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This is Sammy, your NY Fashion Week blogger on the scene reporting live from the Bryant Park tents. I'm checking in to let you all know that I'm still alive, I haven't experienced hypothermia just yet, and I'm seeing some super-fine fashion shows.

It's a different world here, many degrees off from what I experienced during Miami Fashion Week. Here's a quick run down of the M.I.A. vs. the N.Y. Mercedes-Benz Week of Fashion.

10. It's frickin' cold.

9. People in line smell like coffee and cigarettes as opposed to coconut oil and lime.

8. In Miami, cute twentysomething girls with headsets manned the doors. In NY, Mafia Soprano like beer bellied dudes man the doors. p.s. They. Will. Hurt. You.

7. Everyone is dressed in black as opposed to tropical prints.

6. In Miami, "Fashionably late" = approximately 18 minutes. In New York, "Fashionably late" = on average 36.5 minutes.

5. Instead of handing out Smart water in water bottles like in Miami, they hand out O.N.E. water in eco-friendly cartons.

miami vs. ny fashion.jpg

4. In Miami everyone is chilling because they're hanging in cabanas, in Bryant Park everyone is chilling because it's twenty degrees.

3. The models in Miami are tan, have back and are smiling. NY models are pale, have zero ba-donka-donk and look really P-O'ed, like they. will. hurt. you.

2. Foreigners at Fashion Week Miami generally have Latin accents, in NY they have ah da Italian accents.

1. In New York the models are dressed. In Miami they're in bikinis, hello.

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