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J Love and Special Sauce

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Lately there's been big talk about Jennifer Love Hewitt's big weight loss. Ever since pictures of her surfaced in a bikini looking virtually unacceptable by Hollywood standards, J Love has been scrutinized and open to tons of scathing tabloid and blogosphere burns. That must have hurt, even more than the dozens of times Bailey Salinger broke her heart on Party of Five.

Whenever I blog about celebrities, I always try to find the most flattering pictures I can to pair with my editorial piece. It's a simple respect I have for my girls. I know I don't want to be tagged in unflattering photos on MySpace or Facebook, so I follow the golden rule: "Post photos of others as I would have others post photos of me".

Exhibit A-


Bloggers who aren't as kind as yours truly will have to find another celebrity to bring to tears because this week Jennifer Love turned up on the cover of USWeekly having lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks. She's showing off her new wedding-ready body, is ready to premiere a new season of Ghost Whisperer and has found a healthier, happier outlook despite all of the media scrutiny she's been put through.

I personally thought she looked just as beautiful before all of this nonsense surfaced, especially when sporting her hot Hanes all-over comfort bras, but that's just me...

...and I'm golden.

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