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Perhaps it's because I live in Miami where it is a momentous occasion if the temperate drops below 60 degrees, but I simply do not understand the allure of the fur trapper hat.

I know they're considered elegant and wintery chic when prancing down the runway, but I would not wear one out of the house unless I was going to a costume party as Davy Crockett or Marge Gunderson from the Coen Brothers epic masterpiece Fargo.

Again I understand, baby it's cold outside and you want to keep your noggin' warm. I'm not hating so much on the plaid ear-flapped Elmer Fudd variety, but when it looks like you actually killed da wabbit and have it nesting on your head, yeah, I have a problem with that.

A snuggie is cozy, but you wouldn't wear that out in public, would you?

***The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the people who work in close proximity to me.

fur trapper hats.JPG

I wore a watch even before I knew how to tell time.

Strawberry Shortcake looked sweeter than her name implied on my wrist, and that was all that mattered. Once I mastered telling the big hand from the little hand, Mickey Mouse trumped Shortcake, then some nameless girl with pigtails followed, Betty Boop, a big Flava Flav like backpack with a big clock on the back, a Swatch here and there, and now I'm finally all grown up and ready for some big girl watches.

celebrity watches.JPG

The most multi-functional of accessories, watches clue you in on the time and sometimes the date, all while making a bling'ed out fashion statement. Never a fan of digital watches, I'm all about the Swiss movement. Celebs love their watches too, just take a look at Jaime King, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre at a recent launch party for A/X Watches in Los Angeles. Looks like they're having a time.

My brother gave my Dad a sweet designer men's watch from Fossil for Father's Day, and it reminded me how much I love the look of a big, chunky men's watch on a small dainty, feminine wrist. Here is a quartet of my favorite stylish timepieces for summer...I'm sure the ladies above would approve.

oversized gold watches.JPG

1. Take in the opulent elegance of this Daniel Steiger Moda Diamond Watch in Rose Gold from Timepieces International
for $299. It's classic, it's rich, it has 30 genuine diamonds on it. I likey.

2. Do I need a chronograph watch? Not really. Does it look cooler than all get out? Yepper. Fossil's Chronograph Champagne Dial will look super chic on my wrist, especially when layered with other shiny happy bangles and bracelets piled on. Only $125.

3. The Mr. Big Stuff of watches, this White Enamel A/X Watch from Armani Exchange is $120 and phat with a capital PH. Kinda makes me wish my initals were A & X...but then again, that would leave me with a really messed up last name.

4. Feel ready to jet set to the poshest cities in Europe in a moment's notice when you sport this Michael Kors Jet Set Watch from the Project Runway judge who hates it when models look like they're pooping fabric. $200 for the watch, boarding pass not included.

Gotta run. Time flies when you're shopping for watches.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play another exciting round of Fashion Trends I Just Don't Get.

This week's trend?

Legwarmer Shoes.

I'm sure there's a cuter, more marketable name for this high-heeled pump/slouch bootie hybrid, but I'm just calling it what it looks like - a pair of legwarmers attached to a shoe.

gladiator boots.JPG

I don't get it. What is attractive about these?

It's bad enough that they're raspberry suede (raspberry berets - cool, raspberry legwarmer shoes - uncool), but do you really need those few inches of extra breathing room? Is it helpful because your feet are warm and need a ventilated gap to help them chill, or because you want easy access for some mid-day games of footsie? Maybe they're designed for girls who want to give the foot fetished dudes in their lives an alluring sneak peak of toe cleavage.

Whatever the draw is, I'm just not buying it...or these shoes.

p.s. I don't like them in pewter either.

**Is there a fashion trend you just don't get? Send it to Sammy and be featured on Let's Talk Style!

I'm always on the lookout for studs.

I was totally intrigued one day in college when my roommate and I were hanging a heavy mirror in our new bachelorette pad and she asked if I had a studfinder handy.

"A studfinder?!" I exclaimed!

"You mean to tell me that there is actually an invention out there that helps women locate studs? Glory, glory hallelujah!"

She just shook her head, handing me the hammer.

Oh. She meant those other, less interesting wall studs.

I now have a very studly boyfriend at home who hangs all of my heavy things for me, but that doesn't mean I'm still not on the lookout for the perfect stud. Here are a few studworthy pieces that help me out whenever I want to feel 100% rock star studded.

studded with text.JPG

This cutesy Colorblock Stud Tube Dress from Wet Seal may look like it just stepped out of a clip from The Wedding Singer, but if you didn't already know, the 80's are back jack. And don'tcha just adore the fem/rock contrast with the flirty bubble skirt paired with that rockin' disco ball waistline?

