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The sequel to the tween hit The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has been delighting women young and old this summer, reuniting the four best friends of various shapes and sizes who share a magical pair of jeans that miraculously fits each girl to perfection. A Gossip Girl, a Gilmore Girl, an Ugly Betty and a Joan of Arcadia pass around this pair of secondhand wonder jeans while they're apart to help them stay connected as their lives catapult in different directions.


I haven't seen the sequel, but this theme made me wonder if other such sisterhoods exist. Imagine girls and women of all ages, shapes and sizes sharing their bottoms... It's a novel idea really, with financial advantages as well as nostalgic, bonding ones. If you can't afford a sweet pair of True Religion or Seven jeans, grab your girls and split the cost of a pair with the understanding that whoever has the hottest date planned on a Friday night gets sole custody of said jeans.

And why stop at pants? I say let's give birth to sisterhoods all over the nation. Personally, I'd love to initiate a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits starting with this hot Denim Halter Number from Bebe. It's $228, but split amongst my four best girls...that only comes out to $45 bucks and some change each. And just like the pants in the movie, they'd magically fit every one of us! Brilliant!


If you think I'm onto something, check out some other swell pantsuits at Metrostyle.com. Or be creative and branch out with your own Sisterhood of the Traveling Hot Pants, a Sisterhood of the Traveling Trouser Pants, a Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants, the options are endless...

I'd draw the line at a Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties though, that would be less than sanitary.

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How inventive. And now quoted so to speak by Hillary.


thanks sherri! welcome to the sisterhood!


my tatas wouldn't fit in that.

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