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Alright, it's more rust than raspberry, but then I'd lose my hook.

You don't have to be a French mademoiselle to say Oui Oui to beret fashion. Celebs have rocked the beret casbah all summer long in the sweltering heat. With the weather starting to chill up a bit, I think now is the perfect time to rely on these old Parisian accessories to bring a dash of international glamour and appeal to your Fall wardrobe.

raspberry beret.JPG

Just check out some of the star studded heads these berets have been topping lately: Lauren Conrad, Selma Blair, Hilary Duff, Rihanna, Fergie, Rachel Bilson and lest we forget the political devil in a blue dress Monica Lewinsky.

Since Faye Dunaway wore her cream colored cap in Bonnie and Clyde back in 1967, berets have been synonymous with chic, an American staple when it comes to fashionable head wear. Pick up one of these hip Wide Rimmed Berets for yourself this Autumn. It's not the kind you'd find in a secondhand store...unless you consider Urban Outfitters a secondhand store.

Hip, hip beret!

What the models had to say...

VP Debate with text.JPG

Mini me.

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Dear Caprilee,

It's starting to get cold, so I had to retire my favorite mini skirt with my bikinis, short shorts and tank tops. Any ideas for looking stylish during the climate change?



Hi Kris,

There's no doubt about it. Fall's here, winter's a comin'.

Who says you have to ditch that cute denim mini?! Certainly not I.

Pull a Tim Gunn and make it work with a pair of cute Opaque tights and your gams will be properly concealed and safe from the elements. Take it from an expert Kris, these tights are tight.

If you're like me, you'll want to pick up a bunch, one in every color in case you get runs (I bet all of my male readers are giggling right now because I brought up getting the runs...not those runs boys). Go crazy with a different hue for every day of the week. Alloy will hook you up with burgundy, dark brown, rust, gold, gray, blue, purple and black and one size fits all, so they adapt to your shape effortlessly.

mini me4 text.JPG

...add a pair of sexy knee high boots and you have my total seal of approval. You'll get brownie points if you top it off with a raspberry beret.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Caprilee!

One of my very best friends lives in Boston Mass. According to the weather channel this morning, it's 47 degrees up there today in Beantown. It's a sweltering, muggy 82 degrees in Miami. I'd give my favorite chunky ring for a 35 degree drop down in these parts.

I may not be in the market for cute coats to keep me snuggly warm, but my girl up in Boston is, so I thought I'd spend the morning scouting out hot winter outfits for her... My inspiration? Leighton Meester, aka Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl fame.


I'm sure my friend already has tons of turtlenecks in her closet. In my humble opinion, they serve as the winter equivalent of the summer tank top. Get some in a few basic colors like these sweet Thumbhole Turtlenecks, and you'll have tons of layering potential. Or go the unlayered route less traveled and wear it by itself with a pair of boot leg jeans. It's certainly hot enough to go it alone. By the by, did I mention these babydoll turtlenecks are only $7.99? A great deal if you ask me, especially considering the fact that Blair Waldorf's probably cost $799.

Caprilee's blog yesterday was tight on tights, so I won't be repetitive, I'll just move straight to the main event: The coat. My friend moved to a posh new apartment a few months back and sadly lost her collection of winter coats in the process. This Primaries & Cream Coat from BB Dakota has so much visual interest, I can't stand it.

Love the plaid, love the cowl neck (wear up or down to create totally different mod looks), love the lovely autumn shades from pumpkin to caramel that'll go with everything in your closet, and most of all...I love the price. It's only $72.99 from Modcloth.com which again is a great steal when you compare it to Leighton's. Hers probably cost close to my next mortgage payment.

I may be sweating here in Miami, but I can still ride my Bostonite's coattails.

Model Workout.

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bag pilates with text4.JPG

Molly's Mall

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I have a sweet treat for all of my teen readers...

If you haven't discovered Molly's Mall yet, you oughta be ashamed of yourselves.

