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Dear Sammy,

I'm confused, is it cool to have your bra straps showing or not?



Dear Tori,

Hi there!

Color me happy, you are my very first fashion query! I wish I could send you a Spring Collection Gucci handbag as a personal thank you but sadly, the only thing I have to offer is my sound fashion advice...that and a roll of Sweet Tarts I just found at the bottom of my purse.

You've asked a great question Tori. Living in Miami, I see women traipsing around every day with their bra straps exposed and sometimes it's purposeful, sometimes it's accidental, and sometimes it's someone's Nana with a mumu that keeps slipping off her shoulders.

exposed bra straps.JPG

I can't give you a definitive right or wrong answer because there are varying fashion stances on this particular subject. Uncougar-like chicks over forty will probably turn their noses down on exposed bra straps to any degree. I'm a young, Carrie Bradshaw loving girl who doesn't mind taking the occasional fashion risk. Sarah Jessica Parker boldly went where no non-Goth girl had ever gone before baring her bra straps on Sex and the City and creating a trend that was quickly embraced and imitated.

It's relatively impossible to find a good bra nowadays for under thirty bucks, and when you're dishing out the same amount of cash you'd normally spend on a cute top, why not show it off? If you're brave and don't mind snarky stares from old ladies, go for it and get strap happy. I only have a few simple conditions...

1. Make sure the bra is pretty. If it's old and seen better days, throw it away or keep it hidden. Why advertise an ugly bra that lets the world know you spend more of your paycheck on cocktails than a trip to Victoria's Secret?

2. If the bra fits, wear it. If it doesn't fit, donate it to your little sister or smaller boobed friends and co-workers.

3. Make it a colorful solid or print. No matter how cute it is, if it's a white bra strap peeking out from your wifebeater, it's gonna look like it's a mistake. Case in point, see Britney down below. Gwen Stefani's bold Jungle Red bra says "Hey, I meant to do that" while Brit's says "I shaved my head, what do you expect?"

exposed bras.JPG

Thanks again for being my style guinea pig Tori and if you're ever bra strapped for fashion advice again, I'm just an email away.


ps - Still want those Sweet Tarts?

Having a fashion dilemma or crisis?

Need to know what top goes with what bottom?

Don't go it alone. Ask Sammy!

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For one, SJP has hideous fashion sense, and Carrie Bradshaw did serious damage to the ideas of fashion and style in America.

The picture at the start of this post is a prime example of bad bra straps. The purple top was not meant to be worn with a bra, it does not flatter her figure, and the addition of the bra straps, highlights every flaw in the outfit.

The Gwen/Britni example is on the money. Only show it off if it makes the outfit better, more complete, and a little bit flirty. Don't show it to me because you are just sloppy.


What a resourceful website. All the best.

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