There's always time for studs. When it comes to accessories, the first studded piece that comes to mind is the classic studded belt. Been there, done that. Go for the unexpected and make a statement of the times with this Burberry Studded Timepiece that doubles as a functional watch and as a tough cuff bracelet.

Not all studded styles involve black leather. Add a pop of color with these sophisticated lavender Masha Croc Slides from Forzieri . Highlighted by silver studs and an elegant buckle detail, your stems will look like they go on for days and then some.

Last but not least, challenge Bo and Luke Duke to a game of Stud poker in these short short Daisy Duke Studded Shorts from Kitson, or wear them the next time you wash your car with a studded bikini top to match.

You'll probably find some studs along the way... and I'm not talking wall studs.

Forget Johnsons & Johnsons and their no more tears philosophy, this season I'm all about the tiers. I celebrated tax day last week by buying myself a sweet, strappy white tiered top that has quickly become my go-to-tier-top of choice. I'm not due for a tax refund but figured if the IRS is getting a chunk of my money, so should my favorite store in the mall.

Shorty-short tiered mini skirts were popular with leggy tweens and teens for a good while, and now the tiers are moving on upward. I totally get the allure. Tiered pieces are effortlessly romantic, light and airy and perfect for Spring. They soften your look when you're wearing jeans, look incredibly feminine with dress trousers and can be roughed up easily with the right boyfriend blazer or leather jacket.

tier top and tier dress styles.JPG

Take a look at this part flower/part flapper inspired Marc by Marc Jacobs Taffeta Stripe Tier Dress for instance. It's girlier than a powder puff, but has an edge that says you're all woman. You won't see this $550 frock playing seesaw on the playground. It's a big girl dress with a big girl price tag, just like this Paul & Joe Sister London tiered Top. A true splurge at $300, but it can be worn as a top or a skirt so it's really only $150 per look...see how I justify my spending?

Maybe that's why I'm not getting a refund.

Three cheers for tiers!

For the past few seasons, I've relied heavily on one effortlessly stylish staple to glam up any less than punchy ensemble. I'm happy to say that scarves have survived yet another season and are most definitely here to stay. Not for a year, but forever and a day.

The right scarf can come off as casually cool with a tank and jeans, serve as a handy cover up or wrap when a sudden chill hits, and can cover up hickeys like nobody's biznass (as well as that asian symbol neck tattoo you don't want Ma or Pa to see.) Lucky for me, I have over a dozen of them hanging in my accessory closet and have my eye on a few new, lighter Springtime scarf supplements from American Eagle Outfitters.

stylish spring scarves.JPG

Pictured above are two of my favorites in no particular order. I apologize for the lack of variety but yellow scarves are my newest obsession, ever since I saw the lovely Latika's flowing at the train station in Slumdog Millionaire. I like to think that scarf (and some schnazzy cinematography) helped International beauty Frieda Pinto score the Oscar for Best Picture, so try on this yellow AE Striped Scarf or AE Ombre Swirl Scarf...they might just have the power to take you from the slums of India to the best dressed lists of Los Angeles.

That's a wrap.

It's 2009 and you want a bold new look that says I'm rock star fabulous...You can't get any more rock star than when you're sporting a fine tight pair of leather pants.

Stella Zotis from last seasons Project Runway loved her leath-ah. If you love leath-ah as much as Stella, but you also have a soft spot for cattle, you're in luck. There's a lot of leath-ah fashions cruising down the runways including these leather inspired PVC Leggings from Les Chiffoniers that look even cooler than the ones Olivia Newton-John parades in at the end of Grease.

leather pants with text.JPG

Both Kate Moss and Juliette and the Licks frontwoman Juliette Lewis have been seen around town wearing the leggings from this hot new label. For a look with an edge, you simply cannot lose.

If you're not PETA-friendly, go for the real thing with these Leather leggings for $955.

Grease is the word.

One day I found a pair of my mother's old vintage sunglasses from the seventies laying in an old drawer. It was like eyewear Christmas. The frames were way too big for my face but they had this fabulous geometric shape and the lenses were a cool taupe shade that I've yet to find anywhere else. I never take them off, which makes it awkward when I'm sleeping, although they do compliment my Jumpin Jammerz.