I am totally into this new interactive web series for teens (and not just because my best friend's daughter is one of it's stars). Molly's Mall features an adorably hip Chloe Greenfield (better known as John Stamos's sidekick Sarah on ER). Here she stars as Molly Walters, a resourceful 13 year old cutie who always finds a way to help out her wacky family and cool friends. If you loved Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains it All for You, you'll fall for Molly faster than you can say Hannah Montana reruns.

Once you've watched the full episode in HD, head to the mall with your girls for some shopping, style and hijinks.

Here are some key Molly inspired pieces that will work whether you're heading to the mall, Johnny Rockets for hamburgers and fries with that shake, or just hanging out on the couch watching football with your Pop.


1. Molly knows the quality of a good vest. It can take your look from "cute" to "smokin' hot" in an instant. Slip on this Jocelyn Vest from dELiA*s with skinny jeans, over a dress, or rock it like Molly's mini skirt/vest combo.

2. Let Molly's positive vibes rub off on you with this feel good Happy Face Tank. You won't have to text smiley faces to your friends all day, just point to your chest.

3. Molly is a Miami girl like me, so she can wear short skirts all year round. Jealous? If you live in a Northern climate, wear a Talia Denim Mini with leggings during the winter, and when spring comes along you'll be good to go.

4. If you don't have a pile of friendship bracelets to pile on your wrist, score some of these Bali Bracelets from Alloy. They come in a thirty-piece set so you can wear them all at once, or share them with all your stylin' girlfriends.

5. Kick it with these classic Converse OX kicks that come in twenty-two colors to choose from...Splurge on a few so you'll have a perfect match for every ensemble.

*Happy Shopping, and don't forget to check out Molly and all her zany mall adventures!

I am almost seven months pregnant and am increasingly clumsy and off balance, due to my ever expanding baby-belly. It has gotten to the point that I can no longer wear high heels. I need something flat and comfortable but cute. I don’t want to look like I am wearing grandma shoes. Help!



Dear Too-young-for-bingo,

Mommy's got a bun in the oven!

1. Congratulations!

2. You've come to the right place.

I've already given my readers an alternative to the Mom jean...now let's work our way down.

I'm betting that besides the hormonal changes, back/leg aches and fatigue you're experiencing the pregnant woman's hell...swollen feet.

You're right on the money- you need flats. By month seven, you don't have the time or the balance to be tottering around in heels that are anything over 2 inches. They'll only add to your pain and make you want to smack your baby daddy for getting you in this position in the first place.

Look for flats that come in wider sizes (swelling may make your regular size and width totally unbearable), and Slip-ons are a must. What pregnant woman wants to bend over to tie her shoe laces? Another feature baby mamas need? Decent arch support. If you can't find a pair you're crazy about that feature good arch support, no sweat- add an easy-does-it insert that'll get the job done for you.

mom shoes5.JPG

Say goodbye to the 5 inch Steve Madden's you used to wear to the clubs, and give your feet a break by slipping on a pair of these Hush Puppies Break flats. Indulge in sleek, comfortable fashion with the these adorable low-cut skimmers that feature leather lining, a latex footbed, and trim EVA wedge midsoles that provide cushioning and breathability, while the two-color molded rubber sole adds grip and stability for those days when you're totally off balance.

Cute with jeans or your flirtiest maternity sundresses, and they're on sale, so Mommy gets her new pair of shoes while baby gets a new pack of Pampers.

Best wishes for an easy delivery!


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Caprilee!

A Model poem.

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model jump no text.JPG

Three little models jumping on the bed
One fell off and broke her head.
The agent called the doctor and the doctor said:
"That's what you get for jumping on the bed", then...

"Wow, you're hot.

If I won the Florida Lottery that is now prized at a whopping 37 million smackers I would:

1. Get a head start on handling the global economic crisis.

2. Take Barack and Michelle Obama out for cocktails.

3. Order this hot off the runway Autumn look from Net-A-Porter.

4. Buy a puppy. Preferably one that fits in my pocket.

lotto buytext3.JPG

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a cop. Then I could arrest that white blond bully kid who used to terrorize the neighborhood and throw rocks at our house. Then I saw what female cops had to wear...

