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So, I saw the Sex and the City sequel and apologize for taking my sweet old time to review it. Honestly, I was beyond excited to be reunited with the girls and to steal a line from Bravo - to "watch what happens" after our serial single girl, Carrie Bradshaw, marries the Big love her life. Here's the thing, I didn't like it.

I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it. For some reason, the plot just seemed remarkably forced. As I was sitting in the theater digging into my cheesy nachos, I had this strange feeling that I was watching some kind of weird television spin-off trying to capitalize on a previous mega success - sort of like Joey after Friends or CSI Las Vegas, Iowa, or whatever city they're solving crimes in these days.

*Spoiler alert, read on at your own risk.

sex and the city 2.jpg

The main disconnect here was the fact that instead of focusing on Sex and the City of New York, this sequel takes us far and away to the land of Abu Dhabi. It didn't work for me. The well-dressed fish out of water/Girl Power theme was tired and weak, as were the musical numbers (two of 'em folks).

Instead of picking up where we left off, watching the girls cope with real life, real relationships and real friendships in the city, we begrudgingly follow them on an unnecessary, unmotivated international escape that seemed to amass more than half of the film's running time. In the first film, the girls go to Mexico, have a few margaritas and head home. In SATC2 they overstay their welcome doing touristy things and conveniently running into ex-boyfriends until they are thankfully forced to leave.

There were a few high points, notably a scene where Miranda and Charlotte swap inner-Mom thoughts over cocktails and when Samantha pelts a crowd of disapproving Abu Dhabi men with condoms from her Birkin bag while crying out "YES, I HAVE SEX!". Was it enough to carry the film? No. Not even Patricia Field's colorful costumes could distract me from the mess and lack of depth I was subjected to for the 2 hour, 27 minute running time.

Overall it's a cute chick flick, but don't be surprised if you find yourself rolling your eyes at the overload of Sex and the Cheesy. There was more cheese on the screen than on my nachos.

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I agree, it sucked

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