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It's 2010, oh snap!

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I feel a little pressure with this being the first official post of 2010. I feel like I need to write something monumental... something of consequence... something other than I like these shoes, I don't like that hat.

I've been thinking a lot about the goals I have for this upcoming year, the goals other than answering more Ask Sammy questions per week, supplementing my handbag collection and consuming more multigrains. Since tossing back my champagne on New Year's Eve, I've realized that we're not only at the dawn of a new year, we're at the dawn of a new decade - a decade that isn't laced with the paranoia we all felt during Y2K. I've blogged about cleaning out your closet and cleaning out your shoe racks, but I have yet to blog about cleaning out your life.

One of my very best friends donates most of her time to multiple charities - from raising money for the March of Dimes and her local Transplant Foundation to helping friends who are down on their luck get back on their feet. Not only does she give back but she has inspired her teenage daughter to give back, not for community service hours or college credit, more so they can look back at the past decade together and feel like they've done something of consequence, something that counted.

Rather than seeing the end of 2010 as the end of another tax year, I'm going to do my best to make it count in 2011, 2012 and so forth, finding the things that matter to me more than the fashionable finds, the glitz and the glamour.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading, following, inquiring and blogloving. Here's to making it count.


p.s. I really like these shoes.

comic book shoes.JPG

The Adventure Begins...

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A Stella Watch I Desired

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I ordered myself a new watch for Christmas, a Stella Watch from Fossil I desired.

I had been drooling over the Chanel J12 Ceramic Watches ever since they made their first appearance on the fashion scene, but alas, I didn't have an extra 6 to 8 grand laying around. So I settled on my Stella.

My watch took longer than expected to arrive. Every evening I would wait in the pouring rain for that familiar, brown UPS streetcar to pull onto my street. For a week it would drive right past me without stopping, causing me to rip at my tee shirt in agony crying out "Stella!...Hey, Stellaaaa!"

Stella was finally delivered, changing my life the moment she got off of that brown streetcar. She was white and sparkling with gold accents, encircled by shining clear stones. As grand as Blanche DuBois, as oversized and commanding as Stanley Kowalski and as lovely and delicate as Stella.

The delivery man handed her to me, offering me a handkerchief to wipe away my tears of joy.

"Thank you kindly Sir" I offered, while blowing my runny nose.
"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

stella watch fossil.JPG

Model Exercise

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model exercise.JPG

I am always complaining about the heat and general lack of seasonal changes here in sunny Florida, but this past week we've been enjoying record low temperatures - in the 30's folks! Yes, I'm freezing my giblets off, but I'm pulling cute old coats out of storage that I haven't seen in years, decking my dog out in cold weather dogwear and I finally feel like I'm a step closer to walking in a winter wonderland.

Here are a few highs and lows of dealing with the cold.

Top 5 Things to love about Cold Weather

1. You don't have to maintain pricey pedicures.
2. You can get away with wearing your boyfriend's oversized tops and sweaters while smelling like him all day.
3. Boots, boots and more boots.
4. Frizz-free hair, natural blush, chilled lips.
5. You finally have a reason to use that furry pink toilet seat cover your mom bought you.

warm coat2.JPG

Top 5 Things to hate about Cold Weather

1. Damn, your feet are fugly.
2. Your boyfriend is pissy because you've pilfered all of his warm clothes and when you finally give them back, he ends up smelling like a girl.
3. Toe jam, toe jam and more toe jam.
4. Static-y hair, flaky face, chapped lips.
5. Cursing yourself for throwing away that ridiculous furry pink toilet seat cover your mom bought you.

Blogger down

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Fashion blogger down ladies and gents, blogger down.

I apologize for my lack of posts this week but I have a valid excuse. Your blogging hostess has been in bed for the past two and a half days recovering from a nasty, mega case of food poisoning. The culprit? A dirty apple. One shiny Red Delicious was the root of my downfall, taking me out of commission and ruining a perfectly good cowlneck top in the process. Always wash your fruit guys. Twice.

