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Merry week after Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and received many stylish gifts under your tree.

My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the movies, and this Christmas was no exception. I stood in line with my tail a wagging, anxious to sink my paws into Marley & Me, the Jennifer Aniston/Owen Wilson adaption of the bestseller about a lovable yet laborious Labrador Retreiver.

I was not alone. Marley & Me was top dog at the box office selling an estimated $37 million dollars worth of tickets during the traditional three-day weekend and earning $14.7 million alone on Christmas Day-- a new Christmas Day record.

I'm not ashamed to admit this movie made me bawl harder than a two year old on a drunk Santa's lap. It made me feel sorry for ever yelling at my puppy for peeing on the Calvin Klein duvet, swallowing a penny (costing me a small fortune in vet bills) or chewing those designer heels I loved way back when. Even though my dog was never quite the terror Marley was, I feel there's a little bit of Marley in every dog, cat, ferret, goldfish, iguana [insert your household pet of choice here]. I was touched on so many levels - it made me proud to be a dog owner, proud to be a writer and proud to have opened up my home to a darling creature who enriches my life every single day.

In honor of Marley & Me, I've searched high and low for my favorite stylish dog apparel items that your Marley is sure to love.

marley 3.JPG

1. There's no greater joy for a man than settling down on the couch with chips, brewskis and Man's Best Friend to watch the big game. Dress Marley up in this Touchdown Football Sweater from GW Little and get ready to bark up a storm at the Jaguars, Panthers and other cat themed NFL teams.

2. Through wind and weather these Paw Z Dog Boots protect your puppy's precious paws from snow, lawn chemicals, liquids, soil and sand (as well as your just shampooed carpet). Stock up on these Crocs for dogs with a dozen biodegradable rubber booties for only $12.99. They totally make my dog Zoey look like a superhero.

3. Collar - $35. Tee Shirt - $22. My Pup?...Priceless. Say it all with this Priceless Tee from In the Company of Dogs so your Marley will always know just how treasured she is.

4. When your Marley darts away from you on your next walk, rest assured she'll be returned to you in no time thanks to these un frou frou like unisex Personalized Nylon Dog Collars from Fetch Dog. Your phone number is prominently featured in case they get lost and all the dogs at the park will know your pup by name. [Sometimes a dog wants to go where everybody knows their name].

Who's a good dog?

p.s. It's not too early to get your best pal outfitted for next Christmas. Check out this Santa Dog suit for the 2009 holiday season. Just don't be upset when she swipes the cookies you leave for the real Santa.

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