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Put those ratty pj's to bed.

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On my way to work the other day, I found myself listening intently to an argument on the radio concerning women's sleepwear. The male radio hosts and several male callers were complaining about their girlfriends and/or wives and what they wore to bed...

They all had similar grievances, annoyed that at the beginning stages of their relationships, their ladies would wear sexy, slinky, sometimes naughty bits to bed. Fast forward 4 to 6 months later, and the objects of their affections are hopping into bed clad in ratty t-shirts, grandma nightgowns and pj pants with scottish terriers splattered all over them.

grandma nightgown2.JPG

Apparently, these dudes felt somewhat duped. Like they had been coerced into a relationship with the illusion that every night would be filled with bustiers, corsets, fishnets and lace. Once the wooing was over and the men were "snagged" so to speak, the women resorted back to their old comfy ways with bunny slippers and sweats with holes in the crotch.

I immediately had flashes of my own repertoire of sleep ensembles and that dreaded oversized Toy Story tee. I made a silent vow to rip it into pieces as soon as I got home and use the rags to clean the bathroom. Fortunately, the rest of my sleepwear isn't as sad. I have a few cute little babydolls and some tanks and neutral pj pants that i turn to so i don't have to change when I have to walk the dog at 6am.

Then I thought, wait...what am I doing? I was siding with the boys and feeling insecure about my own pj preferences. Then I became angry. Women have very good reasons for wearing sweats and such to bed.

1. Life isn't a Victoria's Secret catalog. Women don't spend their days leisurely sipping cocoa in skimpy camisoles and cashmere sweaters...at least not in my house.

2. Most women work for a living and work attire isn't always comfortable. The first things I want to do when I get home from a stressful day is...sadly, I admit it. I want to wear that nasty Toy Story tee. So sue me.

3. Most women have little ones and babies at home, why wear a teddy if it's going to be spit up on during a 2am feeding?

4. Sexy sleepwear is high maintenance. We can't just throw them into the washing machine. We need to hand wash or dry clean, and as busy women of the millennium - do we really have time for that?

5. Dainty sleepwear costs money guys. If you don't believe me, just check out the price tag on this Ella Silk Teddy. If you want us to look luxurious, here's a hint...buy us luxurious things.

Ladies, dress for yourself - day and night, and don't let the man in your life pressure you. If he really loves you, he should be happy no matter what you're wearing.

By the way guys...when's the last time you wore anything other than your tighty whities to bed? Case closed.

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I agree... my girlfriend always looks hot, silk or sweats.

Great post... I was glad when you took the turn from siding with the boys to admitting you love your toy-story tee. Gotta love those silky pleasures from time to time, but every night? Please...


Your girlfriend is lucky to have you Fred, and thanks Taylor..we chicks need to stick together.

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