The bad news is that a good pair of vintage shades aren't that easy to come by, and if by luck you do find a pair that's lasted the test of time, you'll be paying a pretty penny for them. The good news is that retailers everywhere are honing in on the vintage sunglass craze and are offering shades that look like they just stepped off of the Boogie Nights set, and at prices that are totally made in the shade. Plus, the new vintage lenses of today offer the ultimate in UV protection...which is a feature our mamma's sunglasses sadly lacked.

vintage eyewear with text.JPG

These tortoise shell Shield Sunglasses from CCS have a great amber color and shield from the harshest of summer rays with 100% UVA and UVB protection for only $14.99. If you want to go a little pricier and a little more glamorous, you can't beat these Dynasty Sunglasses from Active featuring Coconut Crème Fade frames and Cream Fade lenses for $100.
And for days out on your vespa, go all Poncherello out Chips style with a pair of sleek metal rimmed Gold Aviators from Wave Fashion for a mere $9.80. If you're not loving any of those, there's always American Apparel's new vintage eyewear line...

...or rifle through your mom's old drawers. You're bound to find something retro fabulous.


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I usually steer away from Mary-Kate Olsen when it comes to fashion trends, since she can tend to be a shall I put this...Off the mark? This time, I'm proud to report that MK has it right for once. Grunge is back whether we like it or not, so dust off your old Pearl Jam concert tees, Doc Martens, and grab some flannels.

It's not hard to achieve MK's look from head to toe. Start by throwing on a form fitting western themed plaid shirt. Don't be afraid to choose one with a slight feminine touch like this Evelyn shirt with a girlie ruffled front. Grunge 101: Grungy girls can still be pretty girls. Just don't button it all the way to the top. Then you run the risk of going from grunge to geek.

Next, nothing says grunge like some Sharpie stained nails. Slick on some dark urban nail polish until your digits resemble oil slicks, and your grunge transformation is almost complete.


When it comes to bottoms, skinny jeans, dark leggings or dark tights will do just fine, and they'll look gas station attendant hot shoved into a pair of Steve Madden Black Ankle booties, a definite fashion upgrade from your old battered Docs and Converse.

I like where you're headed MK. Not a 10 on the chic scale, but not a 1 either. Maybe in the upcoming year you'll finally end up on someone's best dressed list.

By the way, did mumus ever really catch on?

What a waist.

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High waisted shorts.

You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I personally hate 'em...but I have a pair of hips worthy of giving birth to the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family brood combined.

High-waisted jeans were showing up on Hollywood starlets like crazy last season begging the question - is this style really flattering? Or is it just a camel-toe no-no? The question remains now that shorter versions are coming out to play.

In my humble opinion, if you're a skinny minnie and can rock 'em like there's no tomorrow, go right ahead. Fashion is about taking risks, isn't it? As long as you aren't risking a trip to the psych ward.

highwaisted short shorts.jpghighwaist.jpg

As for me, come hell or high-waisted, I will not be sporting any high-waisted shorts or pants this season...or any season for that matter. Some trends just aren't for you. Trust your inner voice that says "people will make fun of me" because odds are if you think they will, girlfriend...they totally will. Plus, there's a mighty fine chance you'll end up in Glamour magazine's Don't list with that pesky black bar across your face, documenting your lapse in judgment for all eternity.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to a spring kickball game with Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy. We're playing the Huxtable kids, and Rudy's got mad hand-eye-foot coordination.

*Keepin' them hip slung,


Rock the vote.

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I'm not usually one to publicize my political affiliations, but when I noticed this new wave in fashion tees...I just couldn't resist.

Whether you want to Barack and roll all night and party every day, or you believe the Hills are alive with the sound of Clinton...get it off your chest (or in this case on your chest) with these cooler than congress democratic presidential tees.

barach tee.jpghillary tee.jpg

The Presidential race is on. Knowing a thing or two about the candidates is sexy. I for one get hot and bothered at the slightest mention of the word superdelegates. So be proud and show the world what team you're on. You wore those dumb Team Aniston/Team Jolie shirts when Jen and Brad first broke up didn't you?

And don't think I'm being biased here...For all the Republicans in the house with McCain on the's a shirt offering some right wing McLovin'.

and if you're still undecided...

*Keepin' it patriotic,

uncle sammy

I heart earth.

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I've noticed a trend in stores lately that makes me happier than Charlie Bucket after he snagged that last Golden Ticket to hang with Willy Wonka. Everyone and their mother is offering recyclable bags and totes this season. Designers have finally gotten an earth conscious clue and are showing the world recyclable bags are good and trendy enough to wear outside of the grocery store. It's like you aren't cool if you don't have one. That double negative makes a positive in my book.

I'm loving this cute, fun, 100% renewable resource AE Burlap Love Tote from American Eagle Outfitters. It's $19.50, eco friendly, and roomy enough to tote around all your stuff. Fill it with sandcastle making supplies and spf 30 for your next beach trip, goodies from your next shopping spree, or better yet- use it to drop off some plastic bottles at the nearest recycling station. My favorite part? It features a double sided LOVE screenprint that totally fills me with warm fuzzies.

love tote.jpg

Both Oliver Twist and the Black Eyed Peas have pondered where is the love? in song. I say, it's in this tote.

