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Bathing Suit up

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Dear Caprilee,

It's bathing suit season and I'm having a dilemma. I try on cute bikini sets, but either the top fits and the bottoms don't or vice versa. What am I supposed to do?


Sagging bikini bottom girl.


Dear Saggy,

Never fear, Caprilee is here.

Hit American Apparel for bikini separates!

They come wrapped up individually in these cute little plastic baggies in different sizes and colors, so you can mix and match and find the perfect fit for your tatas as well as your cheeky cheeks. They also have pretty funky pieces that are very Saturday Night Fever circa 1977.

aa suit.jpg

If you're sticking with separates, Carabella is also rocking some perfect mix and match swimwear.

As for me, I'll be in the hot child in the monokini sipping mojitos on the beach.


***Any fashion questions? Fire away! Just leave them in a comment and Caprilee promises to get to them...
(although she may be fashionably late).

Comments (1)

Becky Dedas:

Sammy, I have been searching for a certain bathing style. I have seen women wearing them in Jamaica and I have some Victoria's Secret underwear that look like the bottom. Victoria's Secret calls the underwear bottom "cheeky" but I can't seem to find that style anywhere. Not even VS swimwear but I have seen women wearing them. Any ideas?? I really like the look of the bottoms. I thought they were Tangas but the Tangas I have found don't look like what I am looking for. HELP!!!!!!! B.Dedas

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