My stomach is still cramped up in knots, my lower back still aches from retching over a bucket for 16 hours straight and I'm slowly trying to nurse my digestive system back to health. After sipping juice glasses filled with Pedialyte and a bowl of condensed chicken broth, I've finally progressed to plain rice and whole wheat pasta. It's going to take me a long while before I can even think about rekindling my love affair with nachos.

How do you like them apples?

I don't.

food poisoning.jpg

Sophistication and timeless elegance ruled the red carpet last night at the 67th Annual Golden Globes with A-list ladies skimming their way down the red carpet with strategically held umbrellas protecting their fab frocks and customs coifs. Black and red ribbon pins supporting the relief efforts in Haiti made appearances on a number of gowns in the crowd but not on all, which made me wonder if some starlets had refused to be pinned for the cause. How awkward must that have been... "Uh no, I don't care to show my support for Haiti, I only want to show support for my cleavage."

But alas, the big question is - who reigned supreme? In my humble opinion, the Jens had it.

It was all about Jennifer to the 2nd power with Jennifer Aniston in a safe yet stunning simple black plunging Valentino gown with a side split that showed off some nice gams while Jennifer Garner sans Ben, dazzled in an asymmetrical slim, beaded lilac Atelier Versace gown.

best golden globe dresses 2010.JPG

There were far more good looks than bad ones, too many to name in fact, so here are a few most honorable mentions - Christina Aguilera classed it up in a peach Versace chiffon gown with metal-lined bodice, Anna Paquin shone in a gold Stella McCartney sheath and Olivia Wilde was a statuesque beauty in a sequined Gucci evening gown that she auctioned off after the show with proceeds benefitting Haiti.

Okay, she's off the hook for not wearing the pin.

As for the bad? Cher is a given, Kate Hudson's white Marchesa structured gown wasn't close to a Nine or ten in my book, January Jones looked Mad in a macabre black Lanvin gown and matching headband and Mariah Carey's blatant boob display was far from Precious.

mariah cary golden globes.JPG

Kooba Jagger Leather Tote

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When it comes to bags, I can't get no satisfaction.

No matter how much excess baggage I find myself taking on tour with me, I always want more. My newest obsession - the Kooba Jagger Leather Tote.

This imported tote looks as deconstructed as the Rolling Stones front man himself with leathery skin like Mick's, zipper details that unzip to reveal what I imagine to be a long rolling tongue and antique brass hardware that is aged way better than Keith Richards' face. Pick up your own Jagger from Bloomies, available in three colors - brown, red or paint it black.

It's $595 which means it's off limits unless I sell my vintage 1978 Stones concert tee on eBay. Oh well.

You can't always get what you want.

Kooba Jagger Tote.JPG

I had a moment of clarity today. A flash of perspective.

I was upset this morning for multiple reasons. My dog wouldn't go number two, one of my contact lenses dried up from sticking to the side of its case and I dropped and broke my make-up mirror. The light won't go on and one side of the mirror is cracked, which means seven years of bad luck that I can't afford. It wasn't my best morning.

Then, as I was driving to work, I heard a segment on the radio covering the latest relief efforts in Haiti. I heard that 9600 bottles of water and 42000 MRE Packets were airdropped, providing some victims with the first meal they've had since January 12th. I heard about how men and women were going through the rubble of what used to be their homes, looking for any piece of their former lives that could be salvaged.

I'm such a jerk. Material possessions should be the furthest thing from my mind amidst the horrific aftermath of Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti. I get upset over things like this morning's trifecta of events or losing my favorite pair of sunglasses, but I didn't lose a home, sustenance... a child.

It made my heart hurt. I ache for the families that have been torn apart. The wives who will never again be able to embrace their husbands, their mothers, fathers and babies.

band aid.jpg

In the wake of things, what I'm doing right now seems so petty, writing a fashion blog and profiling today's must-have pieces.

