The Bag ate my Posh.

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Want me to tell you what I want, what I really really want?
I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want...

I really want to understand this new Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer ad campaign.

posh marc2.jpg

This has been a hot topic amongst fashion bloggers everywhere, so I figured I should jump on the Beckham Bandwagon. Yes, for those of you who don't already know, that is in essence, Victoria Beckham spread eagle in a shopping bag. Thank goodness there are no accompanying aerial views advertising Vic's biznass. Usually I adore photographer Juergen Teller's artistically fab Jacobs ads featuring the likes Sofia Coppola, our favorite shoplifter Winona Ryder, and even tween sensation Dakota Fanning looking like a prepubescent silent film star. But this? I just don't get. Am I supposed to shop at Marc Jacobs because their shopping bags eat oversaturated, semi-talented nineties girl-band members-slash-style icons? Or am I supposed to shop there because they sell Poshes with little propellers on their heads?

posh marc.jpg

How much would a Marc Jacob's Posh be anyway? I'm guessing pricey. The whole thing just leaves a bad spice in my mouth. Unless David is tucked into that bag next to her...then I might have to take out a second mortgage and buy one.

I love you Marc Jacobs. I love your clothes no matter what celebrity is endorsing them. I love me some big ass bottles of your gardenia scented perfumes, your signature metal aviators, your Fergalicious handbags, and anything else you put your name on. Do me a favor, bring your campaign to another advertising agency and let the Posh out of the bag.

*Keepin' it real.


Shayne Lamas, daughter of Renegade Lorenzo Lamas had an interesting quote on the newest installment of The Bachelor. (Disclaimer- I don't watch The Bachelor, I accidentally left the flat screen on after Samantha Who?) So Shayne revealed to her Bachelor rather nonchalantly that her top priorities fell in this order: cars, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and watches.
"I think if you have all those five, it doesn't matter what you're wearing on your body."

Shallow Shayne? Yes. True to some extent, at least by Hollywood standards? You'd better believe it. I myself am not big on cars and I use my cell phone for a watch, but I must confess...I do love my shoes, sunglasses, and handbags. So sue me.

Sunglasses, for one, are a celebrity staple. They provide an air of mystery, shielding from harmful UV rays, and paparazzi protection when you've partied too hard the night before. Sometimes the stars get it wrong, sometimes it's oh so right. Thanks Nicole.

nicole sunglasses.jpg

So if you wanna be a celeb or just look like one, get yourself some primo specs and you'll be made in the shade. I've been eyeing these Gucci sunglasses for awhile. They're 40% off, rockstar chic, and they would look so much better on my face than that bald dummy head. No offense bald dummy head.

And Shayne, I'd love to see you try and find a car/shoe/handbag/watch/ or pair of sunglasses that could help make this look mahvelous.

*Keepin' it real.


Forget NY, I heart LC.

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I don’t care what anyone says, I dig LC. No matter if she’s wrong or right, I will always be a proud member of Team Lauren. She’s like the little sister I never had, but pretended my Cabbage Patch Kid was.


While her arch rival Heidi Montag resorts to stunt after pathetic stunt to boost her reality star status, LC is sticking to the same goals and dreams she had when she was a little itty bitty Laguna Beach baby making Barbie clothes on her kiddie sewing machine. She is using her celebreality to further her career and make a name for herself other than star of those Mtv tween soap operas".

Her new collection is California chic, youthful, and classy. Just like our girl. Tell me this dress isn’t adorable…C’mon, I dare ya. Apparently she's getting her tuition's worth at LA’s Fashion Institute of Design, the girl's got mad design skills and is staying true to her style while Heidi...well, Heidi has new boobs.

So keep on cutting demos and hacking off body parts Montag, by the time you're done Lauren will have her degree and will be well on her way to becoming the next Stella McCartney and you'll be this chick. Don't even get me started on Spencer.

*Keepin' it real.


Save it for a Rainy Day.

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I have a girl crush on Rhianna. She is so hip and happening and always looks so sleek and put together. Plus, last I heard she's dating my Lucky Number Slevin Josh Hartnett who I've adored ever since he stabbed Jon Stewart's eye out with a pencil in the Robert Rodriguez flick The Faculty.


Back to fashion. April flowers bring May showers, and without a moment's notice you may find yourself drenched, your perfectly flatironed coif ruined. Chillax. Don't blame it on the rain. Get ready for spring and take a cue from our Trinidad lady of style. Go ahead and stand under this Coach umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh). It's cuter than a basket full of puppies, fits neatly into your purse, and will keep you dryer than Dove Ultimate Clear antipersperant. I want what she's drinking.

Go ahead, rain on my parade.

*Keepin' it real.


Cheap Trick Jacket

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Confession. I online shop 'til I drop. I look for the latest bargains and rejoice when I find a designer item that i can actually purchase without having to eat ramen noodles for a month in penance for. I just found a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself, and I'd like to share my find with all you lovely fashionistas...and my newest reader Bob. Hi Bob.

Check it- The Elie Tahari Caprice jacket. It's flirty, it's feminine, it's perfectly cropped, has an adorable mandarin collar, and it'll look pretty badass with my new skinny jeans. Originally you're looking at a $628 price tag, but now you can get it on super sale at Neiman Marcus for $220...and did I mention the jacket is tricked out? Yes my friends (and Bob), it is totally reversible. So in essence you're getting two count 'em two jackets for the price of one. Or $110 each. Any way you slice it, it's a fine piece of jacket pie.

elie tahari.jpgelie tahari 2.jpg

Plus free shipping at any price with code NMAPR. Don't say I never gave you anything.

*Keeping it real.


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