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Rock the vote.

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I'm not usually one to publicize my political affiliations, but when I noticed this new wave in fashion tees...I just couldn't resist.

Whether you want to Barack and roll all night and party every day, or you believe the Hills are alive with the sound of Clinton...get it off your chest (or in this case on your chest) with these cooler than congress democratic presidential tees.

barach tee.jpghillary tee.jpg

The Presidential race is on. Knowing a thing or two about the candidates is sexy. I for one get hot and bothered at the slightest mention of the word superdelegates. So be proud and show the world what team you're on. You wore those dumb Team Aniston/Team Jolie shirts when Jen and Brad first broke up didn't you?

And don't think I'm being biased here...For all the Republicans in the house with McCain on the membrane...here's a shirt offering some right wing McLovin'.

and if you're still undecided...

*Keepin' it patriotic,

uncle sammy

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