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Confession...I have a love/hate relationship with hats.

Ever since my 17th birthday when the señoritas at Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant forced a giant sombrero onto my head and took incriminating photos, I've had a phobia.

Don't get me wrong. I love hats. Wide brimmed, skull caps, cowboy, pork pie. Debbie Gibson was my style icon for all three years of middle school for God's sake. I can still do the Electric Youth dance. I am not a hat hater. I think hats are a fantastic throwback to classic times when gloves and fancy headwear were staples, and they look great on everyone else...but me.


I wish I could wear them gracefully à la Ash, and the Olsen twins...but whenever I try, I end up looking more like a poor man's Duckie from Pretty in Pink than my girl Sienna Miller. You don't even wanna hear about the time I attempted a trucker cap.


So if you gotta have headgear this Spring, hat's off to you. Just a word of advice... If you're going to succumb to the trend, find one that suits you and compliments your noggin'.

Oh, and don't go to Chi-Chi's for your birthday.

*Keepin' my head naked,


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Bert Fischer:

I'm curious where you fall on the bandana debate . . . also do you have any thoughts on the likelihood that Bret Michaels wears a bandana as a head band as a fashion statement or as means to deal with male pattern baldness.



good question. bandanas (aka doorags) are fine if you're invited to an Ashley Simpson hoedown, but aren't very stylin' in my humble opinion.

bret michaels has more serious issues to contend with than his bandana...getting restraining orders on all those rock of love girls for one. i'm thinking a knotted pantyhose on his head might make a nice alternative.


Bert Fischer:

I actually was able to catch a glimpse of Bret's "To Do List" and I think get restraining orders was his next task after stopping by the VD Clinic.

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