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Now that I'm back in Miami where the temperature has been sunny, stable and consistent at a low of 80 degrees, I've been taking notice of the spring staples that Miami gals are showing off, compared to the essential pieces I saw walking the historic streets of Boston.

In Boston, the style uniform was basic, classic and weather appropriate for the friendly skies could be clear one moment, pouring down heavy droplets of rain the next. Variations of cute trenches (black and tan), light jeans, sweet flats and wellies for the rain were heavy on the scene, creating a comfortable median between winter and spring.

In Miami, we might as well skip the season of spring altogether and just pretend that we're in the middle of yet another long, hot summer. We're sticking to our mini and maxi dresses, tanks, tunics, short shorts and a few key accessories that say "it's hot" and "we're hotter".

straw fashion accessories.JPG

Nothing says spring/summer like straw, and we Miami girls know just how to pull it off. From a sassy Stella Fedora or Straw Women's Fedora to shade your face from harmful UV rays to Fossil's Farrah Straw Hobo to tote around your SPF and darling Donna Karan Straw Wedges that will put some spring/summer in your step, there are endless options to choose from.

A little straw goes a long way, so one piece is all you need. Too much and you'll run the risk of breaking the camel's back.

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