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To fur or not to fur.

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I have this picture of me when I was three, bundled up in an Eskimo coat smiling like a crazy kid with my baby teeth chattering, a toddler Nanook of the North if you will. I often wonder if that fur circling my face was real or faux. If that fur had been real, would my three year old self be doused with red paint today by extreme animal rights activists?

I'm guessing it wasn't real. Why would Mom waste money on a real fur lined coat for a three year old girl who would ever so stylishly grow out of it in a month or two? Not to mention all the snot I'd probably get on it.


As the weather continues to cool, loads and loads of fur coats are coming out to brave the harsh winter and the even harsher folks from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization, better known as PETA.

Fur coats used to serve as symbols of status and decadence in days of old. There was no better way to show off and tell your neighbors "Hey, I'm so rich I wear animals". Then it was diamonds and furs, today it's sunglasses, shoes and handbags that relay images of wealth. Interesting how times have changed, although diamonds are still pretty schnazzy.

Personally, I don't get the real fur thing. Besides adding lots of bulk, why would you want to wear the fur of a helpless creature when there are just as many amazing faux fur designs that feel and look just as luxurious? If you don't believe me, check out Fabulous-Furs- the authorities on guilt free fur. You'll be bound to find a cool fur accented piece of outerwear, fur sure.

Before I get any comments requesting I post that three year old Eskimo photo, don't bother.

It ain't happening.

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NO FAIR! I want that picture and I want it NOW!!


I love it when my readers get bossy.

michaela :

you MUST post that 3 year old photo & make it one of your model posing blogs! (which i look very forward to)
hmmm, what would you say?

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