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When I was a little girl I wanted to be a cop. Then I could arrest that white blond bully kid who used to terrorize the neighborhood and throw rocks at our house. Then I saw what female cops had to wear...

Now, I want to be Jenny Lewis.

I want her pipes, I want her clothes, I want her style...I want her ability to wear a sequined tuxedo one-piece and feel comfortable enough to leave the house.

jenny street1.JPG

Troop Beverly Hills aside, she dated Jake Gyllenhaal and escorted him to his Donnie Darko premiere...that's enough to warrant my envy for all eternity. Plus, my favorite Rilo Kiley frontwoman has a new solo album out called Acid Tongue that I have on constant repeat on my iPod. I may not be able to sing with the likes of Elvis Costello, Jonathan Rice and Zooey Deschanel like my girl Jenny does, but I can certainly nail her style.

Jenny's look is ever changing, but there are three main principles she always swears by...

1. Something vintage.
2. Something rock star.
3. Something inherently feminine.

jenny style2.JPG

If you want Jenny's look you can start off by growing out those luscious locks and dyeing your hair red with a little help from FĂ©ria. Once you're I Love Lucified, it's time to score something vintage. Slip on this delicate Melina Party Dress from dELiA*s in a lovely shade of cream to avoid clashing with your fiery new head of hair.

For your token rock star piece, avoid the skulls and crossbones and go with something leather. I dig this Braided Leather Cuff from Urban Outfitters that toughens up the party girl look, without trying too hard.

Feminize and bring the entire look together with some sweetly patterned Cableknit Tights like this pair from the Gap. They're dainty cool and a step above regular plain old tights, not to mention they totally help you out if it's been months since you've bothered with the self tanner.

I'm still searching for the lavender satin peep toes, and just in case you were wondering...

no, the carpet doesn't need to match the drapes.

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yeah, Feria burns the carpet


i agree wholeheartedly. feria does not leave you feeling very carpet fresh.

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