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Fashion dilemma. My gay male friends said that my royal purple dress with leopard print stilettos was hot. However, my fashion guru boyfriends seems to believe that it's a fashion DON'T. I need the advice of a fashion expert!

Future Dr. Rayne


Dear Mrs. Dr. Rayne-to-be,

I am so excited because for the first time ever, I received an actual photo attached to my fashion query! I feel like I have totally hit the big time of fashion consulting. Thank you for your question Future Doctor's Wife, and you get brownie points for the smashing picture. It's much easier to know exactly what I'm working with when I have a good visual to blow up and dissect.

My initial instinct is to tell you to follow your initial fashion instinct. You wouldn't have written to me if you didn't have doubts about this daring ensemble. I think those pumps are a whole lot of shoe, and although I don't believe in die hard fashion rules, I will tell you that I, myself, would pair those leopard printed babies with jeans, a black dress, or something a little more neutral to make them pop.

Your deliciously hued royal purple frock will stand out on it's own, I promise you. You don't need the shoes to compete. Perhaps a pair of pretty metallics to complement the purple? These are only ideas, as are the tips your gay male friends and fashion guru boyfriends gave you. *Note - Queer eyes from gay guys are usually quite helpful, just beware if they gravitate towards sequins and dress up like Liza Minelli every Sunday while doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.

dress heels.jpg

In summation, remember what I always say - To thine own fashion self be true. Follow your gut and if you feel confident enough to rock the combo, I shall not stand in your way.

Just don't wear it on your wedding day to Dr. Rayne.


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i say go with the leopard/purple combo i think it's fresh as a daisy and a bit unique which is always great! i love leopard! check out this ring http://www.pearlandbutler.com/product/large_murano_glass_leopard_ring/

leopard-tastic xx

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