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Jamba Juicy.

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I'm torn. More torn that Natalie Imbruglia circa 1997.

Juicy Couture rocks. From their Real Housewives of Orange County velour track suits, to their stylin' bags and bling...You aren't really a celebrity It girl, if you don't have some Juicy in your walk-in California closet. Which leads me to their latest ad campaign.

juicy perfume.jpg

I always love Juicy ads. They're fun, original, colorful, and boy do they take risks. But much like the Posh Spice Marc Jacobs ad that bewildered me last week, I'm missin' something. First thing's first. Not to be beeotchy, but I hate the bow. Seriously kids, Christian from Project Runway could fashion me an entire dress out of that bow, and you know it'd be fierce.

Now the image itself is cute and sweet in a sodashop, Lady and the Tramp spaghetti dinner kinda way...but c'mon now. One- Is this what models are resorting to now to stay thin? Drinking fragrances instead of wheatgrass? Two- that Giant Parfum Atomizer Bottle is $3,000 bucks. I kid you not. If that's how you roll, pocket the cash and drink a bottle of Love's Baby Soft or Coty's Wild Musk from Walgreens.

I'm just sayin'.

*Keepin' it juicy.


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