Now, I want to be Jenny Lewis.

I want her pipes, I want her clothes, I want her style...I want her ability to wear a sequined tuxedo one-piece and feel comfortable enough to leave the house.

jenny street1.JPG

Troop Beverly Hills aside, she dated Jake Gyllenhaal and escorted him to his Donnie Darko premiere...that's enough to warrant my envy for all eternity. Plus, my favorite Rilo Kiley frontwoman has a new solo album out called Acid Tongue that I have on constant repeat on my iPod. I may not be able to sing with the likes of Elvis Costello, Jonathan Rice and Zooey Deschanel like my girl Jenny does, but I can certainly nail her style.

Jenny's look is ever changing, but there are three main principles she always swears by...

1. Something vintage.
2. Something rock star.
3. Something inherently feminine.

jenny style2.JPG

If you want Jenny's look you can start off by growing out those luscious locks and dyeing your hair red with a little help from Féria. Once you're I Love Lucified, it's time to score something vintage. Slip on this delicate Melina Party Dress from dELiA*s in a lovely shade of cream to avoid clashing with your fiery new head of hair.

For your token rock star piece, avoid the skulls and crossbones and go with something leather. I dig this Braided Leather Cuff from Urban Outfitters that toughens up the party girl look, without trying too hard.

Feminize and bring the entire look together with some sweetly patterned Cableknit Tights like this pair from the Gap. They're dainty cool and a step above regular plain old tights, not to mention they totally help you out if it's been months since you've bothered with the self tanner.

I'm still searching for the lavender satin peep toes, and just in case you were wondering...

no, the carpet doesn't need to match the drapes.


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bamboozle: (Pronunciation- bam-boo-zuhl)
verb, -zled, -zling.

1. to deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like.
2. to perplex; mystify.
3. to practice trickery, deception, cozenage, or the like.
4. to wear hip, eco friendly clothing made of bamboo.

new jonano2.JPG

It happened. I woke up this morning and there was a slight chill in the air. It may not feel like a winter wonderland here in Miami, but there's definitely a call for slipping on that sweater or hoodie that's been stored in a box under your bed all summer.

I grabbed a new cardigan that had been hanging in my closet unworn, gifted to me by one of my organically inclined friends and waiting for the perfect occasion such as this. I slipped it on and was taken aback as the buttery soft fabric touched my skin. I texted my friend immediately with special thanks, unaware that she had given me the golden gift of cashmere on my last birthday. I owed her several expensive cocktails in return, especially since I had given her the gift of Yahtzee on her last birthday. She texted me back, "It's not cashmere, it's bamboo".

I had been bamboozled.

Submitted for your approval, jonäno's ecoKashmere Bamboo Cardigan, a delicate ice blue V-neck cardigan sweater featuring mother of pearl button closures, extra long length for curve hugging appeal and crafted from exceptionally soft and pure bamboo ecoKashmere for stretch resilience and lasting style.

You've heard of I can't believe it's not butter? Consider this I can't believe it's not cashmere.

Being bamboozled never felt this good.

Model bird watching

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Model bird watching.JPG

Madison Avenue

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Coach madison4.JPG

Madison Avenue, the shopping mecca of New York City.

Prada and Barney's, Dolce & Gabbana, oh my!

I'm getting excited just thinking about all the damage my AmEx card and I can do.

Unfortunately, a trip to the big apple is not in my near future, so I'll have to settle for the next best thing...a new handbag from Coach's Madison collection.

I'm eyeing the Python Sabrina for three thousand big ones, but if you can't afford the Madison Avenue price tag, there are plenty of cost efficient wallets, french purses, leather mini skinnies and wristlets to round out the collection while leaving you a few bucks for groceries.

If John McCain is elected I wonder if I can use my $5000 health insurance tax credit on these bags. They're totally health related...

If I don't have one, I'll die.

I was pulled over for speeding yesterday.

I received a citation from an overweight traffic cop who needed a uniform two sizes larger than the one he had on, some moisturizer, and the affections of a woman besides his mother.