I'm headed to NY Fashion Week next month. I heard a rumor that it might all be canceled, considering the world events that have taken precedence over the new crop of Fall collections. Fashion Week is still a go, but I was pleased to learn that designers, models and other high profile members of the Fashion World have united, doing their part to raise awareness and funds. Narciso Rodriguez and Cynthia Rowley hosted a benefit for Haiti on Monday evening, combining efforts to raise money for the people who have more on their minds than whether structured shoulders will be in this Fall.

I may not be part of the big picture, but I hope that I can at least do my part and urge readers to give anything they can to a variety of organizations. From donating to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Efforts to Unicef or calling in to George Clooney's Hope For Haiti Telethon tomorrow night, whether it's $5 or the $15K that President Obama has given, every dime will help them rebuild and recover all that has been lost.

In the meantime, make an effort to refrain from sweating the small stuff like I do and try to embrace the ones that you love while they are still here.

Model Hair Removal

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model laser hair removal.JPG

A co-worker informed me this morning that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Bubble Wrap. We celebrate the anniversaries of bubble wrap now? Really? Martin Luther King Jr, our founding forefathers, Christopher Columbus and...bubble wrap? Lo and behold, my research informs me that an Indiana radio station decided nine years ago today, that the last Monday in January would from here on in, be celebrated as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

This will be my first year of officially observing Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and thankfully there are no religious bubble wrap worshipping prerequisites that I need in order to take part in services, I only have to give a silent thanks to bubble wrap for cushioning all of those expensive and fragile items that I've shipped or packed over the years. Or, I can give a loud popping thanks to the hours of enjoyment bubble wrap has provided me, children I've babysat and my dog by popping some Grade A bubble wrap that is sitting in my office as we speak. I can also download the ridiculously addictive bubble wrap app, or create a cool and hip bubble wrap ensemble so people on the street can reach out in a pop of solidarity. Go ahead, you know you want to.

Once you pop, you can't stop.

bubble wrap outfit.JPG

We all fall down.

Whether it's alone in the privacy of our own homes, in a public place in front of a few snickering passersby or figuratively, when we make an unfortunate stumble that we can't undo. The one thing we civilians have got going for us is that no matter how we fall, there are rarely camera crews, newspaper photographers and the fashion elite watching us while making our way down the runway of life.

Designers make models do some crazy things, wearing garments that are as confining as straight jackets, trains that are bound to be stepped on and I'm not even going to mention the shoes. I fall down in flipflops; if I had to walk in some of those torturous, sado-masochistic shoes, I would probably break all twenty-six bones in each foot.

So although this video makes me giggle, I still have to give props to these beautiful girls who do what we all have to do when becoming roadkill, both on the catwalk and in life in general.

They just get back up, compose themselves and keep on walking.

I lagged on my 2010 Sag award coverage. Sorry guys. I missed the broadcast, but I've scoured all of the image banks and have tallied my ballots. Without further ado...

My favorite look of the night was elegantly worn by my favorite Inglorious Basterdess, Diane Kruger, with a marigold, off-the-shoulder Jason Wu gown that was reminiscent of Michelle Williams' still talked/blogged about curry-colored Vera Wang Oscar dress that she wore as a Best Supporting Actress nominee back in 2006. The resemblance is uncanny, is it not?

Who else impressed? Best Comedy Ensemble winner Lea Michelle in a plunging emerald Malandrino gown, Carey Mulligan in a lovely red Lanvin gown, and Kate Hudson redeemed herself after her double red carpet bombs at the VMA's and the Golden Globes in a white plunging back Pucci number. Kate's Nine co-star Nicole Kidman, however, went all Bollywood in a hippie maxi dress looking rather dazed and confused. Just because it's Oscar de la Renta and sparkly Nicole, doesn't mean it looks good, although it was a nice shout out to last year's Best Acting Ensemble Winner, Slumdog Millionaire.

best dressed sag awards 2010.JPG

Model babies

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bag baby.JPG

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