*Keepin' the earth healthy,


Jock Itch.

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Once upon a a Hollywood far, far away, the princesses of Tinseltown found their Prince Charmings in the forms of sleazy, tatted, not-so-pretty rockstars. Times have changed in La La Land, and now there's a new Prince Charming on the horizon, seducing fairy princess supermodels, it girls, and pop stars alike...The athlete.

Gisele Bündchen had another idea of Fantasy Football in mind when she traded Leonardo DiCaprio in for New England quarterback Tom Brady, even though he already had a bünd in the oven with actress Bridget Moynahan, (oooh scandalous). Eva Longoria shot and scored and is now desperate housewife to San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker while Hilary Duff said goodbye to Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden and hello to Mike Comrie. Apparently she's been spotted skating around town with the NY Islanders center and could care less her ex just had a baby with Nicole Ritchie...(Good form Hilary, someone get that girl a hat trick). Lest I forget our little tunafish challenged Jessica Simpson...It's a lot warmer than 98 degrees with Dallas CowboyTony Romo who thinks both Nick Lachey and John Mayer made huge fumbles in dumping a girl whose body is like, a total wonderland.

giselle and tom.jpgeva l and tony.jpg

This trend all makes perfect sense really, reverting back to high school days when the jocks got the cheerleaders, the homecoming queens, dance line captains...the Mean Girls personified. The cheerleaders never went for the dark, poetic, ratty looking musicians who spent all year prepping for the Battle of the Bands back then...they went for the testosterone fueled, muscled dudes who could crash a beer can on their head without flinching.

Personally, I think it's easier to date an athlete over a musician any day. Musicians are too sensitive. They break their guitars on stage and then cry about you hurting their feelings. Athletes are easier than a game of kindergarten kickball. As long as you feed them lots of Chunky soup and have tons of Icy Hot on hand, you're good to go.

It's all a matter of taste, but I have a feeling this star athlete hookup trend is going to last awhile. Don't be surprised if Jessica Biel dumps Justin Timberlake's ass because her ex Derek Jeter is bringing sexy back...

...and they all lived happily ever after.

*Keepin' score,


I'm with the Hair band.

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We interrupt this blog to bring you an important trend alert. You shouldn't panic, nor should you rest easy. This is an orange alert. Stay where you are as we continue to bring you up-to-date information on whether this trend poses an imminent threat to the homeland.

Reportedly seen on twenty/thirty something girls everywhere, insiders report that it is now cool to tie ribbons around your head like a Pochahontas flower power love child.


Spotted on subjects Lindsay Lohan, Molly Sims, Stefanie Pratt of The Hills, the girls in the Urban Outfitters catalog, and that weird Amis girl who got booted off America's Next Top Model.

The Hair band Security Advisory System urges us to continue to be vigilant, take notice of our surroundings, and report suspicious hair band activity to local authorities immediately. Establish an emergency preparedness kit and emergency plan for yourself and for your family should you find yourself or a loved one contemplating tying one on, succumbing to the madness.

Do not fret. I repeat, do not fret. We shall get through this together, as fashion conscious Americans. Let us crown thy good with brotherhood (instead of hair bands) from sea to shining sea. If we survived bell bottoms, shoulder pads, and Lara Flynn Boyle's fashion faux pas...we can get through anything.

*Keepin' you orange alerted,


It's getting warmer outside, and you know what that means...out with the cute multicolored tights and in with the self-tanner. It's barely Spring and you're already catching glimpses of stars baring all, and not just on their celebrity sex tapes.

Take Jessica Simpson and her archrival Vanessa Minnillo wearing what can only be described as some itsy bitsy teenie weenie denim faded-wash shortkinis. Those shorts are short. Seriously. It makes me wonder if Vanessa and Jess are in the middle of some kind of bizarre Short Off competition, like the infamous Dance Offs we hear about involving Britney, Justin, and all the other mouseketeers turned celebrities.

short shorts.jpg

I myself would never dare wear shorts that short. 1- I don't use Nair, and 2 - I wouldn't be able to shake the feeling I was in public wearing really stiff, uncomfortable panties. To take the Daisy Duke debate a step further, I wonder...are Vanessa and Jessica battling it out for media attention? For Nick's attention?...Each other's attention? I'm probably speculating too much. Maybe they just had a really good sale at Gap Kids. Whatever the reason, I'm guessing the showdown is just beginning.

It's already been broughten.

*Keepin' it covered,


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