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Red Sole Searching.

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You know you've officially arrived in Hollywood when you own your first pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Dudes, stop reading here. No offense but you just won't get it. Christian Louboutin heels are like Porsches for your feet. The holy grail of fashionable footwear, Louboutins have achieved a major cult following among Hollywood's elite making appearances on red carpets, awards shows, and on a plethora of best dressed lists. Yes, I said plethora. It was my vocab word of the day.

The signature red soles have been spotted on the stems of many a Hollywood siren - Cameron, Madonna, Angelina, Mandy, and Gwyneth to name a few... Hell, even Oprah claims to wear them them every day when she tapes her show. In fact, I bet that's how Barack got her to endorse him so strongly...by tossing some Louboutins her way.

If I had a million dollars... I would buy myself these Christian Louboutin Zip-Up Platform Sandals.

zip up platform.jpg

They're only $995, which is a steal for Louboutins...so in theory I would still have a big hunk of cash leftover. Too bad I'll need the other $999,005 to pay off my hospital bills when I break every bone in my body trying to walk in them.

Beauty hurts. Keep walking.

*Keepin' both feet on the ground,


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