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Break out in a hot sweat.

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My boyfriend ran a 5K race last weekend. I ran up my credit card bill shopping.

I hate working out.

I don't like to sweat. I don't even like the recording artist Keith Sweat and only run if I'm being chased in order to save myself from dying a sad, untimely death. I was wondering why I have such an aversion to the gym, and I came to a startling conclusion... I don't dig the clothes.

Most of the time, if I venture to the gym or attempt to work out outside of the house rather than in the comfort of my own loft with my Yoga for Beginners DVD, I'm wearing a baggy T-shirt that I no doubt got for free at some radio station giveaway, and a pair of sweatpants that have a hole in the crotch.

Okay, the pants aren't that bad, and they're comfy, so I'm not giving those up just yet...but my upper half needs work (which ironically is the opposite when it comes to muscle groups).

Here are a few noteworthy workout pieces that will make me feel like I'm really workin' it the next time I go to the gym.


1. I have bangs. When you work out, there's nothing worse than sticky bang syndrome. For a cool alternative to bobby pins that will keep your fringe off that forehead, this Prince Cushion Headband does the trick (although I'd rather it said Princess).

2. This sweet yellow Reversible Hoodie is cuter than Tweety bird and is two hoodies in one with a cool black and white striped print on the other side. More for your money, and the folks at 24 Hour Fitness won't laugh at you for always wearing the same thing every day.

3. If you want a tough, edgy gym look that says biker babe through and through, try on this charcoal Biker jacket that looks as comfortable as it is cool. Don't be surprised if some dudes with Harleys parked outside try to pick you up. It comes with the territory.

4. American Apparel has some great workoutwear that makes me want to work out, just so I can wear the clothes. This Unisex California Fleece Hood is one of the items on my wishlist, and since it's unisex, my guy and I can trade off...as long as I don't get my normal extra-small. No way those guns are fitting into my sleevies.

5. Last but not least, these Champion Wristbands make me feel like I'm as hot as Wonder Woman with her golden cuffs, and my cuffs have special powers too, they soak up the sweat and keep me looking dewy fresh rather than soppingly stinky.

Make room on the treadmill baby, I think I'm ready to sweat it out.

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Janyce Sapnu:

I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks!

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