All day and night I've been contemplating strategies that might have gotten me out of this ticket. Perhaps the "I smell bacon" comment wasn't the way to go...and I have a sneaking suspicion my playing keep away with his handcuffs while chanting "Hey Copper Copper Copper, s-wing Copper" didn't help my case either.

Here are the things I should'a, would'a, could'a said and done...It's too late for me, but they still may help you.

1. Flirty: "You had me at pull over" [wink].

2. Bargaining: "Give me a warning and I'll be your date at the next Policeman's Ball".

3. Denial/Flattery: "I couldn't have been going that fast, your radar gun must have been measuring my accelerated heartbeat after seeing your hot manly bod".

4. Dishonesty: "My water just broke".

5. Threatening: "I know what you did last summer."

6. Reverse psychology: "I wasn't going that fast Officer, I was going at least 20 miles faster".

7. Wounded: "You really hurt my feelings".

8. Suggestive: "The only crime I'm guilty of, is love in the first degree" [wink].

9. Name Drop: "Do you know who I am? I write this very popular style blog..."

10. I could have revealed my bad cop Halloween costume early...

bad cop2.JPG

At least there was no Click It or Ticket violation. If there had been, I might have tasered him.

**Check out more stylishly fun Halloween costumes from ShinDigZ by Stumps!

Puff 'em if you got 'em.

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Are puffy vests still in? I'm looking for winter jackets and don't want to bother if they're out.



Dear Maddie,

Look at you brushing up on the season's trends before you shell out some of your hard earned ducats on a new winter wardrobe. I say Bravo. We should all follow Maddie's lead and put in a little effort when it comes to purchasing seasonal clothing. Depending on where you live, you might only get to wear your new piece for a few months before the last snowball is thrown, so you'd better make it count.

It's better to invest in timeless pieces you'll look forward to wearing for a few more years, and you can always change it up from year to year with trendy accessories that are a sign of the times with price tags that are easier on your wallet. Back to your question...

Are puffy vests still in? Yes.

Puffy pirate shirts? Not so much.

Check out this Gap Puffer Vest in cool seasonal colors like squash, earth brown, off-white, true black and my favorite, the perfect shade of blue gray. Layer it over a cowlneck sweater and you've got the warmth without all the bulk of a full puffy jacket.

puffy vest.JPG

By the by Maddie, if you're in love with a trend and no one else is at that particular moment in time my motto is - "To thine own fashion self be true". Go for it anyway, unless you're really in love with pasties and coulottes...then I'd do some rethinking.


Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

Gay male model thoughts...

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gucci 3some with text.JPG

Stylista? Oh pleas-ah.

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stylista 1.jpg

The finale is over and Leanne Marshall was named the winner of our favorite guilty pleasure- Project Runway. Before you put your pin cushions back in your sewing baskets and start feeling the pangs of Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn withdrawal, there's a new fashion-themed reality knockoff to sink your sewing needles into.

Stylista is a new reality based fashion-fest trailing a rather awkward group of 11 desperate, young and sometimes clueless fashionistas as they vie for the coveted position of assistant to Anne Slowey, fashion news director of Elle magazine.

Episode two aired last night, but based on the premiere alone this stylista isn't very interested. As is the formula with most reality show competitions, casting directors make it a priority to assemble a group of contestants who will clash more than paisley and plaid. You have your token Underdog, the Egomaniac, the Sexpot, the Panic Attacked and an entire crew of familiar stock characters. Some are sweet, some are stacked and most think they're Coco Chanel. They're not.

My advice to Ms. Slowey? Drop these fashion wannabes, and hire me instead. I keep my boobs concealed and my anxiety levels under control. I'm cute, obedient, and I've got moxy. Elle needs a girl with moxy...Just ask Nina Garcia.

To the remaining ten stylistas, sorry guys...it's just business. Intern with Ralph Lauren for a few years and then we'll talk.

Like Heidi says, auf Wiedersehen.

Have a stylish Halloween!

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blythe halloween with text.JPG

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