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Project Runway

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At least this week they got rid of someone who needed to go. Robert, we won't even remember you were there.

How fabulous have Michael's creations been the last three weeks? He's the one I'd pick to design something for me. Consistent, thoughtful, humble, listens to the client, knows what looks good on women, unique flair that doesn't overwhelm the person wearing his clothes...He's got it all.

What did you think of "the fight"? You never know for sure if they left something vital on the cutting room floor to manipulate us, but they sure made Jeffrey look like an insensitive butthead. I mean, I know he hates Angela, but dude, that's her MOM. You don't disrespect the mom.

Okay, and Laura being pregnant with her sixth child? I thought her mom was going to cry. In the bad way. Yikes. Though I do admire her humor and can-do attitude. What did she say? At this point it doesn't really matter how many, I'll just throw it on the pile with the rest? Hi-larious. Mellow mom AND a style goddess whose red lipstick never smudges? Almost makes me think I could have children.

And you know there's a bunch of midwestern moms crying right now because they just saw how much all the designers bitched behind their backs about their "plus"-size.

All in all, a weird episode. I got uncomfortable insight into everyone. Things I'm not sure I really wanted to know about any of the designers, including Michael Kors. It was a little too much like sitting in on a bad therapy session, or a couple arguing at a nice restaurant. The bad kind of conflict that actually makes you look away instead of leaning in to eavesdrop. Basically, I just feel really awful for everyone involved. Hope Bravo set aside some money for counseling.

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