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A few words for Tiger Woods who has recently exhibited unstylish and unsportsmanlike behavior.

1. Don't cheat on hot Swedish swimsuit model wife. It's poor form.

2. When calling your ho regarding secretive matters involving protecting your identity, don't preface the message by saying "Hey, it's Tiger".

3. Don't crash your SUV into fire hydrants. Dogs need to pee there.

4. The next time you feel the urge to play with your club, stroke it alone, in the privacy of your own home.

tiger woods affair.jpg

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Da best. Keep it going!


Just wanted you to know I have saved your blog to my Google bookmarks.

I've check out your other blog topics as well and I think you've got great ideas/content. Keep it up!

Tiger is not being persecuted for being a man. Tiger is simply being exposed due to the actions that he brought on all by HIMSELF. He is being exposed as a complete fraud. The whole Mr. Nice Guy, family loving my wife and children stuff was a complete lie. The international world and especially American public are offended. Worst still, Mr. Family Man Tiger has totally exposed his wife and children to sexually transmitted diseases including HIV-AIDS. If Tiger hadn't been caught he would have continued with his contamination. Tiger has nailed himself on the cross--not the public.


Hello! Hey I’m coming down on Tigers side on this one. Where does this story say ‘Tiger Woods beat his wife after she assaulted him’. It doesn’t say that but it could very well have. So that fact alone keeps Tiger’s reputation in good standing with me.


I want to quote your post in my blog. Can I?
And do you have an account on Twitter?

Lucila Kehm:

haha, Tiger is so funny! hopefully he can recover from this.


Wounded Tiger. He should now learn to concentrate on his golf game.

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