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Okay, so here's the deal.

I'm too short to be America's Next Top Model, too high maintenance to be an Ultimate Survivor and too unmotivated to be the next Apprentice (I'd also make fun of Donald Trump's hair and hear "you're fi-ahd" after the first round)...but my dear loyal readers, if there's one title I can hold, it's the Next Big Style Blogger.

Refinery 29 is sponsoring a stylish search for the next big style blogger and that could very well be me.

Just go to Refinery 29's contest page HERE, find my adorable mug (the same one pictured below, concealing a hiccup) and click on my heart to show me some bloggin' love.

You have to sign in through Facebook and click "allow" to submit your vote.

I have 11 measley votes at the time of this post. Don't let me go down in a blaze of no glory. I so want to take down Eva from Indianapolis.


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IF they judge based on hilarious posts you got it in the bag baby


This should be the easiest contest for you to win. Cause you got def-in-it-ly got the best style. I am voting for your now (and hope all your other readers do to)!

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